Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aornis Invaded

Aornis was the next target in the sights of the Catechism, and on 1003.009M42 a small scouting force arrived undetected in the system, landing two small teams of loyal marines on the planets surface. For two days they watched the activity of the Tau before activating their arcane devices.

The Tau, including commander forces under Or'es Kais, resting from their exploits on Tarsis, first noticed the power spike in the foothills of the massive mountain chain which ringed the planet. Immediately the Tau mobilised and moved towards the disturbance, sending a scouting group forward. The small force didn't get far however, as a host of daemons, summoned by the Catechism , appeared in their midst, wiping out the Tau force. The last thing their commander saw before he dies was the great hole in real space created by "the Device", and thousands of Catechism troops marching and chanting onto the surface of Aornis.

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