Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nazghat renews expansion

In mid to late 11.009M42 the fortunes of Waagh! Nazghat began to change once again. The unending retreat in the Shadow Worlds appeared to be at an end and the long see-saw conflict on Bothorion was finally settled with a last ditch battle which wiped the remaining Imperial defenders from the face of the planet. No response from Battlegroup Alexander was forthcoming, as General Alexander had never thought that a prolonged conflict over such an insignificant world warranted the resources. Besides, attacks from Eldar raiders on the recently founded colonies of New Cerberex and Tyndareous had diverted resources and the attention of the Dark Angels, the most vocal advocates of the "Bothorion strategy".

With Bothorion sewn up it needed fortifying, and Nazghat secured much needed resources from one of the myriad dead worlds of the Mabb Nebula. KNown to be a Necron Tomb world the mining expedition was expected to meet resistance, and the attack by the shambling half dead aliens came as no surprise. In a series of intense battles the Necrons were fought off, and the vital resources acquired by Nazghat's Big Meks. Imperial intelligence is still none the wiser as to what was mined.

Meanwhile the three way standoff on Fort Sparcos was reduced to a straight contest between the Orks and Eldar as a final assault on the Blood Angel's bridgehead dislodged the Marine forces from the planet. Fort Sparcos had long been a target for Nazghat, and his troops attacked the Blood Angels with unbridled savagery. Few marines defending the world escaped uninjured, and the Imperial super-soldiers were forced to abandon nearly all of their equipment. The Reaper Angels meanwhile were evacuated in good order. The once powerful Imperial base, now a pitiful ruin concealing Eldar forces, stood there for Nazghat's taking. Once it fell the might of the full Waaagh! of Kallack's billions strong population would be unleashed.

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