Sunday, June 02, 2024

Space Wolves dig in on Hylas

Following the Federacy-led invasion of Hylas, the Alliance's continued advance relied heavily on Tau logistics within the Zadoc subsector. This strategic dependency necessitated a significant presence of Tau Earth Caste personnel in the rear areas of the invasion zone, supported and defended by Tau military forces. On 2405.023M42, the beleaguered Imperial defenders received critical reinforcement when a company of Space Wolves arrived to lend their aid in the conflict.

The Space Wolves, assessing the situation, quickly realised that their numbers were insufficient to dislodge the entrenched invasion force entirely. However, to buy the Imperial defenders crucial time to strengthen their positions, the Space Wolves executed a daring raid on the Tau-held rear areas supporting the Alliance invasion. This strike aimed to disrupt the logistical supply chain that was vital to the Federacy's continued operations.

The raid was characterised by the ferocity and precision typical of the Space Wolves. Their attack was swift and brutal, with the Tau defenders unable to effectively counter the onslaught. Despite their advanced firepower, the Tau forces failed to find their mark, and the Space Wolves wreaked havoc on the logistical support structures. The Earth Caste and their defenders were forced to withdraw, allowing the Space Wolves to inflict significant damage before retreating back to their hidden strike cruiser in the upper atmosphere of Hylas.

This successful raid provided the much needed respite for the Imperial forces under General Van Dorn. Seizing the opportunity, Van Dorn's troops made substantial progress in constructing a trench line northeast of the settlement of Desmond, positioned strategically in front of the difficult terrain of the swamps of West Hallen. These defences would prove crucial in the coming engagements, fortifying the Imperial position and slowing the Alliance's advance.

Tyranids land on Mendesum

As the primary factions competing for supremacy in the Aleph Sector shifted their focus, reducing their activities in the Rifts of Hecate, the Tyranids continued their advance into the galaxy. This region, deemed of lesser strategic importance due to the major offensives launched by the Imperium and the Tau Empire in the Perseus Deeps, became the theatre for the relentless advance of Hive Fleet Poseidon, as they continued their inexorable push towards the Hecate Gap.

In 05.024M42, the Hive Fleet set its sights on the Chaos-held system of Mendesum. The invasion commenced with swarms of Tyranids making planetfall, initiating a brutal and swift assault on the world. The Chaos forces, caught off guard by the sheer ferocity of the xenos assault, were compelled to retreat towards their largest settlement, Mendesum Prime, and in a desperate bid to halt the Tyranid advance, Chaos sorcerers summoned daemonic hordes, deploying these infernal allies as a bulwark against the encroaching threat.

However, the daemonic forces proved no match for the Tyranids. The xenos creatures, driven by an insatiable hunger, tore through the daemonic ranks with ruthless efficiency. The hastily summoned defenders were ripped apart, their supernatural prowess insufficient to stem the tide of the Hive Fleet.

By the end of 05.024M42, the situation on Mendesum had deteriorated catastrophically for the forces of Chaos. Tyranid bioforms rampaged unchecked across the planet, their advance apparently unstoppable, and the once formidable defences of Mendesum crumbled under the relentless assault. The forces of Chaos, now beleaguered and desperate, found themselves besieged within Mendesum Prime, the largest city and their final stronghold on the planet.

Within Mendesum Prime, the atmosphere was one of grim resolve and impending doom. The city's defences, designed to repel conventional foes, strained under the pressure of the Tyranid onslaught. Chaos Space Marines, traitor guardsmen, and summoned daemons prepared for a last stand, aware that the Hive Fleet Poseidon would not relent until every last living thing was consumed.

Setbacks at Mordecai


Chaos land on Gamador

In 05.023M42, the forces of Chaos found themselves at a strategic crossroads. The Tau Empire and the Imperium were initiating new offensives, threatening to outflank Chaos positions in the Perseus Deeps while their stalemate against the Imperium on Mordecai persisted. Recognising the danger of these dual offensives, particularly against what was perceived as a dormant Necron Empire, the forces of Chaos, led by the Iron Warriors, launched a pre-emptive invasion of the Necron world of Gamador. Their objectives were twofold: to secure the world and protect vital supply routes from Calliden, and to contest the new Tau invasion of Gamador.

