Monday, December 18, 2006

The Battle For Whiteridge Begins

The Battle For Whiteridge began with a massive artillery barrage of the city's defences by the Scyllian 12th Armoured regiment's Basilisks and Griffons. The attack was devised by Major-General Lenord and his advisors, commander in chief of all Imperial forces on Myrentas II. This now consisted of six Imperial regiments, two of which were armoured.

The plan was relatively simple. A massive barrage of artillery would destroy the enemy defenses in the city. Once lifted the bombardment would be followed by simultaneous assaults by the Librain 101st and Librian 57th Regiments, both infantry. Only once this massive assault had taken the city would the armour of the Scyllian 12th Regiment and the Librian 4th Armoured Division follow up into the dense terrain of Whiteridge.

At 06:00 on 1612.006 M42 the artillery began a bombardment lasting 2 hours. At 08:00 the Librians attacked, 20,000 men committed to driving the few hundred Iron Warrior defenders out of their defences. Things started to go wrong immediately as the dense rubble terrain slowed down the imperial advance. By 10am the attack was well behind schedule. Things came to a head around 2pm when the Librian 101st encountered stiff resistance as they attempted to take a vital road crossing.

The Librian infantry were flung into the attack taking horrendous casualties but the Iron Warriors were slowly forced back. The imperial forces brought up Leman Russ and Basilisks in close support but these were vulnerable and many were destroyed by concealed havoc squads hiding in the ruins. To make things worse the traitor legion would sporadically attack with its attack bike squadrons, taking heavy casualties but throwing the Librians into panicked retreat, cutting down anyone who got in their way. Meanwhile several chimeras rushing to support the assault found the going tough and bogged down in the difficult ground.

By the end of the day the Librians had taken 7450 men killed or wounded, lost 64 tanks and 15 artillery pieces. The attack had stalled in the city suburbs and the imperial forces were forced to dig in in their new positions. Only a quarter of the day's objectives had fallen and many of those now faced imminent counter attack. As night fell the armoured regiments were finally brought up in assault but the attack had been a failure.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Disaster at Jotunheim!

It started when the Imperial fleet, now composed of the Imperious, Galileo and Ceres identified Tau transports entrering the system near the ice planet of Jotunheim. The imperial cruisers raced to intercept with Galileo making contact first, encountering two protectors escorting three transports into the Hellheim system.A brief firefight flared up with the Galileo coming of worst. Crippled and drifting towards an astreroid belt her consorts arrived too late to save her and the protectors reduced her to a hulk.

Worse was to follow for the imperium as the protectors wheeled around an asteroid field and caught Imperious before she could defend herself. Crippled she was forced to withdraw. Ceres was last to feel the Tau wrath as the Tau battleship, nicknamed "Pinnafore" arrived to deal a devastating bomber attack. Ceres blew up a short time later with the loss of all hands.
During the battle the Tau were incredibly diciplined and handled their ships very tightly. This minimised the damage to some scorh marks on one protector and the loss of one transport, destroyed by a lucky nova cannon shot.Admiral Sturdee handled his ships roughly and paid the price. His ships failed to disengage, their shooting was inaccurate and ineffectual and their coordination poor. Sturdee himself survived the battle but was later "found wanting" by an imperial agent. He would never command the fleet again.

The battle is a great victory for the Tau who now control the Hellheim system undisputed. Imperious will have to return to Cerberex for repairs. Meanwhile the Imperial fleet is now forced to go on the defensive with fewer ships now than the UFP. The battle of Jotunheim is a black day for the Imperium which has left the imperial guard on Myrentas II over exposed. 6 more regiments attempted to run the Tau blockade and reinforce the Imperial forces. 3 made it, 2 were destroyed by the tau fleet and one regiment surrendered.

The Iron Warriors on Myrentas II

"Reliance on others is strength for the weak, but weakness for the strong."

Such is the maxim of Lieutenant Gallowfen, commander of a few hundred malcontent Iron Warriors, currently stationed on Myrentas II in the Perseus Deeps.

When the Iron Warriors control upon Aleph IV was shattered, the forces mostly retreated to Kendrenec. The Chaos forces felt betrayed, their alliance with the Dark Exterminators being the main cause they blamed for their downfall. Some imagined a betrayal that ran far deeper. Commandeering a transport vessel, Lieutenant Gallowfen took the men under his personal control away from the rest of the retreating fleet. He believed he had been betrayed by the other Iron Warrior generals, who had shown their weakness in the operations upon Aleph.

Determined that he could succeed by himself, and that to stay with the other Iron Warriors commanders would be to invite defeat, Gallowfen took only those warriors that had served under him in the Aleph campaign, and headed somewhere this small force could make its mark.

This place ended up as Myrentas II, in the Peseus Deeps. The whole system was a haven for pirates, with no centralised government and therefore no organised defences. It was perfect for Gallowfen, who launched a lightening raid on Myrentas II’s city of Whiteridge. With almost no resistance, the Chaos Warriors took the city, and began its reinforcement against a retaliation. The citizens were mostly kept alive and allowed a life, of sorts, working in the factories to produce defences and munitions.

So Gallofen set up his operation, and bided his time. Ork warbands roamed the lands between the cities of the planet, but they proved ineffective in any of their small raids on Whiteridge. The government of the planet seemed strangely comfortable to allow the Chaos their city. With no great threats to pressure the Iron Warriors, they were content to slowly build their power and plan an attack on the planet’s closest city Rockwell. Coincidentally, by the time the Iron Warriors were ready to raid Rockwell, Imperial Forces arrived in the sector.

