Perseus Deeps

Hellheim System **PERDITA**

The system of Hellheim was out of reach for millennia before the calming of the warp gates on Aleph 4 in .003 M42. In fact this action calmed down the warp so much that a number of systems became accessible again and the Aleph North Reach became navigable again.

This meant a more direct (and quicker) route to the Zadoc subsector. On the way lay Hellheim, right in the middle of the space lane and therefore strategically important. In addition Hellhiem had several inhabitable planets making it an ideal place to colonise. Although the system was infested with Chaos (on Donar) and Necrons (on Einmyrria) the Tau were the only space faring race with a permanent presence in the system and they also controlled the system space itself. Therefore Hellheim was nominally a Tau controlled system until 017M42 when it was ravaged by the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Cernunnos was destroyed by the warp scar, and Einmyrria turned into a hellish daemon world with trapped Tyranids, daemons and a subterranean necron tomb world. Agents of Vorushko penetrated the tomb prior to the coming of the Maledictum, after previous investigations had been slain by eldar and tyranid forces. They awakened the Necrons, but not before stealing the necron "key" with which they were able to turn on the Necron Device at Corticant.

It was not the only "key" however, and after a protracted search, the Kel Sandros Eldar found another, enabling their tau allies to switch on the Necron device at Einmyrria, creating the Foramen Ancilla through the Cicatrix and putting the necrons back into hibernation.

Planets:(Centre to outer)

1 AESIR - Boiling storm ridden planet - no moons - T: 400C M: 1.2Me

2 BEYLA - hot barren rock - one moon - T: 250C M: 0.5Me

3 CERNUNNOS - habitable - Heavily forested world with large seas. - no moons - T: 
34C M: 0.7Me

Cernunnos is a mountainous land with 85% of its surface made up of vast seas which circle the planet. The land which rises up out of the sea is concentrated in one large continent which straddles the equator. All the continent is mountainous except for coastal plains which are lush with tropical forests near the equator breaking into rich grasslands further north and south. The centre of the continent is dominated by vast snow capped mountains which reach up to 8 miles into the sky. These are covered in forests on the western side, while the central and eastern mountains are covered in hardy savannah trees more suited to the dry climate and poor soil.

The Tau base was chiefly situated on the eastern coastal plains where the rain is less heavy and frequent. As of 08.006 M42 there were three quarters of a million Tau on the planet carving out settlements and mining operations into the mountainous interior of the planet. There was also a large outpost orbital circling the world. The Cicatrix destroyed all living Tau, but the Foramen Ancilla has returned Cernunnos to almost a virgin world state, ripe for re-colonisation.

4 DONAR - habitable - Small seas, large deserts, scrubland. Pre-gunpowder settlement on coasts - Two moons - T: 19C M: 1.1Me

Donar is a harsh cool world made up of scrublands near the coasts of its three large continents and deserts in their interior. The land is old and eroded and the seas are salty and shallow. Still a large number of humans managed to settle the world and the population rose to 50 million before the Chaos invasion of 005.M42
Now the world is enslaved to Chaos and the Chaos forces have wasted no time in fashioning the society in their image – as living Gods among the medieval populace. Its status following the events of 017.M42 is unknown.


5 EINMYRRIA - habitable (borderline) - No oceans, rock covered with small plants and algae. Dry climate - No Moons - T: 0C M: 0.8Me

Einmyrria is a cold world with no oceans. Its surface is covered in a landscape of light grey rocks which undulate across the planet for as far as the eye can see. The planet has two large impenetrable icecaps. Towards the centre of the planet there are lakes and pools created by the rain which forms from clouds formed by the power of the sun on the planets rocks. The only vegetation on the planet is moss, algae and a few tough grasses and trees which dot the landscape. The going is heavy on the planet as there is virtually no soil and no flat ground to speak of, except ice plains.

The other feature of Einmyrria is the ancient architecture. Vast grey pyramids and rock pillars tower over the countryside. Long abandoned roads cross the planet and the signs of a vast civilisation are barely hidden by the moss and scant vegetation.