The initial landing by the Iron Warriors was swift and decisive. They captured the tomb complex city of Kagenut, establishing a strong foothold on the planet and defeating the necron presence in the tomb complex. With momentum on their side, the Iron Warriors advanced southwards towards the strategically crucial Bridge of Hashep. This gargantuan megastructure spanned the treacherous terrain of Gamador, serving as a vital link between Kagenut and the Necron stronghold of Nepheru.

However, the Necrons were far from dormant. Launching a formidable counterattack from Nepheru, they forced the Iron Warriors into a tactical withdrawal. To hold the northern end of the Bridge of Hashep, the Iron Warriors summoned the daemonic warband known as the Wayward Passengers. Despite their ferocity, the daemons were eventually banished back to the Warp by the relentless Necron assault, resulting in the Necrons regaining control of the bridge.

The Bridge of Hashep's significance cannot be overstated. It was a strategic lifeline across the harsh and unforgiving terrain of Gamador, critical for maintaining the link between Kagenut and Nepheru. The loss of the bridge represented a severe setback for the Iron Warriors, complicating their efforts to secure the planet and maintain supply lines.

The Battle for Gamador had now become a critical and fiercely contested theatre in the broader conflict within the Perseus Deeps. The initial success of the Iron Warriors underscored their tactical prowess, but the resilience and counterattack capabilities of the Necrons highlighted the challenges of waging war on a tomb world. For now however the forces of chaos had at least established a foothold on the world.

Enaloth falls to the Imperium

 In the annals of the Perseus Campaign, the fall of Enaloth may be marked as a pivotal chapter in the Imperium's strategic maneuvers within the Perseus Deeps. Enaloth, a critical system on the Imperial left flank, had been marked for conquest as part of the broader strategy to stabilize and secure the region. The main body of Lord General Kutuzov's army was entrenched in a protracted assault on Mordecai Secundus, leaving Enaloth's invasion to the capable hands of General Veers.

Initiated in early 024M42, the invasion of Enaloth — a world dominated by the ancient Necron threat — progressed favourably for the Imperium. A significant turning point in this campaign was the Battle of Sensenakht, where the Dark Angels' Ravenwing, known for their speed and precision, engaged and decisively defeated the Necron forces. The Necrons, driven from their tomb complexes, retreated in disarray towards the major remaining necron complex at Dakhaskhet. Sensing the potential for a swift and decisive victory, General Veers ordered all available forces to press the advantage.

The Novgorod Guard, renowned for their resilience and tenacity, pursued the fleeing Necrons with relentless vigor. Their pursuit, however, stretched their lines perilously thin. Eventually, the scattered forces of the Novgorod Guard, bolstered by a Hellhammer super-heavy tank, caught up with the Necrons. The ensuing engagement was fierce and unforgiving.

Despite the overwhelming firepower of the Hellhammer, it became a prime target for the Necron forces. Within minutes of engaging in battle, the Hellhammer was destroyed, its wreckage a testament to the Necrons' relentless focus. The skies remained contested as a Necron flier, a harbinger of death, refused to be downed until the final stages of the conflict. Nonetheless, the tenacity of the Novgorod infantry proved decisive. With numerous squads holding key objectives, they outlasted the Necron resistance.

In a poignant scene underscoring the cost of victory, a battered and nearly annihilated squad of Novgorod infantry held firm on a critical objective, their eyes fixed on the approaching Necron units. Their sacrifice and determination epitomized the grim resolve of the Imperial forces.