Gallowfen and his forces are now in a dangerous position. Should the Imperium bring all of its might against the Iron Warriors, the Chaos army will surely be crushed. But Gallowfen rejects ideas of sending for aid, to call upon others would be to show weakness. Instead the Iron Warriors prepare to sell their lives dearly, each step the Imperial forces get closer the Chaos will make them pay the cost of a thousand men.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Operation Sunstrike Begins

The Tau operation Sunstrike began with the "securing" of the Cernunnos facility, where nearly half a million tau now lived and worked. Commander Longstride met with his advisors and planned their strategy. It became obvious that bases on Tantalon V, Lucardium and Myrentas II would provide the logistical links which they needed. Three task forces, each with a number of hunter cadres on board set out for these systems.

Lucardium, a hot and sparsely inhabited desert planet with few resources put up no resistance to the Tau arrival. After arriving in the planet's one and only city the Tau emissaries quickly established relations with the few human settlers and the planet became part of the Tau empire without a fight.

Tantalon V
Things did not go as well for the task force sent to the forest world of Tantalon V. Instead of an uninhabited world teeming with natural life the Tau found a lifeless ball of rock devoid of life or even atmosphere. Intrigued the Tau landed at the former Imperial outpost and found it in ruins. Before they had time to investigate further they were assaulted by a ferocious tyranid horde and forced to flee. The Tau lost several hundred in the attack and were forced to abandon their heavy equipment on the planet.
The commander of the task force realised the tyranids on the planet were nowhere near enough to overwhelm the planet. Where were the rest of the aliens? Had a new hive fleet been born? Unable to send out further scouting forces, these questions had to wait.

Myrentas II

In the pirate system of Myrentas the Tau had more success. Dropping their fleet into the system the Imperial supply fleet was forced to flee before superior firepower. This meant vital fuel supplies failed to reach the Imperial armies on the ground and the offensive against Whiteridge had to be cancelled.
Meanwhile the Tau water caste sent diplomats to the besieged pirate city of Rockwell. An agreement was quickly reached. The pirates would join the Tau empire in exchange for protection from the Imperium and the Iron Warriors, who now had a third of the city under their control. Not all the pirates were happy with this authority over them, while the ork forces were told their services were no longer required.
Upon landing the Tau immediately took positions around the city and secured the spaceport. They even made gains into the Iron Warriors' territory before a determined attack halted the aliens and prevented them from taking the westgate.

The Eldar Learn the Truth

Meanwhile the eldar, worried by the Tau findings on Tantalon V visited the system for themselves. It was a dangerous reconaissance mission and a number of the eldar did not return. Still the tyranid assaults were driven off and the eldar learned the real truth on Tantalon. A new hive fleet had been created from the life which once thrived on Tantalon. It had split in two. Half headed to Lucardium and the new Tau base, the other half toward the 10 billion souls living in the Zadoc sector. Their first target the massively populous system of Libria...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Penetrators

Formerly known as the Alpha Legion 7th Grand Company

The Alpha Legion 7th Company operated deep behind imperial lines and often was left without orders for decades at a time. Naturally, this did not faze the Company at all and they pursued their own agenda looking for worthy adversaries to better their own martial skills.

However, a prolonged cut off period from the intelligence and chain of command has forced this company to more and more pursue their own agendas and use their own methods. Following Alpharius’s teachings, the 7th company became self reliant and used every tactic available to them to bring destabilisation to which ever area they were in. Over a period of centuries, they became their own entity, and called themselves the Penetrators.

Although the vast majority follow Alpharius’s detailed combat doctrine, the Penetrators are renowned for using all methods available to them. There are reports of bloody and carnal sacrifices left in the sites this chaos legion has scourged. Imperial experts have quickly pointed out that these rituals are often employed by agents of Slaanesh. There are further reports of illness and disease following the legion’s activities. Perhaps this is a coincidence; perhaps it is indicative of something darker.

The Penetrators often engage in subterfuge and infiltration, they seem to revel in causing destabilisation everywhere they go. They will actively seek to turn a planet’s population against the Imperium. And while the brave forces of the Imperium battle with these blood thirsty mobs, the Penetrator Chaos Space marines pursue their true objectives unhindered, only to abandon the planet without a trace once this has been completed.

As yet, the Legion’s true objectives are unknown, and it isn’t known how they are replenishing their numbers. They are led by a mysterious daemon prince who is known simply as ‘Mr. Dandy’. Although Mr. Dandy’s death has been confirmed on numerous occasions, he always appears to return at a later battle, in a different location. Very little is known about ‘Mr. Dandy’, other than his evil cunning and lethal skill with a cursed blade.

Mr. Dandy has several Lieutenants who he trusts implicitly as Alpharius did Mr. Dandy. Many of these ‘Lieutenants’ are daemon princes in their own right, yet Mr. Dandy insists of giving them absurd yet menacing names. Mr. Joy, Moonface, Giggles are ones which have been recorded (often at the expense of our scouts’ lives).
When confronting the Penetrators one should be prepared for anything, for they have proved that they are capable of any type of assault and are brave enough or insane enough to attack any fortification, no matter how well defended.
It seems that they thrive on battling against strong opponents, and although they can be beaten in battle, this serves merely to tighten their resolve for dominance.


