Sunday, March 15, 2009

Iron Warriors In the Shadow Worlds

While the Iron Warriors dug in on Tarsis, their commander was able to smuggle out a small forces and link up with loyal Chaos forces in the Tarsis system. From here a rag tag band of forces travelling in small Iconoclast and Infidel raisers travelled to the Rim Worlds looking for support for their cause, and anything which would prevent their wholesale destruction on the planet. The Iron Warriors were not about to leave Tarsis Major, they would do anything to fortify their position and wait, for centuries if necessary, for reinforcement.

The roving expedition met with little success in 03.009M42 as it was beaten first by Necrons on a thought to be uninhabited world, then by the Dusk Raiders on Sparcos as they attempted to “relieve” them of some of their equipment.

Meanwhile on the continent of Merrin, commander Or’es Kais began to send small fireteam cadres into the Mountains, rooting out and destroying Chaos wherever it was found. These activities met with some success in the same month, as the Chaos lack of equipment began to tell heavily.

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