Sunday, November 15, 2009

Necron activity increasing

With the activity of the major powers in the Perseus Deeps increasing, it was inevitable that the older denizens of the cold dark systems of the cast galactic space between the Perseus and Orion spiral arms would be awooken to some extent. During late 11.009M42 both the Imperium and Chaos encountered the Necrons awakening from their ancient tombs.

Following reports of Necron activity on Gamador, a secretive inquisitor managed to secure the help of the Space Wolves and led an expedition to the planet. During his investigations the force came under attack from the robotic forces known to be the major armed force of the Necron race, but the discipling and fighting prowess of the Space Wolves proved to be more than a match for them. The Inquisition party was able to complete its secretive investigations unmolested and return its findings to their superiors.

At roughly the same time the Night Lords found themselves under attack from Necron forces in the Rim Worlds. Appearing from nowhere the Necrons ravaged the planet of Rhesius before Moonface, angry at such interference in his realm, sent a force to deal with them. It also provided him with a golden opportunity to come to the aid of the Nigh Lords. They successfully defeated the Necron threat on Rhesius, where Lord Raziel's forces had failed. A convenient reminder as to who was in control in the Rim Worlds and in the invasion on Alphe, where both Chaos forces were in action. Moonface was infact ensuring that the waxing power of Chaos was moving to his tune and not that of any other Chaos warmaster.

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