Einmyrria was a Necron world and, beneath the surface the Necrons are awakening. The Eldar and Imperium have both found vast underground caverns with their sensors large enough to house a population of billions, as well as a space fleet…

6 FREYR - Uninhabitable - Gas Giant, ringed - eight moons (none habitable). Rich in Iridium, other resources - T: -170C M: 55Me

7 GULVEIG - Gas Giant - Twelve moons, none habitable. Moons less rich in minerals - T: -200C M: 308Me

8 HULDRA - Gas Giant - No Moons, ringed - T: -210C M: 20Me

9 IDUN - Lifeless Ice Rock - Ice 70Km thick - No moons - T: -250C M: 6Me

10 JOTUNHEIM - Large Comet - Two small moons - T:-270C M: 0.1Me



COLONY **destroyed by the Cicatrix Maledictum**

Myrentas II was discovered and colonised some time in the dark age of Technology and consists of a mostly barren planet covered in deserts, scorching hot in summer and frigid in winter. However there is a range of mountains stretching across the equatorial regions which force the raging desert winds aloft, creating rain or snow. Near the mountains and in the rivers which flow from them there are temperate zones of mostly scrubland. The largest of these is the Ornz Valley, a river floodplain of relatively fertile land flanked to the north, east and west by rocky mountains.

The Ornz, as with the other rivers on Myrentas II flows into a shallow and very salty sea which is bordered by sandy desert. Life in these areas is hard and the settlers chose to live in the river valleys near to what fresh water exists on the planet. Eventually settlements grew up, led by the cities of Whiteridge and Rockwell and the towns of Gethsemane, Besserbia, Allentown and Nairnville.

Before warps storms cut the bond between Myrentas and the Imperium the population had grown to over three million, but the system, in the lawless Perseus Deeps soon became an independent planet with each city ruled by gangland crooks and pirate leaders who preyed on cargo convoys travelling from the Aleph sector to Terra.

Aliens such as Orks and Eldar also became a common sight on Myrentas, which developed a “cosmopolitan” culture not seen in the Imperium. For centuries the Imperium considered the system too difficult to bother invading, since warp storms often caused it to become unreachable for decades. Only the skilled outlaw pirates new the ways through the warp well enough to travel reliably in and out.

In 006M42 Myrentas II became the setting for a three way war between Chaos, the Imperium and the Tau which was eventually settled by the intervention of the UFP. Their support for the Tau invasion defeated General Lenord’s Imperial armies and the Eldar stepped in to eliminate Gallowfen’s Iron Warriors. Since 006M42 the planet has been thriving as the most distant outpost of the Federacy and is commonly visited by Tau forces thanks to their alliance with the rebel empire.

In 017M42 the coming of the Cicatrix Maledictum engulfed the planet, dooming it to become a hellish daemonworld.

Bastien - Imperial (crusade)

Star: K3 V Orange Main Sequence
Type: Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius: 7.25 x 107 km   (0.48 AU)
Period: 2.89 x 103 hours   (0.33 earth years)
Physics: Small iron/silicate
Gravity: 5.90 m/s2   (0.60 x earth)
Hydrosphere: 0 % water, 0 % ice
Atmosphere: Superdense reducing
Classification: Imperial – Former Chaos World

Pop: Approx 8 Billion

The arid wasteland that is Bastien was once a proud imperial Hive World, until the forces of chaos took the world when the Perseus Deeps were cut off from the Aleph Sector by warp storms in M35. For thousands of years the population lived under the heel of their chaotic masters, until in 010M42 Veers' crusade liberated the world in under a year.

Following the liberation, millions of "tainted" were culled by the Inquisition, but Bastien had been returned to the Emperor's light, forming the backbone of Imperial control of the Perseus Deeps.

