Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eldar Raids

In 03.009M42 the Eldar showed their hand in the Zadoc subsector - the first such appearance in a while. It started on 1603.009M42 on Farport in the Vastrid subsector, when a strong force of Eldar appeared from nowhere and attacked the Guard mustering station on Farport Primus. A full three regiments of Porphyrians were there embarking for the Zadoc subsector. All three regiments fought hard after recovering from the initial assault, but were unable to save their equipment and vehicles as the Eldar destroyed as much as they could in just four hours. They then vanished, leaving the Zadoc subsector 3 regiments of Guard short.

Just three days later more bad fortune hit the Porphyrians, who's time in the Zadoc subsector was becoming an epic tragedy. This time a regiment which had stayed loyal to the Emperor and moved to Sartano for rest and recouperation, was suddenly set upon by a strong force of Dark Eldar. Once again the Imperial Guard garrison was caught woefully unprepared and the slaughter was almost total. For the next week the Dark Eldar rampaged up and down the southern island chain of Sartono, killing thousands and abducting thousands more. When PDF reinforcements arrived a few days later, there was no trace of the Dark Eldar and almost all the settlements in the south had been razed to the ground.

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