Sunday, November 29, 2009

War on the ground

Inquisitor Nikopolidis, recognising the superior strategic abilities of captain Angelus El'Zaharial of the Dark Angels, delegated overall command of the forces on Farport to him, much to the consternation of general Gault. The Inquisitor’s power however allowed him such indulgences, so there was very little the general could do about it. In the end there were few protests from the other space marine chapters, so the captain of the Dark Angels attended to the strategic decisions while the Inquisitor concentrated on seeking out and destroying the daemonic incursions now sweeping across the planet.

In the Chaos alliance there was only one leader. Moonface, leader of the Catechism and “master of Chaos” had by far the largest contingent of forces, although his elite traitor legions were no bigger than those of the Antictross or the Claws of Lorek. The legions of traitor guard units and the Catechism’s significant air power, plus their continued access to the Chaos “device” and alliance to the daemons of Shaidar Haran, meant the Catechism’s capricious leader took command of the invasion strategy.

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