Despite suffering heavy casualties, the Imperial forces emerged victorious. The defeat shattered Necron resistance on Enaloth, paving the way for the complete subjugation of the system. By 0106.024M42, General Veers was able to report to Imperial High Command that Enaloth was firmly under Imperial control, marking a wholly successful campaign against the Necron menace and securing a vital foothold in the Perseus Deeps for the Imperium.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Alliance consolidate on Hylas

The 107th Legion “Arctic Foxes” had succeeded in their surprise offensive, securing the southern city of Benger before the Imperium was even aware they were under attack. Shocked into action Imperial command wasted no time in organising a counter offensive. The war machine of the Imperial Guard swung into action and subjected Benger to a sustained artillery and air bombardment that levelled much of the cities northern suburbs. It lacked subtlety and caused massive collateral damage to civilian targets but the Imperials hoped the shock and brutality of their response would sweep the Federacy from Hylas before they could become properly established.

With the cities outskirts obscured by choking clouds of smoke from still burning buildings Imperial command scraped together whatever assault groups they could find and sent them in. Companies of Rough Riders spearheaded the assault, backed up with artillery and tanks pulled from the bombardment corps.

The offensive immediately hit difficulties as the cavalry ran into a hail of fire. Their charge hit home and overcome the first defences but then became surrounded by an aggressive mechanised counter attack that quickly encircled them before punching out through the ring of the bombardment corps. The Imperial forces suffered high casualties as they attempted to fall back, only to find themselves being overtaken by the speed of the Federacy's advance. Keen to exploit their advantage whilst it lasted the 107th Legion pushed out towards Desmond and Finlay.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Federacy invade Hylas

After the successful rebellion which saw the Aleph subsector free itself from Imperial rule the collection of worlds that were to became known as “The Federacy” had largely abjured themselves from the wider events of the sector. Whilst the hawkish Votann of Hartak wanted to continue the struggle and free ever more worlds from the Imperial yoke they were opposed by the other Federal governments who wished to focus on rebuilding their war-scarred societies and strengthening their defences against the ever present threat of an Imperial crusade, a crusade they had no stomach in provoking through further expansion.   

As the Federal worlds rebuilt and prospered and the horrors of war became a distant memory the attitudes of their peoples gradually shifted. The bellicose Leagues of Hartak became ever more difficult to silence and they gained support amongst the fierce Sartosans and proud martial culture of Cerberex. The Tau Empire also began to place ever increasing pressure on the Federal Council, pointing out their continued alliance and military support was contingent on reciprocity. Why should the Tau Empire guarantee the Federacy's independence from the Imperium when they were receiving nothing tangible in return? Behind closed doors ambassadors from the Aeldari also quietly urging the Federacy to action.   

With great reluctance the Federal Council had authorised the Leagues of Hartak to mobilise their fleet in support of the Tau invasion of New Cerberex. Although they hadn't engaged in direct action the fleets presence in the Zadoc subsector had contributed to an overwhelming Alliance naval superiority that discouraged the overstretched Imperial Navy from risking the loss of any more of their ships contesting the invasion.  

Following the Tau win on New Cerberex it was now the Federacy's turn to get its hands dirty once more. Spearheaded with legions from the Leagues of Hartak the Federacy were to provide the primary forces and logistical support for the invasion of Hylas. The Votann of Hartak had built up a formidable and well equipped professional army and were keen to show what it could do.   

Masters of their own icy homeworld the K»Éhls of Hartak immediately saw the opportunity to exploit the sparse defences and patchy sensor net of the world's southern polar region. In secret they would gradually build up a base in the hostile frozen wasteland that their own equipment and tactics were so uniquely well adapted for before striking north in a rapid blitz that would, hopefully, take the Imperium completely unawares.   Hylas had been relatively peaceful for years, following the end of the long and punishing war against the ork menace in 018M42. However, the infrastructure of the world was still recovering, and the populace remained scarred by the brutality of the battle against the greenskins. By 024M42 the Imperial commanders were well aware that Hylas would be the next target for the Tau Empire, and with the imperial fleet still in refit, Sector General lord Baran Price expected it to be sooner rather than later.   

