Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tarsis: Strongspear reaches north coast

Following the lightning advances during operation Neptune, the Tau were not about to provide the Imperial forces with a much needed rest. On 0411.009M42 Strongspear's hunter cadres neatly leapfrogged the worn out forces of Shadowstrike and Ol Cha in a well planned operation. Then the Tau launched yet another offensive, driving deep into the Imperial lines and quickly reaching the coast. By the 7th the North Tuva mining complex was under Tau control.

Cunningham knew a counter attack was desperately needed and called on the elite formations of the Corellian S
torm Guard. An entire mechanised and armoured army group, much of Cunningham's strategic reserve, supported by PDF units on the flanks, attempted to drive into Strongspear's flanks to cut off the Tau in the Hook peninsular.

Strongspear however was not fooled. As the armoured units rolled across the north Tuva plain, his forces withdrew, picking off the tanks and chimeras of the Corellian Guard while conducting a careful withdrawal. Gradually the Imperial advance slowed as stealth suited Tau wreaked havoc in the Imperial rear areas. Deep striking crisis suits finished the job, devastating the lighter armoured chimera troop transports and decimating the veteran guard units in them. Realising they were cut off without support the armoured columns of Cunningham's advance were forced to abandon the attack, and the Hook peninsular was surrendered to the Tau. Cunningham wondered how long this kind of retreat could go on.

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