Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tyndareous overrun by Orks

Just as the forces of Chaos were celebrating their victory in the Rim worlds, the Tau invaded Hylas and Memnon in the Shadow worlds, endeavouring to open a second supply route to Tarsis Major. This had one rather unfortunate side effect from the point of view of those loyal to the Chaos Gods. In a strange twist the Tau invasion displaced thousands of Orks on Memnon, who fled, arriving at Tyndareous in a ramshackle fleet some days later.

The Chaos invasion of New Sparta had, in a round about way, led to the invasion by Orks of the one remaining world in the Shadow Worlds loyal to the Catechism. A useful outpost, Moonface was keen to keep it, and used the device one more time to send a small force to aid the garrison on the planet.

It was no use. The blood of the Orks was up and they quickly overwhelmed the small elite force sent by Moonface. Da Verminator’s green hordes marauded across the inhabited parts of Tyndareious, wrecking infrastructure and slaughtering the inhabitants. By 1003.009M42 half the planet was in Ork hands and Da Verminator contemplating a new Stompa construction facility.

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