Sunday, November 29, 2009

Farport - Initial invasion

The first Imperial force to understand the true strength of the assault on Farport were the Dark Angels, learning about the true plans of the Catechism and other Chaos forces from catechism prisoners taken on Alphe. The company’s full strength aboard the Strike Cruisers Silent Hunter and Dark Dominion redeployed to Farport in readyness for the coming invasion. Although not in enough strength to prevent the spaceborn invasion they had sent an urgent astropathic summons for re-enforcements and as the fighting was under way the remainder of the Dark Angels fleet in the area arrived to contest the space around farport, well ahead of Admiral Jellicoe’s fleet, and that of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

By 2411.009M42 however, the Chaos forces, and their allies had landed in strength on Farport. The Claws of Lorek, Anticross, a huge force of Orks and even a force of Dark Eldar troops were reported on the planet, and soon the Imperium’s woes were added to as daemons were summoned across the planet.

The Chaos fleet around the planet was large, consisting of some fifteen capital ships led led by the Night Lords under lord Raziel and a force of traitor vessels not previously encountered in the sector. This force moved quickly to the system’s jump point to prevent further Imperial intervention, while the Night Lords stayed in high orbit, assisting the invasion and preparing to meet the Dark Angels fleet.

On the ground the Home Hills and Homelands were soon overrun, along with the eastern settlements of McKinleyville, Carsonville and Brookeville. Fierce fighting also saw the strategically important region of Crossroads taken by the 25th, while the Desolate Moors in the south had fallen on the first days of the invasion. The Imperium, reinforced just in time by Inquisitor Nikopolidis of the Ordo Malleus, as well as the Space Wolves, Ultramarines and the enigmatic “Castaways”, prepared to make their stand against the mighty Chaos alliance arrayed before them.

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