Saturday, May 09, 2015

Hylas: Minotaurs build on Imperial gains

The recent imperial gains in the long war for Hylas received a boost in early 05.015M42 when company of Minotaurs arrived in the system, reporting that the "Bork" fleet previously known to be in orbit around the planet was nowhere in sight. This fact allowed the Minotaurs to co-ordinate their efforts with General Van Dorn on a new assault. While the imperial guard lumbered slowly forward, the Minotaurs prepared a devastating orbital assault which the orks under Von Bismork appeared to be oblivious to.

The greenskins advanced confidently towards the imperial offensive, only to be brutally savaged by the Minotaurs precision strike. Drop pods and Caestus assault rams poured from the sky, breaking up the ork formations and annihilating the ork equipment. Lacking cohesion the greenskins were mercilessly cut up by the astartes and guard forces. With a gaping hole in the front line the whole of West Coast fell quickly, and soon Van Dorn's army once again had the city of Berkeley in sight.

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