To defend the world Hylas forces were quickly organised and reinforced by Librian Guard, now renamed the 2nd Aleph Wardens regiment as the stain of the fall of Libria was wiped off imperial records. General Van Dorn, a veteran with intimate knowledge of Hylas, was brought out of retirement to deal with the imminent Tau invasion. Defences were prepared around likely drop zones and lines of advance. With nothing else to do, the Imperium waited.   

The first inkling of an invasion wasn't Tau mantas sweeping in from orbit, but the loss of communication with Ice Station 57K in the far south of the world in the frozen wastes south of the Beng plains. Information was slow in coming through, but Van Dorn was aware this was likely a hostile attack so redeployed some of his Aleph Warden forces to Beng itself.   

Further south the imperial patrols posted to the area had suddenly been assaulted by armoured figures quite unlike the Tau, who appeared very at home in the icy terrain, utilising void suits and hardy vehicles running on large wheels, perfect for the snow and ice. This was the Hartak 107th Ice foxes, a regiment of abhumans from the Federacy, which the Librians had faced before many years previously on Myrentas II. The initial skirmishes with patrols almost stymied the Federal plans to cut off communications, but at a critical moment the morale of the Aleph Wardens regiment collapsed, and the units fled in disarray.   

Having dealt with the patrols and established a bridgehead on the world, with the Imperium still unaware that the Federacy were leading the assault and had already invaded Hylas, the Hartak forces pushed on to Benger hoping it would be relatively undefended. Thanks to Van Dorn's awareness however, Benger was fully defended by imperial guard forces, and the tanks of the Aleph Wardens proved to have effective firepower against the Votann forces of Hartak, though their lascannons were woefully inaccurate.   

Poor accuracy from the defenders and poor morale in the cold southern settlement rather than overwhelming force or stunning tactics saw the city fall to the Federacy by 1804.024M42. In fact the Hartak force had been over confident, and the commander received criticism from Federal command for rushing into the city and incurring higher casualties than was necessary. On the imperial side there was despondency as yet again the Alliance of the Federacy and Tau had the imperial guard on the defensive, and had defeated an entrenched defensive force.   

To address the immediate situation General Van Dorn appealed for Astartes aid, and the Sky Lords were the first to respond, deploying a company to the world to act as a rapid reaction force. Meanwhile the forces of the Federacy continued to build up their base near the south pole, their supply ships unhindered by the imperial navy, and the imperial defenders on Hylas unable to interfere. A new war for Hylas had begun.  

Friday, March 29, 2024

Tales from the Rifts

In the dark and perilous expanse of the Eastern Fringe, within the Rifts of Hecate in the Aleph Sector, the theatre of conflict continued to unfold far from the sector's major warzones. Here, amidst scarce resources and treacherous terrain, myriad factions vied for supremacy. On the remote Tau outpost of Garmenes, the struggle for power was a daily battle for the Tau, who had to face a number of alien threats to their new outpost.

Seeking to uncover the secrets of the ancient race, the Tau initiated an expedition into a Necron tomb complex on a mission to recover artifacts of immeasurable value and potential. A small patrol was dispatched, their path fraught with the unknown perils of the tomb. However, the Necrons, ever vigilant and unyielding in their guardianship of the tomb, had anticipated the intrusion. In a swift and merciless ambush, the Tau patrol was annihilated, their hopes of unearthing ancient treasures buried alongside them.

The Necron victory, a stark reminder of their relentless and widespread presence in the region, sent ripples of unease through the Tau ranks. Yet, even as they mourned their losses, a new threat emerged. The Drukhari, ever the predators of the stars, launched a slave raid on a vulnerable outpost of the newly settled colony of Garmenes. Swift and brutal, the dark eldar descended upon the Tau, seeking to claim captives and sow terror.

But the Tau, galvanized by their recent defeat and driven by a determination to defend their home, rallied with unexpected ferocity. In the ensuing skirmish, the Drukhari found themselves outmatched. The Tau forces, utilizing their advanced technology and superior tactics, repelled the raiders. The slave raid was thwarted, and the Drukhari were forced to retreat, their dark ambitions shattered.

