Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear Alizabeth, Being so far away from you and the children these past months has been so hard. Everyday I am terrified that something might have happened to you, I thank the Throne that Coldside has been been spared the horrors of battle that have torn across the rest of the world. It seems your Mother may have been right about it being a safer place to raise the kids than Tarsis Prime!

Speaking of which, our attachment here has finally come to blows with the vile xenos. Three days ago the greenskin charged our walls; they came through an industrial sector that the commander had deliberately left seemly unsecured. We caught them by surprise, as they charged into the city we opened fire from the cover of the broken buildings. Hundreds of the filthy creatures fell to our firepower; truly we made the Emperor Himself proud. The fight was hard on our regiment, we lost fully a third of our brave founding. Indeed, I am truly blessed to be able to write to you today, a bullet meant for me was stopped by the thick hide of Grim’ed, one of the ogryn abhumans of the Praetorians seconded to our commander. I fear I must recant my earlier disgust of these mutants.

We believe that the greenskin have been pushed back into the foothills, from what I understand the commander has requested that the marines of the Scions of Ra pursue them to assassinate their warlord. If they are successful perhaps their taint may be purged from our land for once and for all.

In mention of the ork menace, I am concerned by the glow in the sky you have written about coming from the other side of Tuva Bay. We can but pray to the throne that this is not some manner of xeno weapon.

Please write to me soon, your letters are the only thing that buoys my spirits in these dark times. Thank you so much for the dried meats you sent, it made a refreshing change from the ration packs we’ve eaten for six months now. Lieutenant Gander thanks you as well for you concern, he’s back on his feet again now. The doctors think he should be back in the field again in less than a week, much to Gander’s chagrin!

Tell Franz and Mika that Daddy loves them both very much, and tell make sure Franz knows how sorry I am I couldn’t be there for his birthday. Was he pleased with the helmet? You wouldn’t believe how hard that was to get off the quarter-master, he’d better look after it.
Remember me in your prayers, Alizabeth. Throne-willing this threat will pass soon. I love you so much, I can’t wait to see your face again.
Yours forever,


- From the personal effects of Sergeant Heller Adolphus, Tarsis PDF. (Missing In Action)

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