The Cicatrix came and Bastien found itself cut off in the Imperium Nihilis, until the opening of the Foramen, but in 018M42 the Crusade - under Natalia Vorushko, convinced the government and General Veers to support her vision for the Imperium.

Parthenope – Imperial (Crusade)

Star: G9 V Yellow Main Sequence
Type: Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius: 9.08 x 107 km   (0.61 AU) 
Period: 4.44 x 103 hours   (0.51 earth years)
Physics: Large iron/silicate
Gravity: 15.25 m/s2   (1.56 x earth)
Hydrosphere: 48 % water, 18 % ice
Atmosphere: Standard
Pressure: 108.79 kPa   (1.07 x earth)
Composition: 77.5% argon, 22.5% oxygen, trace other gases
Climate: Standard
Min Temp: 265 K   (-7 °C)
Avg Temp: 298 K   (25 °C)
Max Temp: 329 K   (56 °C)
Classification: Imperial – Former Chaos World
Pop: Approx 5 million
Part of the chaos empire in the Perseus Deeps since the warp storms of M35, the dusty world of Parthenope was retaken by the Imperium in 011M42 after a very short and brutal campaign.

Calliden - Necron **XENOS PERDITA**

Star: K9 V Orange Main Sequence
Companion: M6 V Red Dwarf
Type: Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius: 1.08 x 108 km   (0.72 AU)
Period: 4.58 x 103 hours   (0.52 earth years)
Physics: Small iron/silicate
Gravity: 4.86 m/s2   (0.50 x earth)
Hydrosphere: 0 % water, 11 % ice
Atmosphere: Thin corrosive
Classification: Chaos World
Pop: Approx 50 Million

Calliden had been part of the Chaos stronghold in the Perseus Deeps for millenia. However the awakening of the necron Harakhty dynasty and the decline of chaos led toa massive Xenos invasion in 012M42. Eventually the war became so hopeless that Warsmith Stahl broke with his chaos ally, Lorek, and agreed a deal with the necrons to abandon the world and save his men. Lorek was outraged, but Stahl prevailed and replaced the daemon prince as master of Chaos.


Star: M1 V Red Dwarf
Type: Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius: 3.13 x 107 km   (0.21 AU)
Period: 1.46 x 103 hours   (0.17 earth years)
Physics: Large iron/silicate
Gravity: 15.35 m/s2 (1.57 x earth)
Hydrosphere: 0 % water, 16 % ice
Atmosphere: Thin corrosive
Classification: Chaos World
Pop: Approx 1 Billion

Mordecai is the most powerful system left in the Perseus Deeps of the once sector spanning empire. It has three major worlds - Mordecai Primaris, the main world, Mordecai Secundus - a hot inhospitable rock mined for its resources, and Mordecai Tersius, a small but important agri-world. The system is self sufficient and is home to the mighty warfleets of several chaos lords including Admiral Thok.

Mordecai Primaris is home to 1 billion citizens, forced to labour in forges and manufactorums to generate equipment and wargear for the chaos cause. Ruled independently by traitor technocrats, Mordecai serves as an important base of operations for any would be traitor warlord.

The system has extensive space docks and defences, and although the Imperium have tried to establish a bridgehead on the outer world of Mordecai Tersius on a number of occasions, each time the power of the system defences and chaos fleets has repulsed them.

Minor Worlds

Hemera is a wet, temperate world with innumerable shallow swampy seas.
Existing off the beaten track it was never properly colonised by the Imperium but was eventually settled by the Caligulan Manufacturing Cartel in 745M39. It has a population of roughly half a million working on production of spaceship parts and other metallic bulk items. 

Though nominally part of the Imperium the officials of the Administratum have not
ventured onto the planet since it was settled, the tithes being handled by the Caligulan cartel themselves. The planet will generally do business with anyone who offers a fair price.

More recently General Veers’ crusade in the Deeps brought more Imperial attention to the world of Hemera, much to the discomfort of the cartels...