By the end of 05.023M4 on the beleaguered outpost of Garmenes, the Tau emerged victorious, their resolve unbroken despite the dual threats they faced. In the harsh and unforgiving environment of the Rifts of Hecate, they had secured their colony from threats at least for the moment.

Reversals on Mordecai Primaris

Having broken out of their bridgehead on in the North Averbrike hive sprawl and taken a swathe of territory towards the Harian Mesa, the Imperium were under no illusions that they had made a decisive breakthrough. General Kutuzov knew that the forces of chaos would fight tooth and nail against his forces as the loss of the Mordecai System would be a severe blow to Chaos influence in the Perseus Deeps as well as the wider sector. Knowing this, the imperial forces scrambled to create defences and trench lines before their enemy counter attacked, holding a company of Dark Angels in reserve ready to block any move by the Emerald Serpent and their allies.

In the middle of 03.024M42 the counter strike came, and it was far stronger than Kutuzov had feared. Using the arcane and sorcerous powers of the daemonworld "Astralis", the Emerald Serpent had summoned more allies to their cause, as the forces of chaos came together to stop the imperial advance. A large force of Death Guard appeared on the plains south of the Westoria Hive sprawl, and poured over the incomplete imperial defences. The loyalist astartes reacted swiftly, deploying to block the breakthrough. However the intervention of the heavily armoured Terminators of Mortarion teleported from an unseen vessel in low orbit, disrupting the Dark Angels and causing severe casualties to the loyalist astartes. The Dark Angels fought hard, but the plague marines shrugged off wounds that would kill even a superhuman warrior of the imperium, their devotion to their dark patron paying dividends. A festering stench and sickly green fog swept across the battlefield, separating the astartes from the Imperial Guard units. When the fog cleared, the space marines realised the imperial positions had become untenable and requested extraction.

The race was now on to extract Kutuzov's Guard forces from their salient into the Harian wastes, and in the main the majority of the guardsmen made it back to Westosa before the regular chaos army could close the pocket. Much of their heavy equipment was abandoned however, and general Kutuzov soon came under intense pressure from sector general Baran Price to sort out the situation and prepare for a new offensive. The war on Mordecai could not be allowed to devolve into a decades long stalemate.

Worse was to come however. In the Imperial controlled Menoria Hivesprawl, the remnants of Librian, Sycoraxian and other Guard units from the sector had now been amalgamated into a new regimental founding. The Aleph Wardens would be the new name for regiments drawn from the population of worlds across the sector who had now been displaced by xenos and traitor forces. There were large numbers of refugees from these worlds, and Sector Cardinal Valentina Schumadz reasoned it was better to create more regiments of Imperial Guard from these dispossessed, rather than have a refugee crisis further disrupting sector management.

The 1st Aleph Wardens were deployed onto Mordecai Primaris. Well equipped and motivated to fight for the Emperor, they first saw action to the north of the Hive Sprawl, where a mechanised patrol saw off an incursion from a force of Thousand Sons. However, before they could report this news to high command, a much larger force of Thousand Sons supported by dreadnoughts and heavy firepower. The Aleph Wardens fought hard, but were unable to hold on to critical positions, and gradually the Emerald Serpent forces pushed the imperial soldiers back. By the beginning of 04.024M42 the fighting had reached into the Menoria Hive Sprawl itself.

The Imperium was now on the back foot on Mordecai Primaris despite its strategic logistical advantages. High command would now have to rethink its strategy towards winning the war, because it had become clear this was where the forces of chaos would make its final stand.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Fighting on Enaloth intensifies

In the ongoing campaign to extend Imperial dominion into the Perseus Deeps, General Veers spearheaded efforts to conquer the necron tombworld of Enaloth. Despite initial setbacks, including the withdrawal of the Black Templars from the Tomb complex of Khamet, Imperial forces persevered, ultimately achieving significant gains in their conquest of the world.

A bridgehead had been established on Enaloth prior to General Veers' renewed offensive. Tasked with securing the Tomb complex of Khamet, the Black Templars encountered unexpectedly fierce resistance from the entrenched necron forces. Forced to retreat in the face of overwhelming opposition, the Templars regrouped, their resolve undiminished despite the setback.

