Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aornis Overrun

The Tau high command, reacting to the Catechism threat, deployed as many forces as possible to Aornis for its defence, but the surprise gained by the Catechism's use of the device meant reinforcements were limited to those in the immediate area.

The Catechism forces penetrated deep into the Tau compound, leading with their elite Traitor Marine forces, sending forces under Fastblade reeling. The Tau, obviously unnerved by the chanting troops facing them, found it hard to concentrate and some of the shooting was wild indeed. Though the railguns on the Hammerheads were accurate, marines on foot proved too difficult for Fastblade's Aornis Cadre, and they withdrew.

Shadowstrike's Aornis forces were the next to feel the might of Moonfaces' army, but away on Tarsis he was unable to intervene personally. On 2403.009M42 the Tau commander of Aornis realised the game was up and ordered an evacuation, destroying any Tau installations which the Catechism might find useful. By the end of 2703.009M42 all the Rim Worlds were under the control of Chaos and the Catechism announced the presence of a new City, named after Moonface himself, raised up in triumph on Priam following their string of victories.

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