In 016M42, prior to the coming of the Cicatrix, the planet was undermined by a gene stealer cult, which ended up signalling the arrival of Hive Fleet Nemesis - which then consumed the planet.

Eris – Imperial
Eris is a small world of tall mountains and pine forests with limited natural resources. Its proximity to the Perseus Deeps puts it outside the sphere of Imperial control, but the settlers of the planet are humans, ruled over by a hereditary monarchy. There are about two million inhabitants, mostly poor farmers, though the capital Erisburg does have a spaceport and trade is brisk in local food produce. Eris is notable as a satellite of a gas giant rather than a planet in its own right.

There is now a suspicion that Nemesis may have reached the Eris system, and Inquisitor Huron is investigation as of 018M42.

Minos is a heavily forested world with just under five million inhabitants.  It has little or no valuable resources and the planets inhabitants live off he land in nomadic tribes. They are friendly to off-worlders, human or alien and have already been approached by the Tau. The Imperium is aware of this but until recently took little interest in the affairs of nomadic tribesmen. Now the planet's strategic location as a forward Tau base has forced them to think again. This situation changed in 011M42, when a treaty effectively “swapped” the world for Aganthus to shorten both the Tau and Imperial supply lines.

However, in 015M42 Warsmith Stahl invaded the world, and after a long grinding campaign claimed the planet as his fortress in the Deeps.

Aethor – Eldar **XENOS**
Aethor is a warm and wet planet who's mountains have been warn down by the process of erosion leaving broad plains rich in heavy metals. There are several mining operations across the planet operate by several mining companies. Most of these are registered in the Imperium though not all are. A few are known to be openly dealing with the Federacy, Chaos renegades, pirates and Tau...

The world was briefly invaded by Chaos in 010M42, but General Veers’ crusade liberated the world soon after, turning into a strategically important way station for the crusade’s supplies.

However in 014M42, with the crusade running down, the Eldar invaded the world and expelled the human population. 

Ares – Eldar **XENOS**
Ares is a cold dry barren rock. There is no water or Oxygen and the planet's 50,000 inhabitants are reliant on food and provisions brought in from elsewhere. The system is a research station for anyone who wants to test something out. It specialises in high technology but lies outside the Adeptus Mechanicus control, a fact which irks them deeply. Rogue traders are known to favour the station for testing alien artefacts or recently discovered human technology from the distant past.

After being liberated from chaos forces by Veers crusade, in 013M42 the eldar intervened as they had in the neighbouring system of Aethor, eventually expelling the human population.

Corticant – Imperial (Crusade)
Corticant orbits its sun, a red dwarf star, every 59 days. Its close proximity to the star means it is tide-locked, with one side constantly facing the sun and the other in eternal darkness. Surface temperatures range from -139 to 76 degrees Celsius.

The majority of the planet's surface is semi-arid; the only plants able to survive on the harsh surface are tough grasses and simple bushes. Precipitation is very low. Massive violent dust storms regularly blow across the surface of the planet caused by the thermal pressure-driven winds which can reach speeds of up to 190 mph. 

The planet's major settlements lie in the mountainous northern regions on the light side of the planet, where there are rich mineral deposits. The temperatures here are less extreme, and there are bodies of water and small sparse forests. The general population is very poor and live in large prefabricated buildings surrounding the mines and refineries that employ the majority of the populace. Only a small area of the planet is arable, and the farms built here produce food for the entire population. This means the planet is relatively sustainable and its only major imports are machinery and technology.

Corticant's limited resources and its harsh climate meant it went through the majority of the Aleph Sector conflicts unnoticed. However as neighbouring planets fell to the forces of Chaos, the planet seemed a good location to Imperial High Command for a forward operating base, an area that could be potentially used in the future to launch operations against the enemy. 

Operation Gothic Viper, the name given to the plan to secure and set up a base on Corticant was assigned to General Mallius Maximus Veers of the Corellian 18th Army Group. The Corellians faced unexpected resistance as Chaos forces launched raids on key settlements to disrupt and stop the advances. After a short brutal campaign, the planet was secured and General Veers began the task of constructing Fort Bastion.

