Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chaos held at Corticant

Only a week after the disasterous battles on SUllidan the battered forces of Battlegroup Apocalypse arrived in the Corticant system, a small unimportant outpost similar to those found all across the Perseus Deeps.Here General Veers intended to setup a strong Imperial base, since the attempted landing on Sullidan had been a total failure. Much of the fleet was withdrawn to face the imminent invasion of Farport, a fact which the powers of the warp could no longer conceal. This left the Imperial battlegroup vulnerable.

As if knowing the every move of their enemy the forces of Chaos, principally those led by the Claws of Lorek, arrived at Corticant just days after the Imperial battlegroup had arrived. Vanguard forces were landed and began probing the Imperial defeces. Twice the Claws of Lorek attacked, summoning foul daemons to aid their small numbers, but twice they were repulsed. First the Corellian Storm Guard narrowly defeated a daemonic assault on the Imperial perimeter, before the Porphyrian Guard inflicted a more serious defeat on the traitor forces at the small outpost settlement of Banyard's Cross.

Realising the Imperial forces of battlegroup Apocalypse would not be so easily broken, the traitor forces reluctantly withdrew from Corticant on 2111.009M42 when signals indicated that several heavy warships of the Imperial Navy had been dispatched to meet them. The showdown with the Imperial would come, but not on Corticant. For now the Chaos forces were content to allow the Imperium to build their base on Corticant. The successful invasion of Farport would render this base untenable in any case. All effort was now refocussed towards this goal.

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