Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trebbians lose east of Tarsis Prime

The war for Tarsis Major soon took on an attritional aspect as the battle flowed back and forth in the subburbs of the city. Destruction from artillery on both sides was almost total in the northern district of Reinna, where the Praetorians had the Orks in a bloody trench standoff. Snazteef then changed tack.

Realising he could not force a breakthrough against the Praetorians he deftly moved a significant force overnight to the east of the city. On 2003.009M42 a massed charge by his boyz surprised the defenders and broke a hole in the Imperial line where the Trebbians were defending. Panic filled the streets and Du Prez and the governor had to evacuate to Coldside. By the end of the week only the western pocket of Reinna remained, defended by the Praetorian 43rd and the Librian 19th.

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