Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bothorion war

From 0711.009M42 to 1511.009M42 the war on Bothorion swung infuriatingly backwards and forwards. Finally accepting the war on the ruined planet was winnable, General Alexander moved his battlegroup to the Bothorion system. Three regiments of Imperial Guard from three different worlds were landed on the planet, and the force was joined by an ultramarines strike cruiser.

Seeing this build up of forces the Orks under Da Verminator launched an immediate attack, but were met on the smoking Bothorion plains, just to the west of the main Bothorion settlement, now a pile of rubble around the world's starport. The fighting lasted barely more than a day, as the highly trained and effective Guard regiments tore the Orks apart. The victory was added to later by the Ultramarines who launched a major strike on the key ork base on the planet, destroying much of the orks' supply infrastructure and bringing the planet to the brink of liberation.

However this situation rapidly changed as an enormous horde of orks numbering nearly one million greenskins loyal to Da Verminator suddenly appeared from nowehere from the Bothorion badlands. Destroying everything in their path the Imperial guard who stood in their way were almost wiped out, but dogged defending halted the ork advance on the perimeter of the spaceport on 1411.009M42.

By now very little of Bothorion's original infrastructure remained, and a mere 20,000 Guardsmen now attempted to hold off an estimated 2 million orks encircling the spaceport. With a large force of ork roks and even a few kroozer class vessels reported entering at the system's jump point, Alexander now had to choose whether or not to support the continued operations on the ruined planet.

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