Possibly a splinter fleet from Hive fleet Behemoth. Little is known about them and they seem to be similar to every other abomination the Tyranids have launched at us. Code named Bahumut.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dark Angels Continue Crusade

While this was going on the Dark Angels still appeared to be following their own agenda rather than following the cardinal’s plan. To Sheriden’s displeasure the Dark Angels’ fleet slipped anchor and disappeared four weeks before Clean Sweep was about to begin. It was then discovered that the space marine chapter had again been waging its own war in the Aurelis deeps near the Valitane run, on planets mostly overrun by tyranids.
To Cardinal Sheriden’s concern it was noticed that the planets attacked by the Dark Angels were the same worlds that the Cardinal had served on in his time in the Tallaxian Imperial Guard… This had to be more than coincidence.

Battle of Cernunnos (fleet battle)

Operation Clean Sweep 0112.006M42

Operation Clean Sweep began on 0112.006M42 with a simultaneous landing by the Blood Martyrs 3rd company and a fleet action in the Hellheim system. By the end of the day the Imperial military hoped to have crushed the inexperianced Tau fleet and to have landed in force on Cernunnos.

The Fleet Battle
The Imperial fleet (Sword Of Damocles, Imperious, Defence, Fearless, Galileo and Ceres) had finally managed to pin down the tau and a confused engagement took place in the asteroid belt.
It started with the Sword of Damocles engaging two protector class cruisers. The battle was uneven and things were going badly for the tau until the arrival of an Emissary class and three escorts from the Damocle's other flank began to pressurise the battleship. then things swung violently in favour of the imperium as the Imperious and escorts appeared behind the Emissary, crippling her and crippling a protector with her Nova cannon. It seemed that Admiral Jellicoe would have his crushing victory!
Crippled and venting atmosphere one of the two Tau protectors made a last gasp gambit, powering her engines to maximum and hurling herself at the imperial battleship. The Sword Of Damocles was powerless to manouvre out of the way and the protector's shileded prow impacted against the battleship's port side, crippling her. After this the great ship was forced to disengage.
The Tau however were in a serious situation. The Emissary had been hulked and her escorts destroyed by the battlegroup led by the carrier Imperious. Defence and Fearless, two brand new gothic class cruisers had arrived to the stern of the Tau protectors, destroying both of them. With only one newly arrived protector in range it seemed the Tau had been defeated.
Just then the Custodian Tau battleship loomed into view headed directly for Fearless and Defence. High on confidence the two new and inexperienced gothic cruisers headed straight for their enemy in close formation. It was a fatal mistake. This left the two imperial ships moving away from another protector class vessel which launched a salvo of tau torpedoes. Meanwhile the Custodian and three wardens opened fire on the gothics, launched torpedoes and eight squadrons of mantas!
It was more than the Fearless could take and she veered into the path of Defence before blowing up in an enormous warp drive implosion. The shockwave blew the Defence into the asteroid field where she broke in two before her plasma drives detonated, converting the ship into dust and gas.
When the blast cleared the remaining ships, isolated from one another, saw that two of their newest capital ships were gone. They disengaged allowing the Tau to recover their three hulked cruisers.

The Imperium had started well and severely damaged the Tau fleet. The Tau were left with just on Custodian, three wardens and two protectors in the Hellheim system. Their other three capital ships were evacuated to the Tau empire for repairs, which would take at least 6 months. However the imperial fleet had to send the Sword Of Damocles back to Cerberex for a refit, leaving just one battlecruiser and two cruisers in system. This was not enough to defend against the Tau and protect an invasion force. Clean Sweep had failed.

The Blood Martyrs landing
The Imperial plan for Cernunnos was simple. Lacking any droptroops the Imperial Guard would suffer huge casualties on landing unless they had a secure dropsite. The Blood Martyrs 3rd company was entrusted to secure this site and defend the perimeter while the Imperial Guard landed their men and equipment.
Torment launched her thunderhawks and thunderhawk transporters carrying the Blood Martyrs 4th company into the atmosphere of Cernunnos at 01:30 local time. Barracudas were scrambled by the Tau but the landing took place far enough from the main Tau base for the thunderhawks to unload and escape before the Tau fighters arrived. The blood Martyrs, fully equipped with their support tanks, now made the 60km journey to the Tau perimeter.
The marines faced little resistance until they approached the Tau main base itself when they met fierce resistance from a Tau hunter cadre at 03:00 local time. The night attack had been planned by the marines to confuse the Tau, but they were ready. Soon the marine, suffering more in the darkness than their opponents, found themselves outgunned. Before long most of the marines' tanks had been taken out and the 3rd company was forced to withdraw.
Worse was to follow. As the surviving Blood Martyrs made their way back to their defence perimeter they were ambushed by a force of Dark Eldar. The ensuing bloody fight saw the aliens take high casualties, but the ambush turned the marine retreat into a rout. When the Blood Martyrs took off in their Thunderhawks they returned with just 42 men from the original 120, and just 15% of their equipment. These were serious losses.
The plan to establish a bridgehead on Cernunnos had failed, leaving the 6 Imperial Guard regiments in orbit around the planet with nowhere to land.
Then the news of the fleet battle arrived. Torment and her flotilla of troop carriers immediately turned and set course for the safety of the base on Einmyrria. Operation Clean Sweep had failed.

