Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daemons raze Ork land

Angry with the Orks circuitous arrival on Tyndareous, but not interested enough to send troops to reinforce the Chaos garrison on the planet. Moonface made a pact once again with his daemon allies. Less than a week after the Orks had overrun half the habitable zones on the planet, including a scouting force of Space Marines from the Scions of Ra! chapter, a gibbering horde of ethereal creatures fell upon the greenskins with wanton abandon.

The Orks stood little chance against the daemon horde, and the Catechism got their revenge on Da Verminator, forcing his army back to its original landing zone on the planet. The destruction did not end there however, as the daemons then ran amok, destroying everything and everyone, razing settlements to the ground and murdering even Chaos followers who had been sheltering from the Orks, mistakenly believing the daemons had been sent to save them. Moonface let them have their fun, as to him Tyndareous was a minor concern. He was already planning his next move in the Rim Worlds.

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