Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Librians fail to halt Snazteef

On 0303.009M42 Snazteef’s Orks once again launched a major assault towards the capital, Tarsis Prime. General Jamieson could hardly believe the Orks could continually launch assaults with no respite, and his army was caught off guard. In the main line of defence the Librian 57th and 96th regiments fought hard, but the Orks wethered the storm of fire and were soon causing carnage amongst the Imperial lines.

For three days it looked like the latest assault would turn into a rout, as defence line after defence line fell to the Orks. There was panic in the capital city as rumours of the Ork advance reached the general populace, and several incidents in the city led to arrests and injuries.

Meanwhile on 0603.009M42 Jamieson’s army was finally getting a grip on the situation. They had fallen back, but the Ork advance had run out of steam, and their latest high water mark had been reached. By 0703.009M42 the Orks, who had been within 12 miles of the capital, had been pushed back to a distance of 35 miles. Here the Librians dug in and hoped that reinforcements would turn the tide against the green tide threatening to overrun the seat of power on Tarsis Major.

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