Imperial Plans
With Clean Sweep a total failure operation Caterwaul now looked in jeopardy. The imperial fleet had been reduced in strength and the Tau still occupied Cernunnos. Imperial High Command immediately re-planned. The fleet and the 6 regiments of Imperial guard (60,000 men plus equipment) would be redirected to Myrentas II. This system at least would be taken in the name of the emperor.
Meanwhile back in their secluded craftworld the Kel Sandros Eldar were fairly pleased with the outcome. Their new allies had forced the Imperium off Cernunnos and the eldar had avoided casualties. Myrentas II was being reinforced instead so the eldar needed to make sure the imperium had more enemies than it could cope with. The attack on the orks a week ago had been nullified when the Blood Martyrs had assassinated an ork mekboy, and now the orks were simply standing ready in Rockwell. They needed herding towards the imperium.
The eldar quickly devised a lightning hit and run raid to herd the orks out of the city. However they hadn't reckoned on a new (and competent) ork warlord taking charge. The ensuing battle did not see the orks herded towards the space marines, and the eldar took and uncomfortable number of casualties. Deciding to cut their losses they quit the planet and contemplated letting events take their own course on Myrentas II.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tyranids threaten aleph sector

+++TOP SECRET TALLAXIAN REPORT+++Reports are coming in of increasing tyranid activity on Tantalon V. It has been reported that a dark eldar raiding party and a force of "penetrator" chaos marines have recently succumbed to the aliens in recent days. This can only mean that the tyranids are attempting to gain control of the planet. Without a spacefleet the threat is low, but our scientists predict that with the biomass of Tantalon V the aliens will be able to fashion a new fleet and threaten the sector once more...+++END+++

Monday, November 27, 2006

Myrentas II update

The operation to take Myrentas II for the imperium centred on the cities of Whiteridge, held by the Iron Warriors, and Rockwell, currently inhabited by humans, orks and aliens who enjoyed a relatively peaceful co-existence outside the rule of the Imperium before now.The Pirate Warlords of Rockwell were unimpressed with either the Imperial landings or the Iron Warriors bas just a few hundred miles down the road. They had tolerated the chaos ruled city for a number of years, but the invasion had stirred the Iron Warriors into life and now they were threatening the city. Having no standing army to defend itself Rockwell called for aid. After much negotiation a force of Ork Speedfreaks was acquired for the city's defence, while armed militiamen guarded the city itself.The attack by the Iron Warriors on Rockwell began with a sustained artillery bombardment which reduced much of the city to rubble. When the traitor legion finally assaulted the city the Orks proved less than effective and were cut down. By the evening of the 27th the Iron Warriors had half the city and were dug in, preparing for the next assault.News of this assault irritated the Imperial commander Elias on Myrentas II. He had been trying to gain the trust of Rockwell in order to use it as a base to assault the chaos marines. Now that chance had gone. The commander had little time to be annoyed however as soon reports of dark eldar raids flooded in. The dark eldar had made two concentrated raids on the right flank of the Imperial bridgehead, attacking the Blood Martyrs company and the Praetorian 42nd regiment, commanded by the less than able Captain Froman.The first assualt by the dark eldar was a shambles as the Blood Martyrs organised a rapid and aggressive defence, using their superior armour to blast the fragile dark eldar raiders to pieces. The second raid was more successful and inflicted casualties on the guard units, but was unable to do significant damage to the dug in regiment. All in all the imperial line held.When news of an eldar landing to the north of the imperial bridgehead arrived, the imperial commander was in no doubt that the two were working in union. For some reason the eldar and their dark kin were deliberately interfering with going on on Myrentas II, but no-one could figure out why.The eldar immediately made a spoiling attack on the orks outside Rockwell. The headstrong orks immediately took the bait and attacked headlong into quickly prepared eldar defences. The orks were badly mauled before the eldar mysteriously vanished, losing hardly any casualties. At the end of the battle the orks had come into contact with the Blood Martyrs and a series of skirmishes ensued. Now out of control having lost two Warlords in the space of a day the orks prepared to assualt the imperial lines, leaving the remaining areas of Rockwell vulnerable to assault from the Iron Warriors. Belatedly the eldar plan became all to clear. The Imperium now had the orks AND Iron Warriors to contend with on Myrentas II. Commander Elias immediately requested reinforcements to be sent to the planet.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Operation Caterwaul started with the invasion of Myrentas II. The planet's three main cities, governed by pirate outlaws according to intelligence, were identified as the main objectives. It was thought that if one could be taken the others would surrender through fear, especially if marines were used in the first drop.

With this in mind a task force was assembled comprising of two Blood Martyrs companies and 3 imperial guard regiments. The Blood Martyrs would assault the cities in turn (if necessary) while a regiment of Guard would be assigned to garisson the conquests. Listening posts could then be set up as intended.

The fleet consisted of the Strike Cruiser Torture escorted by Cyclone, Tornado and Typhoon. The Imperial guard regiments travelled on the troopships Sovereign and Guardian.

The initial landings by the Blood Martyrs and the Scyllian 9th regiment went unopposed. Soon however it became aparent that things were not all as they seemed on Myrentas II. Initial scouting missions uncovered the fact that the city had been fortified significantly. Soon an artillery bombardment confirmed that the imperial forces had been spotted! The Scyllians were pulled back out of range while the Blood Martyrs prepared a lightning assault on the city. It was then they noticed the defenders were Iron Warriors.

Chaplain Infernus report - engagement with Iron warriors 1811.006M42 Myrentas II.

Our assault started with a bombardment from Torture which was less than satisfactory, leaving the Iron Warriors earthworks and tank traps largely untouched. Never-the-less we attackes scoring a quick success, destroying a squad of enemy bikes. The success was short lived however as two accursed obliterators appeared behind our lines, destroying our dreadnought and Predator. The attack continued however and we destroyed another squad of chaos marines before their fire became to intense and we had to withdraw.