However, the high command on Bastien were determined to press on with the offensive despite the astartes setback. Reinforcements from the Lycannon Guard bolstered Imperial ranks, enabling a renewed assault on the Tomb of Khamet. In a brutal engagement involving an entire regiment and armoured support elements, the Imperial Guard forces overwhelmed the necron defenders, seizing control of more than half of the tomb complexes on Enaloth and securing a decisive foothold within the Tomb of Khamet itself.

As Veers' latest campaign in the Perseus Deeps continued to unfold, general Veers remained resolute in his determination to extend the Emperor's dominion into the darkest reaches of the region, intent on removing the dual Xenos threats of the Necron and the Tau. He had good reason to be confident in victory, as more and more reinforcements flooded in from the Vastrid subsector, although the inevitable conflict with the Tau and Federacy began to concern a number of his staff. For now the necron domains within the Perseus Deeps seemed open to quick conquest. 

All of New Cerberex's population and infrastructure was now firmly under Tau control, but the continued Dark Angels presence at Mount Bone rankled the Tau high command. Although the Dark Angels were effectively contained within their mountain fortress they represented a point of vulnerability should the Imperium ever try to regain the world. The fire cast commanders also wished to report their total victory to the Ethereal council. A previous attempt to capture the mountain had ended it catastrophic casualties for little gain so the Tau proceeded with caution.

They began by probing the outer defences with small reconnaissance cadres, seeking week points in the defences but the mountain was surrounded with a web of sensor nets and one after another the scouting forces were ambushed by ravenwing or devastated by teleporting terminator attacks from the deathwing who were guided to their positions with pin point accuracy.

The Tau did identify one location where the defences might be breached and committed a linebreaker cadre to exploiting the weakness. Just such a tactic had worked well in New Feducia and the Tau hoped that success could be replicated here. As the heavy battlesuits closed on the mountain they were met with an aggressive counter attack. The attack stalled in its tracks as the battlesuits engaged, wary about closing the distance and determined to exploit their advantage in fire power. Fighting raged and casualties mounted on both sides but eventually the battlesuits were forced to withdraw. Both sides had sustained heavy losses but the aggressive response had kept the Tau from pressing forward to claim the key positions they would require to breach the fortress.

Disheartened the Tau commanders analysed the data that had been gathered with much sacrifice. The fortress itself was a subterranean stronghold, immune to even orbital battleship bombardment, and its key position and surrounding sensor web made any approach impossible to conceal. Taking the mountain would require prolonged attractional warfare of a kind that was anathema to the Tau philosophy of war. All analysis lead to the same conclusion, that the military benefit of taking the mountain was simply not worth the cost. Faced with this unpalatable conclusion the Tau moved to a strategy of containment and refocused their resources to future conquests.

Friday, March 08, 2024

Aleph Sector 024M42 - current warzones

Last Stand on Lodax Secondus

In the Rifts of Hecate, out on the edges of the Imperium where the Aleph Sector met the Eastern Fringe, the planet of Lodax Secondus stood as in the front line against the encroaching tides of chaos and xenos horrors. Yet, on this fateful day, the defenders of the Imperium faced their greatest trial yet.

The tension was palpable as the Imperial forces, battered and weary, prepared to make their last stand. The Tyranid horde, a relentless tide of chitin and claws, surged against the crumbling fortifications, threatening to engulf all in its path.

Amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope shone through the darkness. Commissar McGuffin, bearer of vital intelligence regarding the dreaded Hive Fleet Poseidon, was the Imperium's last hope for survival. With his information in hand, the Imperium rallied to ensure his safe extraction from the doomed world, as Admiral Sommerville's fleet was only hours away.

Even the Iron Warriors, sworn enemies of the Imperium, set aside their ancient grudges in the face of the greater threat. Together, Imperial and traitor alike stood united against the xenos menace, their determination unwavering in the face of imminent annihilation.

