Monday, May 25, 2015

Libria III: Alliance push ahead

As 05.015M42 drew to a close the alliance continued to make gains on Libria III. In the south of Cartasia the Iron Warriors reversed the crusade's recent successes, taking the ruined city of Cartal back from VOrushko's army before she had even had time to reclaim her former seat of power. By now the Federal fleet had been recalled to close orbit, preventing further crusade intervention from space, and the alliance's domination of space and the air sooned reaped dividends.

Further north the offensive up the Varras isthmus continued, with the Shattered SIlence kabal emerging from a previously unknown webway portal in the flank of Launceston's loyalist army. The Space WOlves responded supported by loyalist mechanicum skitarii, but the dark eldar pulverised them as they moved into position. By 2605.015M42 Launceston's capital had fallen, and the alliance continued to push forward.

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