This was a major setback to operation Caterwaul and further scouting missions confirmed the presence of traitor marines in the other two cities. The remaining imperial guard were landed and the troopships released for other duties. The small imperial force on the planet was now supported only by Torture and her escorts and would have to fight alone against unknown Iron Warrior forces. They dug in and waited for further instructions.

The news of the defeat was not recieved well in Imperial GHQ with Cardinal Sheriden reacting badly. One of his aides described the scene at a meeting of the general staff.

The Cardinal appeared most upset at the beginning of the meeting. We knew that meant bad news. His back was turned as the generals filed in. Without a word they sat down and waited for Sheriden to speak. At last he turned around, his face dark with frustration.

"Can we not find a commander who can win against these damned Iron Warriors?”

He glared at his commanders until Lord Xertes spoke.

"The dark angels...."

"Damn the dark angels!", interupted Sheriden, "have you not heard? We've not had contact with them for three weeks!"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tau give Marines "Bloody Nose"

+++Tallaxian News Agency 0411.006M42+++

With the recent conquest of Einmyrria in the Hellheim system the Imperium are gradually increasing the pressure on our Tau allies with the Sons Of Ultramar battlebarge Harbinger and strike cruiser Antilles now present in the Protogonus system. With the additional presence of the Imperial fleet, including the flagship Iron Duke, the Imperium were able to drop several more companies of marines onto Protogonus.

These forces moved towards the Tau compound last night and engaged in two fierce and bloody firefights with our allies. However both attacks were beaten back with our UFP ambassador telling of how the marines were given a "bloody nose" when they expected an easy fight.
None-the-less the overwhelming firepower of the Imperial Fleet around the Tau planet now makes this a siege. The Sons Of Ultramar have retreated back into the forests for now but there is little the UFP or Tau can do for the time being to help their comrades on Protogonus. The tau must hold out until reinforcements can arrive and smash the imperial fleet!

Long live the UFP and the democratic way!

+++Tau must avoid losing 2 out of the next 3 games to Sons Of Ultramar+++

In other news the Imperial commander, Cardinal Fang has announced a general blockade of the Protogonus and Hellhiem systems. UFP ships attempting to break this blockade will be fired upon. The Cardinal is determined that no supplies will reach the Tau on Protogonus or Cernunnos. The UFP has protested loudly, saying that once again the Imperium have gone back on their word, and treaty obligations guaranteeing UFP independence from Imperial command. No official declaration of war has been made by either side, but pressure from hard line elements in the Imperium can only mean one thing - WAR!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


To get involved, simply pick a planet to fight on and let me know the result in Victory points! I also intend to arrange for some kill team and special scenarios.... email me results at

Assault on Cernunnos (Tau vs. Imperium/Space Marine Battlfleet Gothic, possible 40K after)

Now that the Imperium have secured the planet of Einmyrria and invaded the Hellhiem system on force, Cernunnos is now a thorn in the Imperial side. The Tau base, and its attendant fleet are effectively preventing an Imperial breakout from Hellheim and threatening the planned crusade into the Purseus Deeps.

The Imperial High command based on Cerberex are planning a devastating surprise attack on the Tau fleet based around the planet to cut of the Tau forces on the planet. Then an invasion can begin at the Imperiuim's leisure. It is unknown at this time whether it will be the Imperial or space marine fleet which carries out this assault or whether the element of surprise will be maintained.

Purge Of the Deeps (Imperium vs. Eldar vs. Chaos vs. Necron vs. Tyranid - 40K)

With Einmyrria captured and the necrons removed, the imperial might has now been turned on the nearby systems within the Perseus deeps, worlds inhabited by pirates, orks and chaos raiders as well as the remnants of Hive fleet Morph and necron tomb worlds. In addition it is almost certain that eldar, dark eldar and Tau forces will be sent to destabilise this Imperial campaign where they can. The nearby systems are described below. They are of little worth save for their strategic position, acting as forward bases for attacks from the inner deeps. The imperium plan to set up listening posts on all these worlds, allowing them to eavesdrop on any planned attack for hundreds of light years...

Scalius - Desert World - some settlements

Parataea - Fallow world (plains and scrub)

Aganthas - Night world (rocks and alien flora - always night)

Myrentas II - Notorious pirate world (varied climates)

Cathasaea - Ancient ruins (varied climate)

Lucardium - Desert WorldTantalon V - Forest world

Ravitane City Campaign (Imperium vs. Eldar - City terrain)Protogonus Campaign (Tau vs. Imperium)

The Eldar hold the city Island of Selimac. Imperial forces must try to retake the city. The eldar intend to sacrifice as many imperials as they can for this gain, easing pressure elsewhere and reducing the Imperium's strength on the other fronts.(At the end of december the winner of this front - in VPs - may add their winning margin to any planet in the Deeps campaign)

Protogonus Campaign (Tau vs. Imperium)

The Sons Of Ultramar still have a presence on the Tau planet, though they are mostly hidden in the thick forests which cover the planet. Above the planet the UFP and Imperial fleets are still jockeying for position but neither side can yet safely reinforce the planet.


In a shock development Einmyrria was captured last night by forces of the Imperium. The arrival of the Dark Angels and Daemonhunters added to the existing forces of the Sons Of Ultramar turned the battle in the Imperium's favour, forcing the Eldar to withdraw into the webway.