Since the liberation of Corticant by Veers' crusade, the Imperium have hung onto the world despite the invasion by the Harakhty dynasty and the coming of the Cicatrix Maledictum. Corticant is now the forward base of the Imperial Crusade in the Perseus Deeps. 

Home of the Necron device which powers the Foramen Interdictum, the planet is not entirely under Imperial control however. In 017M42 it was re-invaded by many forces as the factions tried to secure the device for themselves. It is now in Imperial hands, but the Eldar and Necrons maintain a presence on the world both vying to wrestle control back from the Imperium.

Sentinel was one of the first small worlds to be taken by the Claws of Lorek, then wrestled back into Imperial control by Veers' crusade. A world of little value, the barren rocks and acidic pools lit by a baleflow glow from a red sun, do not explain why the system saw so many battles.

Sentinel was strategically important in the Chaos Imperium war of the Deeps, but it was the eldar who finally claimed the world after realising one of their Craftworlds was drawing inexorably closer to the system. 

Eventually however, the Cicatrix Maladictum ripped through the system, turning the landscape into a hellish mockery of reality. The new daemonworld was evacuated by the eldar before 017M42, but the world so many fought and died for is now worthless.

Gamordal – Necron - **XENOS PERDITA**
Gamordal was found in the original Crusade into the Perseus Deeps. A planet lacking any real resources Cardinal Sheriden nonetheless ordered it to be colonised. Briefly invaded by local orks, the Imperium managed to establish a small base and several existing settlements were upgrade, before the awakening of the Harakhty dynasty. At the height of their power in 012M42 the necrons easily overran the world and Gamordal has been part of the Necron empire ever since.

The third planet of the Aganthus system was settled by humans sporadically over the millennia, but the world was found to be mostly devoid of value and suffering the predations of Xenos, particularly the eldar. 

Conquered absolutely by Veers crusade in 010M42, the planet suffered further Xenos intervention from the eldar and the strengthening Harakhty necron dynasty, until the planet was finally lost by the imperium in 017M42, as it was annihilated by the Great Rift. 

Zog – Necron **XENOS PERDITA**
The system known as “Zog” had been an ork world ever since it was discovered in M32 and until the war of the Perseus Deeps had been left largely alone. The orks showed no signs of expanding their influence but as the Harakhty Dynasty awoke in 011M42 the Imperium decided that the Xenos threat of Zog could no longer be ignored. The planet’s warlords were executed by lightning raids conducted by the Space Wolves and the remaining orks cleansed by the guard over the next several months. 

However, by 012M42 the necrons were strong enough to push back all the other forces in the Deeps. Zog quickly became the next world to fall under the thrall of the Harakhty Dynasty and has remained in the necron empire ever since. 

Lucardium – Tau **XENOS PERDITA**
Lucardium was classified as a desert world by imperial records. Low in value and not colonised, until the imperial operation “Caterwaul” the planet led an unremarkable existence until 006M42. The Tau however also had designs on the world, and landed in force on the world, beginning colonisation as part of operation Sunstrike. 

The Tau colonisation proceeded as planned until 04.007M42. Attacked by a tendril of Nemesis, the defence of Lucardium became commander Longstride’s greatest achievement after a less than stellar performance at Myrentas II, earning the Tau commander his place in history. As of 018M42 the world is still under Tau control, as a prospering colony, despite raids by the Crusade and Drukhari.

The Skera system was colonised long ago during the first expansion of humanity. It resides in the Perseus Deeps, far from stable warp lanes and close to strange anomalies in the depths of the dangerous area. Skera has one habitable planet which is very close to Earth in its climate and size, probably due to terraforming. In the distant past the system was lost from the Imperium and its once great cities fell into ruin. During the Tau expansion into the Deeps in 009M42, Commander El Shi found a small medieval level population of humans, nestling close to the ruins of their ancient civilisation.

