Sunday, November 08, 2009

Eldar at war

The Eldar continued to battle against the orks infesting Mael Kithlan as 11.009M42 wore on. Their initial assault had killed thousands, but like an eternal pestilence the greenskins kept coming back. On 0711.009M42 the infestation got worse, as warboss Nazghat tried to shore up his failing forces on the world. He needed a win badly to secure his position as leader of all the orks in the Mabb nebula, and he got it, defeating an eldar warhost supported by an enigmatic harlequin troupe.

However his success stopped short of ridding the world of the Eldar who held on tenaciously to a small bridgehead around the webway portal, fortifying it with booty acquired from a successful raid on Chaos holdings within the Perseus Deeps. This crude but effective stolen technology was battered again and again by the ork attacks, but the Eldar held on, willing to sacrifice looted weaponry and equipment in place of Eldar lives.

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