Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wider war

The Claws of Lorek already had other targets in mind when they decided to quit the fighting on Bothorion. A larger force of traitor marines, supported by loyal cultists and enforced slave labour had arrived via the warp conduit into the Perseus Deeps some weeks before. Now, on 3110.009M42 the force entered orbit around the minor world of Yaasha, an uninhabited Imperial world which had been used by the Imperium to garrison new regiments as a stopover before reaching the Zadoc subsector. On the day chaos arrived it was a luckless regiment of Porphyrian guard which soon found itself under attack from chaos forces. Before the appeals for aid could be acted upon by the Imperial fleet, the Claws of Lorek had annihilated the regiment, enslaving many for their own uses. Realising the waystation had been destroyed, General Thaddeus Roover coldly decided against sending any forces to rescue the remaining loyal guardsmen, still fighting a reargaurd action in the badlands of the planet, casually striking the regiment from the Imperial manifest without a second thought.

Meanwhile Imperial surveillance of the newely revealed exodite worlds revealed evidence of brutal and bloody close quarter fighting as eldar poured out of the web way portals on Mael Kithlann and began a merciless process of genocidal cleansing against the ork invaders. Several recently constructed ork settlements were raised to the ground and the exodites themselves hunted down any orks careless enough to wander away from the main concentrations.

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