The Tau immediately incorporated the planet into their sphere of influence, ruled from Cernunnos. However they were beset by Eldar and Chaos raids as all races searched for the Solar Enslaver. There were clues on the planet as beneath the ground giant and ancient alien caverns signalled that once Skera was home to a Necron population. 

As the Harakhty dynasty awoke Skera came under increased attacks as the necrons sought to reclaim their old empire. Skera fell to the necrons in 011M42. The planet remained part of the Harakhty dynasty until it was swallowed by the Cicatrix Maledictum in 017M42.  

Carnage – Necron **XENOS PERDITA**
Formerly chaos

Sulidaan  **XENOS PERDITA**
Formerly Blight - Chaos

Gamador – Necron  **XENOS PERDITA**

For millenia the small human population of Scallius lived in relative peace, herding their animals and living a nomadic lifestyle. Occasional raids by orks and chaos warbands were not unknown, but little did the human population know that beneath their feet slumbered an entire planetary population of necrons.

In 010M42 the Harakhty Dynasty awoke from hibernation and quickly overran the unprepared population, enslaving the humans and making them worship the necron overlords as gods. However, in 017M42 the coming of the great rift plunged the planetary system into the warp, and daemon armies overthrew the necrons, and enslaved the human population once more on what had become a hellish daemonworld.

The uninhabited world of Parataea was colonised in 007M42 by the Tau as part of the Aleph Sphere Expansion, who found the world lacking in any valuable resources, but habitable none-the-less. Aeons ago the world of gently rolling hills, shallow seas and pastures had been dominated by the necrons, but the millenia had all but erased all trace of their former glory. 

In 012M42 the necrons attempted to invade the tau colony and add it to their empire, but a determined defence by the Tau and their Eldar allies held the invasion at bay. The battles raged until late 013M42, when the alliance was finally victorious after a long and bloody war, checking necron expansion and beginning a long slow decline of the resurgent Harahkty dynasty.

The Tau did not have long to rejoice however, as the world was annihilated by the Cicatrix Maledictum, disappearing entirely into the maw of chaos.

Ancient ruins (varied climate)
Formerly Necron

Malius – Necron **XENOS PERDITA**

Enaloth – Necron **XENOS PERDITA**
Enaloth was another world that once belonged to the ancient necron dynasty, and under its cold frozen surface of the polar ice caps lay an entire civilisation within ancient tombs. In early M42 these began to rouse from their slumber, but in 010M42 the tendrils of Nemesis disrupted the scheduled reanimation, as the hive fleet searched for planets rich in biomass.

Enaloth was certainly an attractive target, at least in terms of raw materials. Heavily forested and overgrown since the fall of the necron empire, it was too tempting a target for the extragalactic xenos. Initially the tyranids overran the entire world, but the necrons fought a rearguard action, the tombs of the world waking up early as the enemies threatened to consume the world.

However, in 011M42 the tyranids had not made much progress in converting the planet's resources, as they were a mere tendril, acting a a psychic guiding light for the rest of the vast bioship fleet following on behind. In late 011M42 the lords of the Harakhty dynasty, now fully awake and reclaiming their empire in the Deeps, sent reinforcements to the belleagured tombworld and by 012M42 the alien invaders had been cleansed from the world. Enaloth remains in control of the necron empire as of 018M42, but is now ruled by the Charnovokh.

Tantalon V - ** 
Forest world

Parius – Tau **XENOS PERDITA**
Another desert world Parius barely supports life. Very hot and lacking in any widespread life, the planet resembles a hot primordial earth, appearing sandy brown from space. Rejected for colonisation by the Imperium of man, the strategic position of the world made it a prime target for colonisation for the Tau in 009M42, who pushed out from Cernunnos and established a base under commander Hawkeye.

The world was raided by Chaos, eldar, necrons and then Nemesis, but has enjoyed relative peace since the cleansing of the tyranid threat in 012M42, and is now home to more than a million Tau.

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