Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fort Sparcos

Following their landing on the world of Sparcos on 1710.009M42 the Blood Angels had noted with concern the mounting ork presence on the world. The greenskins were not approaching the fort as yet, where the eldar gave no sign as to whether they were still in possession of the Imperial fortress, but it would only be a matter of time. The Blood Angels decided they would need support. Fortunately they were contacted by the Reaper Angels chapter of space marines, who sent a company to the planet, noting the presence of ever more Ork Roks in the system. At the same time, working on intelligence gathered in secret, a small party of Blood Angels successfully raided a Necron tomb in the Perseus Deeps, apparently waking the slumbering aliens but successfully retreiving the item they were after.

It is not known what this artefact was, or why the Blood Angels decided to retreive the item and bring it to Sparcos, but before they had chance to use it, if that was there intent, and while the Reapers began their reconaisance into the fort proper, an enormous horde of orks attacked. The Blood Angels held their ground as best they could, but the tide of orks was overwhelming and the space marines were forced to trade land for time, edging back from the rocky valleys they had secured upon landing and fighting vicious battles all the way back to their final perimeter, where the impetus of the ork attack finally began to peter out. The orks dug in, readying themselves for yet another assault.

At the same time, on 0211.009M42 the Reaper Angels ventured into the ruins of Fort Sparcod itself. Initially they found nothing but tangled ruins, but eventually the eldar gave away their presence, ambushing the space marines apparently at random, probably whenever the marines approached the secret webway portals which had allowed them to take the fort so easily in the first place. Brisk fighting continued for more than two days, but the Reapers managed to secure half the facility in the name of the Emperor of Mankind, and prepared themselves for the next mission to retake the rest of the fort. Time would tell if the Dark Angels on the outside would give them enough time to complete their mission.

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