Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dark Angels Mission

During 03.009M42 the Dark Angels were once again active in the Shadow worlds, pursuing goals of their own making quite outside the Imperial chain of command. While this was often frustrating for the Sector command under Thaddeus Roover, the Imperial General was well aware he had no authority over the Marines and had to let them get on with it.

Even so their actions proved useful to the campaign as a whole, as the Dark Angels established a base on Tyndareous, removing the forces of Da Verminator and landing on Coronus, where the Dark Angels had previously had a major base. This latter action proved the most significant as Coronus was Nazghat's primary base in the Shadow worlds. This slowed the Ork advance on Fort Sparcos as forces were redirected, and by late 03.009M42 the imminent danger to Alphe and Betor from Waaagh! Nazghat had been downgraded, thanks largely to the Dark Angels' actions.

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