Sunday, March 15, 2009

Praetorians hold the line

Various regiments under Arbuthnot hold the Orks and drive them back from Tarsis Prime, saving the city. Later, the Orks attack the Imperial left flank and take back some ground when the Scions of Ra can’t hold them. Capital still under threat.

Between 1103.009M42 and 1703.009M42 the Orks under Snazteef launched their first assault against the capital, Tarsis Prime. Fearful of the consequences of its loss, General Du Prez had put veteran commander Arbuthnot of the Praetorian 42nd in command and the thin red line stretched along the north of the city, awaiting the arrival of the greenskins.

The Orks arrived, but were met with lasgun and bayonet, not to mention heavy weapons fire from the Praetorians’ tanks support. Under their guidance, the Tarsis PDF also began to open fire, and with the counter charge of the Praetorian Ogryn units, the Orks were thrown back from the city in disarray. Tarsis Prime had been saved and the bells in the Emperor’s Cathedral were rung to the cheering of the crowds.

However, Snazteef had played a trick on the Imperium. The Orks fled the city and, thinking they could be routed, permission was given for a company of Space Marines of the Scions of Ra! Chapter to follow up this victory, supported by Tarsis PDF.

Once the marines had advanced away from the protection of Imperial air support and artillery, the Orks sprung the trap, charging the mustard armoured Imperial soldiers. The supermen of the Scions of Ra! Fought bravely, but the fight was in vain. It was the Imperium who were routed and by the end of 1703.009M42 the Orks were once again knocking at the door of the Imperial capital, much to the frustration of the Imperial overall commander who was heard to say of Snazteef “Who will rid me of this meddlesome Ork?"

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