Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Sparta falls to Moonface

After the Catechism had left Tarsis Prime it didn’t take them long to make an impact in the Zadoc subsector once more. Perhaps driven by a thirst for vengeance, Moonface eyed the final inhabitable world in the Rim worlds with an envious aspect, and on 0103.009M42, landed in strength on the Tau outpost.

The Tau were shocked at the sudden appearance of the Chaos legions, naive to the warp technology that Moonface was employing in the device, but they realised the importance of the colony to the general campaign in the Zadoc subsector. One of Elan Ro’s recently promoted sub commanders was in charge of the garrison and fought hard to prevent the Catechism troops from overrunning the main Tau base while he called for reinforcements. Though taking heavy casualties, the Tau managed to fight the Catechism to a draw, enabling reinforcements to be landed on the planet.

The fight was however in vain. Despite the reinforcements the Catechism, who’s rhinos were destroyed in quick succession by the Tau railguns, resolved to walk towards their opponents. Pulse rifle fire was no match for aeons old armour, as this army was the elite, the cream of Moonface’s forces, and millennia old Space Marines ripped Tau bodies apart when they reached their lines.

The gritty heroic defence was of no use and on 0803.009M42 the garrison was abandoned by the Tau. Now Chaos controlled all the Rim worlds and Moonface had a solid base to launch further campaigns. Meanwhile the Tau put into action a plan to maintain their supply routes to Tarsis Major.

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