Sunday, November 15, 2009

Porphyrians Re-posted to Betor

Following a succession of desasterous defeats a number of Porphyrian regiments were re-posted to Betor to fight in the Tyrannic war still active on the planets surface, a virtual death sentence. As if cursed, no sooner had they taken up their positions on the front lines Nemesis launched an all out attack. The Porphyrians were swamped and their positions overrun in a matter of hours. Suffering massive casualties they withdrew rather than face total annihilation, much to the displeasure of the Commisariate and Betor Theatre High Command. Of great concern to the Ordos Xenos is the fact that pict recordings of the horde show Tyranid Bio-organisms matching the "Mother" Nemesis sub-genotype. All Tyranids spawned by this Norn Queen were believed to have been purged earlier in the year, suggesting there are unknown birthing pools in the depths of Tyrannid infested territory.

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