Tau forces initially gained a foothold but were later annihilated by the Dark Angels on one flank and by an unholy Ork/Chaos alliance on the other. The presence of Orks, chaos and tyranids on the planet was a surprise, but it seems the rapid advance of the Space Marines, followed by legions of Imperial guard landed in secret by the Imperial fleet, stirred up otherwise undiscovered stragglers of hive fleet Morph and the remnants of the Hellheim invasion by chaos in .004M42.

The dark eldar made several raids during the short campaign, capturing a number of slaves from the Tau and imperium. However it was the Necrons who suffered the most as they were pushed back into their tombs and forced to abandon the planet. The UFP has declared that a huge opportunity to reduce the necron threat has been missed by allowing the necrons to Phase out!

Einmyrria is now in Imperial hands and with the destruction of so many Tau forces on the planet its neighbour, Cernunnos, now looks under threat from Imperial invasion. The Tau fleet will no doubt be called upon to stop the hordes of man from threatening their only secure base.
Meanwhile the necron threat has not been reduced, simply moved to an unknown location. The Cardinal has announced that the Perseus Deeps must be purged of the necron race, a dangerous and risky proposition. The eldar suffered few casualties on Einmyrria though their lack of numbers could not prevent the final success of the Imperium. Their next move is unknown...
24 hour results:

1st Imperium
2nd Eldar
3rd Dark Eldar
4th Tyranids
5th Necrons
6th Tau/UFP

Individual (of 12 competitors):
1st Dave Bone

2nd Rykk Lloyd
3rd Nick Ogryzko


Assault on Cernunnos (Tau vs. Imperium/Space Marine Battlfleet Gothic, possible 40K after)

Purge Of the Deeps (Imperium vs. Eldar vs. Chaos vs. Necron vs. Tyranid - 40K)
- In the next few weeks a list of systems in the Perseus Deeps will be announced - Players should choose one at the start of each game and let me know the result. If you cannot agree roll a dice! At the end of December systems will be assigned by the %age of VPs won on each planet...

Ravitane City Campaign (Imperium vs. Eldar - City terrain)Protogonus Campaign (Tau vs. Imperium)

To get involved email me your results (for the Purge of the Deeps) - for other campaign fronts email me and I'll let you know how to get involved.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Aleph System - 2510.006M42

+++Intercepted Transmission+++

My Lord,

Here follows my report on the situation in the Aleph sector. Over the last few weeks the situation on Einmyrria has deteriorated. Our scouting forces have been reinforced with marines however eldar and Tau forces have so far hindered our exploration of the necron caves. We fear they may be awakening as you suggested. We intend to press the matter with further forces assuming we can bypass the tau/UFP blockade.
Iron Duke and her escorts have now reached the Protogonus system and are shadowing the UFP fleet. No opportunity to bring one section of it to battle has as yet presented itself. On the ground the Sons of Ultramar continue their scouting mission but to not possess the strength to press home a major attack.

Ravitane has become a serious situation with the Sisters of Battle failing to halt the Eldar advance across the island of Selimac. All bridges have been cut and the eldar now control the area and space port. A new force of imperial troops is being assembled but may take weeks to get there. The eldar must be forced off the planet.

The Dark Angels are continuing their unexplained crusade in the region of tyranid infested worlds where they also encountered an Iron Warriors base. Iron Warriors have also been spotted on a number of hostile worlds by our agents so celebrations of their demise on Aleph 4 at the hands of the UFP now seem premature.

Major theatres 06/07
EINMYRRIA - ALL (to be resolved this weekend) (all scenery)
RAVITANE - Imperium vs. Eldar (ruined city)
PROTOGONUS - Imperium vs. Tau/UFP (Woods + buildings + swamps)
DARK ANGELS CRUSADE - Dark angels + Imperium vs. Tyranids vs. Chaos (all)
Necron invasion? TBA

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Einmyrria Campaign (24 hour event details)

2710.006M42 Einmyrria is a cold world with no oceans. Its surface is covered in a landscape of light grey rocks which undulate across the planet for as far as the eye can see. The planet has two large impenetrable icecaps. Towards the centre of the planet there are lakes and pools created by the rain which forms from clouds formed by the power of the sun on the planets rocks. The only vegetation on the planet is moss, algae and a few tough grasses and trees which dot the landscape. The going is heavy on the planet as there is virtually no soil and no flat ground to speak of.
The other feature of Einmyrria is the ancient architecture. Vast grey pyramids and rock pillars tower over the countryside. Long abandoned roads cross the planet and the signs of a vast civilisation are barely hidden by the moss and scant vegetation. In addition there are more recent ruins of a failed human settlement.
Einmyrria was a necron world and, beneath the surface the necrons are awakening. The eldar, Tau and Imperium have found vast underground caverns with their sensors large enough to house a population of billions, as well as a space fleet…

The Necrons
An ancient intelligence is awakening on the planet. Below the surface lie vast caverns of sleeping Necrons and a space fleet readying itself for launch. The other races must be kept at bay until the rest of the planet rouses from its slumber.

The Eldar
United in their hatred of their ancient foe, the Kel Sandros eldar are working with other craftworlds to secure the planet’s surface and destroy the necron presence. Unfortunately the lesser races have also landed here and must be removed lest they threaten to tamper with things they know little about.

Tau UFP alliance
Einmyrria is the nearest planet to Cernunnos, the principal Tau base in the sector. With such a threat so close the Tau and UFP in their alliance have sent a task force to the planet, protected by the warfleet of the Federation. They found they were not the first to get there.

