Sunday, November 22, 2009

Raiders in the Mabb Nebula

In mid 11.009M42 increasing activity by alien forces became cause for concern for the major races in the Mabb Nebula, particularly those with colonies, or designs on colonies in the planets of the Shadow Worlds. The Imperial world of New Cerberex was attacked twice, ones by Dark Eldar forces, who were easily beaten by Cerberex Guard units as they arrived, clearly unintentionally, right in the gun sights of the armed forces of the colony, and then later by Eldar forces. In this second raid a force of Dark Angels was deployed from their base, but the Eldar were able to hold them off long enough to cause significant destruction and escape with badly needed supplies.

At first it was presumed the two raids were linked, and that the Eldar race were preparing an invasion of the world, but later intelligence suggested the Dark Eldar and Eldar forces had nothing to do with each other. More Eldar activity was reported later in the month as a Necron Tomb was ransacked on an unclassified world near Saim Lann. The Dark Eldar were also reported as active once more in 11.009M42 when Da Verminator's Orks suffered a major raid on the newly conquered Bothorion. This increase in Eldar and Necron activity made life hard for the major powers in the Mabb Nebula as 12.009M42 approached, although so far the Tau had escaped such attacks.

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