Friday, February 29, 2008

"Windy Handle" located

+++Urgent Transmission++++++

My lord,

The Tau have located the "Windy Handle" or Enslaver Actuator, the final piece of the Enslaver. It is located on the Tyranid infested world of Tantalon V, though the alien beasts themsleves are not aware of it. I will update you as soon as I find evidence that the Tau are preparing a force to retrieve this most dangerous artefact.

++++++End Transmission+++

Northern Tyranids halted by 168th

On 2102.008M42 the regiment simply known as "the 168th" successfully fought of a concerted attack by the Tyranids on the northern continent of Libria from laying waste to Daralon. While units in southern Libria continued to fight in sporadic clashes against the Tyranids of Megalodon, the original invaders, an offshoot of Hive Fleet Triton, launched their own assault against the Librian city in the north.

It had become clear that Libria had been invaded by two distinct hive fleets, though it was equally obvious that the two were working together, possibly under the influence of a greater hive conciousness. This was deeply concerning to the Inquisitors on Libria V, and as the Imperial Guard valiantly defended the cities of the outermost of the librian system's inhabited planets, psykers scried for any sign that a full blown invasion of the system was imminent.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

El Shi gains 2 clues in the Deeps

+++Urgent Transmission+++
+++El Shi defeats Orks and Tyranids STOP Skaros system secured STOP Tau building outpost STOP Consider Tau in lead in search for remaining piece of Enslaver STOP+++
+++End Transmission+++

Tyranids Swarm on Libria

Battle of Yellowdale

Tyranid forces from Megalodon land on Libra in the centre of Yellowdale, deep into the southern continent. The Imperial Guard of the Praetorian VI, seconded on the planet due to the incursion in the northern regions rushed to the aid of the beleaguered city. After small skirmishes around the city, the Imperial forces pushed the Tyranids back to the outskirts of the city where a major security point became the prime objective of the fighting.

The armoured core of the Praetorian guard set up an offensive to push the Tyranids out the city, and secure the choke point in order to restrict the access to the city from any further encounters. The fight was bloody, and drawn out, with the Imperial forces clearly gaining the upper hand early on in the fight. Massive fire from the Praetorian heavy weaponry and accurate fire from the Leman Russ armour and the Mortar specialists allowed the Guardsmen to strip away the mass swarms of the Hive fleet. This weakened the Tyranid forces to such an extent that when they finally reached close quarters with the Imperial forces, the remaining creatures where easily cleared up. Though the Megalodon masses were able to maintain a hold over the security point for some time, finally the firepower of the Imperials told, and the fleet was pushed out of the city.

Sister Sororitas massacred

Forces of the Ordos Hereticus were called in to remove the fleeing forces of Megalodon after the Xenos were forced out of the City of Yellowdale. The Ordos pursued the alien threat onto the Thornvale in hopes of eradicating the new presence on the southern continent. A simple cleanse mission was declared, with the hope that the Splinter Fleet forces would simply abandon the world after a series of crushing defeats via the might of the Imperial forces. However, all did not go to plan. The Sisters of Battle were caught through numbers and simple weight of blades.

The Sisters of Battle set their line near the centre of a series of old Imperial ruins, using a large Adminstratum building as a firing platform. Further back the Seraphim and Sororitas tanks began to develop a holding platform to clear any Xenos who could break through their lines. However, even with heavy bolter fire and cleansing flame, the Sisters were unable to destroy all of the organisms before they hit the battle line. Even though the Sisters of Battle stood firm, they were unable to hold back the swarms, and when the Seraphim were held back from a counter charge due to the appearance of a Tyranid Lictor in the midst of their ranks, the Sisters were lost. Not a single Sister was able to return from the field of battle, massacred to the last by the Tyranids, with the loss of every tank they brought with them as well. Insult was added to the Sisters loss, when in the dying moments of the battle, their last Exorcist to a single, determined, Genestealer. The fields of Thornvale are now held by the forces of Megalodon, and a return to Yellowdale now seems immanent.