Welcome to the Sheffield University Wargames Society's Aleph Sector Campaign. This campaign has been running for many years and is primarily a narrative campaign that anyone can get involved in. It is almost certainly the longest running and largest (by word count) campaign in the 40k universe. The full history of the campaign is in this blog, and in the Campaign Files which if you are desperate you can ask for, although I will be sharing them via drive soon!

The Campaign is a "turn up and play" campaign, although from time to time there are Campaign Days and Apocalypse games as part of the fun, the next one being on Saturday 18th November. When you win, you get to advance your faction. A brief overview of the state of the Aleph Sector following the arrival of the Great Rift available by using the navigation bar across the top, where you can find out background, major characters, places and factions.

Any questions - find me (Duncan) at Wargames on Saturdays in the union!

questions email me: duncanrailton78@gmail.com

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