Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bothorion saga continues

Following the Battle of Bothorion the situation on the world was not settled. The orks made the first move. On 2810.009M42 ork forces led by Da Verminator began the assault on the Claws of Lorek base. The fighting lasted for more than a day and it was some of the most bitter and brutal fighting yet over the small, but strategically significant world.

Appalled by the losses his forces were taking, and in the face of overwhelming numerical superiority, the master of the traitor legion eventually conceded that Bothorion was not the place to make a stand. In an amazing turn of events he called a truce which, to everyone's surprise, the orks accepted. To the jeers of the Greenskins the Claws of Lorek quietly abandonned the world, resisting the temptation for some wanton destruction from their strike cruiser and heading out of the Mabb Nebula for the last time. They would have to build their base elsewhere.

No sooner had the Orks celebrated the reconquest of Bothorion, for the third time, the Dark Angels arrived. Protestations from the commander of Battlegroup Alexander where ignored and a company of Dark Angels, supported by their own loyal Guard units (something else General Alexander was appalled by) landed on Bothorion two days after the Claws of Lorek left, blasting several ork roks stationed to guard the entry to the system. Landing near the ruined Imperial settlement which had by now seen all four major powers fighting over it in the last year, the Dark Angels set about their Emperor divined task with gusto, assaulting the orks in a set of lightning raids and securing a significant perimeter around their bridgehead. By 0511.009M42 the Imperium once again had a presence on Bothorion. Meanwhile the Imperial high command, quesioning the value of continues fighting in the Mabb nebula while wars were being fought elsewehere, decided the activities of the Dark Angels needed looking into.

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