As endless waves of Tyranids crashed against the bulwarks of the Imperial defences, Commissar McGuffin made a desperate dash to the extraction point. The Deathwing and Iron Warriors Chosen fought with grim resolve, holding the line against the relentless onslaught.

During the carnage, the Dark Angels Chapter Master emerged as if from nowehere, with some identifying his as the Primarch of legend himself, charging into the fray. With lethal precision, he pursued the monstrous Tyranid beasts, slaying them one by one in a dance of death. Whether this was the mighty Lion El Johnson or these were just the fever dreams of exhausted guardsmen remains an unresolved mystery. Either way the powerful space marine was seen charging into the Tyranid hive swarm with aggressive savagery. Yet, in the heart of the battle, the supreme augmented soldier of humanity faced his ultimate challenge: the dreaded Swarm Lord, embodiment of the Tyranid hive mind. In a clash of titans, the Dark Angel commander fought valiantly, but in the end, he fell before the monstrous might of his foe. No body was ever recovered however, so whether this account is true, or a heroic myth cannot be verified.

As desperation reached its zenith, salvation descended from the heavens as Admiral Sommerville arrived: the Mastodon, a behemoth of war, crashed down from orbit, blocking the path of the onrushing Tyranids and protecting McGuffin at all costs. With a thunderous roar, it trampled the weakened Swarm Lord beneath its colossal treads.

Now the Genestealer cults, vile servants of the Tyranid menace, swarmed the extraction point, their numbers seemingly endless. Only through the heroic sacrifice of countless lives did the Imperium hold fast against the relentless tide of xenos horrors.

In the end, amidst the ruins of Lodax Secondus, Commissar McGuffin emerged unharmed, his precious cargo of intelligence intact. Though victory came at a great cost, the defenders of the Imperium had held the line against the encroaching darkness, ensuring that hope endured even in the face of inevitable doom. As the Tyranids consumed the planet in their ravenous hunger, the sacrifice of those who fought and fell would be remembered.

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Novgorod Guard expand bridgehead on Enaloth

Situated to the galactic north of the Mordecai system, the system of Enaloth had emerged as a pivotal battleground in the struggle for dominance within the Perseus Deeps as 024M42 began. The Imperial forces, led by the experienced and now long serving General Veers, recognised the strategic significance of Enaloth in their broader campaign against the encroaching forces of Chaos and the Tau Empire. With the new pathway through the Cicatrix Maledictum secured, the Imperium sought to expand its dominion into the galactic east, and Enaloth, with its necron-infested tombs, stood as a formidable barrier to their ambitions.

In late 023M42, the Imperium had made landfall on Enaloth, securing a precarious foothold amidst the ancient ruins and desolate landscapes that covered the planet's surface. Gradually, they fortified their landing zone, preparing  themselves conscientiously for the inevitable confrontation with the awakened Necrons.

As General Kutuzov ground out a brutal campaign against the forces of Chaos in the Mordecai system, the Novgorod Guard now spearheaded the Imperial offensive on Enaloth. With their usual implacable resolve, they launched a relentless assault against the Necron defences, their artillery fire and ranks of Leman Russ tanks forming an impenetrable wall against the advancing xenos.

The Necrons, not content to allow the armies of humanity to simply take their world, launched a counter attack against the Imperial invaders, their mechanical forms marching directly into the teeth of massed Imperial firepower. Yet, despite their resilience, they faltered in the face of the Imperial Guard's steadfast defence, as their ranks were decimated by charges from the specialist Novgorod cavalry units.

By early 03.024M42, the tide of battle had turned decisively in favour of the Imperium. Fully half of Enaloth lay under Imperial control, and the progression of the campaign was precisely on General Veers' pre-invasion schedule. However, the struggle for Enaloth was far from over. The Necrons, ancient and undying, remained a formidable foe, their wrath unquenched by the loss of territory. As the Imperium pressed forward, their resolve would be tested, as  the battles ahead would be fought not only in the desolate tombs of Enaloth but in the very heart of darkness itself.