Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Porphyrians fall back again

By late 02.009M42, the Imperium had reached somewhat of a stalemate against the Orks still present in northern Tuva. The Orks of Snazteef were no more than an annoyance in strategic concerns, and their chances of overrunning Tarsis Major on their own were next to nothing, but their persistant attacks were draining the Merrin fronts of badly needed resources. Eventually General Du Prez was forced to weaken his defence in the north, leaving just a few Porphyrian regiments facing Snazteef.

This turned out to be an unfortunate decision. On 2702.009M42 the Imperial commanders on the front reported a large beam of light shoot up from somewhere in the Ork occupied zone. About an hour later the sky was lit by burning fire, before an asteroid, 100 metres in length, smashed into the Porphyrian marshalling area north of Tarsis Major.

The damage was immense. Where there were ammunition yards, equipment sheds and barracks now lay a smoking crater, one mile wide. Just as the Imperium were relating this impact to the beam of light from the Orks, Snazteef attacked.

The latest assault quickly overran the stunned Porphyrians, who put up a brave, if uncoordinated defence. Suddenly Du Prez was worried. The Orks on Tarsis obviously had a weapon capable of mass destruction, and were now only 100 miles north of the capital, Tarsis Major. Something had to be done about Snazteef, and soon.

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