The Imperium
Necrons have been reported on Einmyrria. To assess the threat scout forces were sent to the planet before the UFP blockade of the system made reinforcements impossible. Elements of the Inquisition, backed by space marine companies have been investigating the necron ruins. Unfortunately the eldar are also present, intent on destroying the evidence before it can be studied, while the Tau seem intent on colonising yet another Imperial world.

Dark Eldar
The dark eldar do not like the necrons but have no special interest in them. Their goal is the harvesting of souls and slaves. Einmyrria is of interest to them because at this time it is the most convenient source of the most varied souls – human, tau, eldar…. It is also near a webway hub. The dark eldar will strike at the rear of the enemy lines where they can, abducting supply staff and auxiliaries before disappearing back into the webway.

The hive mind has no special interest in the rather barren Einmyria and in many ways the ‘nid forces are in the same situation as the chaos army. The tyranids were left behind after the recent invasion of hive fleet morph. Now the presence of other creatures has prompted them to attack. If they can harvest the DNA of the various souls they will be able to reproduce enough species to start breaking down what life does exist on Einmyrria into a soup to be collected later by the hive fleet.

Donar is the third inhabited planet in the Hellheim system, occupied by chaos forces, now trapped there since the destruction of their warfleet. However a few years ago there was another battle for the supremacy of Einmyrria which involved the forces of chaos. Most were killed in the massive orbital bombardment by the eldar once they found necrons on the planet. However some remain and are intent on spreading destruction while finding a way to get off the planet.

The Campaign (Starting Friday 27th October)

7:00pm Game 1: RECON
With so many forces on the planet from different races, the first game will be a RECON mission as all sides attempt to determine each others’ strength and dispositions while setting up their own perimeters. Victory point difference will be used to determine the rankings of the races after game 1.

9:30pm Game 2: BLITZ
The side with the higher victory point total is the attacker. As the battles continue the losing sides must hold the line as the winners go on the offensive and try to clear the area of enemy forces, extending their areas of control. Rankings will be determined again after game 2. Dark eldar players may, if the attacker, choose to play a raid mission instead.

After the draw the player on the side with more points is the attacker. On each table (set up by the GM) there will be a number of tunnel entrances. These lead to the necron tombs below. Victory points gained from these games will be added on to the previous games to determine the results.

01:00 FINISH

Notes: Each “side” will not fight itself. In addition eldar will not fight Tau/UFP forces unless they threaten to do something insanely stupid! (Like wake the necrons)

Eldar Win:
The eldar see of the other races and make their way into the necron tombs, blowing them up before they have a chance to fight back. Before the eldar leave they plant enormous explosive devices under the surface, ripping apart the crust and destroying the necron world forever. The world suffers violent convulsions as the necron fleet detonates. Anyone else left on the planet (Imperial and Tau troops etc) are also destroyed with it!

Necron Win:
The necrons hold off the encroaching cattle species long enough for the bulk of their troops to be awakened along with their fleet. Great rents open up in the ground of Einmyrria and the ships of the necrons come forth. The armies of the necrons pour upon the cattle species and each force is wiped out. Einmyrria is in necron hands and a necron fleet powers up into the space around the planet…

Imperium Win:
The Imperial forces manage to drive of other interfering races and find the necron underground complex. However once the intruders are found the necron fleet and army phases out before the imperial tech priests have a chance to study them. However some artefacts remain and are collected by the adeptus mechanicus for study. Einmyrria is declared an Imperial world and plans are made to construct a base on the planet to watch over its Tau and chaos neighbours.

Tau / UFP win:
The Tau and UFP forces pacify the surface of Einmyrria and are able to investigate the necron items. Tallaxian scientists are able to disable much of the necron machinery and severe its link to the rest of necron society, preventing it from phasing out. The technology is shipped back to UFP worlds for examination…. Meanwhile Einmyrria is added to the Tau empire as a new colony.

Chaos Win:
The remaining chaos forces on Einmyrria are successful in their quest to get off the planet – check which side was last (excluding tyranids): Dark Eldar/Eldar – chaos forces escape using the webway. Tau/UFP – Chaos forces steal tau transports and disappear into the darkness. Imperium – Chaos forces capture Imperial transports. Necron – Chaos forces steal a necron ship! Meanwhile the confusion does nothing to aid any side. Look up the second finishing side and consult this chart again.

Dark Eldar Win:
The dark eldar succeed in their primary mission to kidnap a variety of souls. They now have a varied collection of new slaves, Tau, human, eldar and even marine. Meanwhile the disruption on Einmyrria only helps the soulless necrons. Remove the Dark eldar points and re check the chart.

Tyranid Win:
If the tyranids score the highest then the surface is scoured of life by the tyranid horde and the other races are forced to abandon the planet. The imperium schedule an exterminatus but before this can happen the necrons underground will reactivate. Remove the tyranid score completely and check again. If the necron score is now the highest treat as a necron win. If not the necron tombs are infested by tyranids and the necrons on Einmyrria are eliminated.

**Spare armies are available if required**

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2606.006M42 Necron Activity Increases


The incidence of Necron activity on Einmyrria is increasing aaccording to UFP sources. Tau patrol forces have engaged necrons on at least two occasions while the eldar and dark eldar have also been reported in firefights with the alien race. This attacks appear to increase as UFP and eldar forces (apparently in alliance) increase their control perimeters and attempt to link up. So far they have been successful with only one Tau patrol suffering heavy casualties. The eldar too have been suffering casualties but according to our sources the necrons have “phased out” on each occasion they have encountered the eldar.

In other news the Dark Angels have been reported in the sector once more after their surprise attack on Decimos, a relatively unimportant tyranid infested world. Their mission on the planet remains unknown.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Intrigue and plot – The eldar attack Ravitane.

