Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memnon colonised by Elan Ro

While the titanic struggle between Chaos and the Imperium intensified further towards the galactic hub, the Tau took the opportunity to consolidate their holdings in the Shadow Worlds. Elan Ro led the colonisation, intending to convert the small world of Memnon into the latest Tau world. This in turn would improve the Tau supply lines to the ongoing war on Tarsis.

First however Elan Ro needed to deal with the orks. Warboss Nazghat was still engaged in a fierce war with the Imperium on Bothorion, but had his eye on Memnon too. To disuade him from attacking Elan Ro led his cadres on a raid against the orks on Fort Aerin, his next target in his conquest of the Shadow Worlds. The engagement was confused and brief, but the Tau left as the victors, even though they failed in their initial objectives to destroy major ork supply bases on the planet. Deciding he had given the orks enough to think about, Elan Ro left the Fort Aerin system after two days, long before the Ork fleet had time to intercept his forces.

On 1811.009M42 Memnon was officially colonised by the Tau, adding the world to Va Doran as the second major Tau base in the Shadow Worlds.

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