Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nazghat intervenes on Hylas

By 0703.009M42 Nazghat himself was back in the Shadow worlds. Forced to abandon his attempts to capture fort Sparcos for the time being, Nazghat was keep to prevent the new Tau force from taking any more of his empire in the Mabb nebula. However the Tau had the element of surprise, and he was powerless to prevent them from landing on Hylas in force.

Hylas had not been held by the Orks for long and their defences had not been repaired. With the Ork fleet mostly in orbit in the Sparcos system the Tau had free reign and landed in strength. They found the human population working as slaves for the Orks and realised they could turn this to their advantage.

In the end however there was very little need, as the fierce fighting was over in three days, the remaining Orks fleeing into the hills. Hylas had been taken by the Tau task force and the inhabitants hailed the new Xenos as saviours. Shadowstrike’s operation on Tarsis Major, opposed by some, now had a second supply route. Nazghat meanwhile had suffered his first reversal in months.

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