Saturday, May 09, 2015

Hylas: Mechanicum forge ahead

Following successful interventians by the Minotaurs and others, much of the north of Hylas had been returned to imperial control by the beginning of 05.015M42. However in the east Von Bismork still held territory which was uncomfortable close to Brockley and Collingwood.

Having taken the pressure off the north, and with significant reinforcement from the Adeptus Mechanicus, the army under Van Dorn now planned a modest mission to reduce the threat to these two key imperial cities. Attacking swiftyl, the Mechanicum were in the vanguard of the attack, and their weaponry devastated the greenskin lines. With the Imperial Guard following up, the greenskins were rolled back along the length of the front, and by 0505.015M42 the danger to the imperial cities had been lifted and Desmond was in extreme artillery range for the first time in years. The imperium now hoped to defeat the orks on Hylas within the terran year.

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