The Kel Sandros eldar were not pleased with the Imperial response to the Tau settlement on Protogonus. By 0609.006 M42 the Imperial fleet had sent Iron Duke as well as a number of escorts to the system, supported by the Sons Of Ultramar fleet. The UFP and Tau were now outnumbered and their position looked like becoming critical. The Tau government began to waver over their colonisation of such a distant world…
The eldar of the belligerent craftworld knew they needed to re-balance the forces on Protogonus by diverting imperial attention elsewhere – but where? The planet needed to be one unlikely to join the UFP of its own volition, far enough from Cerberex so that reinforcement would be difficult, important enough so that defence would be necessary but not well defended so that an initial eldar strike would meet with success.
The planet chosen was Ravitane. An agri-world producing 70% of all meat in the subsector for the Imperium. It’s attack would ensure an Imperial response but its defences were weak. The Kel Sandros eldar then enlisted the help of some local eldar pirates. These quickly brushed aside Hazard, the only system ship defending the planet and bombarded the major cities of Geridon, Feldon and Selimac.
Admiral Jellicoe was privately furious, unable to help an imperial world without jeopardising the security of the subsector. A few eldar pirates could be tolerated he knew. After a while they would leave, but the damage to his public reputation irritated him.
The pirates then began a game of cat and mouse with the Imperial forces, landing mostly along the border of Selimac State and Central, already contested for years, slaughtering farmers and burning towns before disappearing in their fast attack craft.
The authorities of Ravitane were furious and demanded that the C.A.S.S. step in to defend their territory. However Cardinal Sheriden explained to the governor, Siegmund Deo, that no forces could be spared given the current crisis in Protogonus.
The Kel Sandros eldar then began their next move. The constant raids in the country had drawn much of the Planetary Defence Force defending Selimac out of position and the Selimac “army”, commanded by General Luther Vedneck had been engaged in running skirmishes with the eldar pirates for over a week, with little success. Now came the aliens’ next phase.
On 1109.006 M42 the Pirate ships orbiting the planet opened fire on Selimac, blasting much of the city to ruins before moving out of planetary missile range – taking minimal damage themselves. Then, while the Selimac PDF units on the Island where the city lies tried their best to put out fires and cope with the general devastation, Kel Sandros agents opened up the webway portal in the middle of the city. Witnesses saw a blinding flash and a horrendous screech as the portal was established, with the shockwave being felt and heard all over the Island.
Then the armies of the eldar poured out of the gateway, crushing much of the PDF forces as they attempted to deal with the bombardment casualties. General Vedneck was shocked but quickly regained his composure, forming up the remnants of the PDF force on the south of the Island to face the eldar army. If the PDF were defeated then Selimac – an Island fortress – would fall.
The news reached Cerberex almost immediately and an emergency meeting of the C.A.S.S. convened. It was decided that should the eldar claim all off the island then more reinforcements would be needed to dislodge the aliens from the planet. The Blood Martyrs were to be at the head of this task force which would be led by the Sword Of Damocles. Iron Duke and here consorts would be recalled to Cerberex.
The UFP meanwhile sent messages of sympathy and support for the imperial world, offering medical and humanitarian aid. The Imperial council declined.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006



The Hellheim system is nominally Tau, since they control a base and settlement on Cernunnos, and their fleet remains the largest in the system. Certainly the inner system can be deemed Tau controlled as can the route to the outer rim for warp jumps. Donar, while riddled with chaos warriors and their encumbent slave population (around 40 million), without a fleet this chaos world is an island cut off from the rest of the chaos "empire". The Tau have quarantined it.

Einmyrria was until recently a dead rock. The eldar detonated a number of massive weapons in the southern hemisphere, believed to be the area of greatest concentration of active necron tombs. However recently more necrons have begun to appear in the northern hemisphere. Responding to this the Eldar have sent down scouting forces onto Einmyrria and have established a base. Their recent encounters with necron forces have been small affairs and to date the eldar have always succeeded in driving off their enemy.

The Imperium it would seem are still interested in the world as elements of the Sisters of Battle and a whole company of Space marines (Sons Of Ultramar) are known to be present in the general vicinity of the newest necron tomb finds. They two have had skirmishes with the necrons and it can only be a matter of time before they encounter the eldar.

Recent developments have also led to substantial mobilisation of Tau forecs and it appears they intend to send forces to Einmyrria. We have been advised by the Tau ambassador that they intend to "ringfence" the aliens on the planet and "bottle them up".

However I fear the current wave of new necron insurgency is more than a mere shadow of a dead civilisation. I fear that there is a necron fleet below the surface the planet and the latest action is part of an effort to launch this fleet. Clearly the implications of this are immense. Depending on the size of the fleet and the number of necrons, the Tau planet of Cernunnos may not be the only planet under threat. Couple this with the fact that (though the Imperium and Tau do not know it) Einmyrria is not the only necron tombworld in the sector a new crusade of these murderous beings cannot be ruled out.

I recommend continued scouting and observation of the situation. That is all at this time.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

++2208.006 -- PROTOGONUS++

After receiving word that the UFP fleet had headed out-system to deal with an Imperial threat the Tau commanders on the ground decided to take action against the space marine forces outside their perimeter. To this end a significant task force was put together and headed into the sparsely forested area to the west of the Tau compound where the Sons Of Ultramar were last sighted.

Before long the Tau army made contact with the Sons Of Ultramar and attacked their base. The attack started well with the Tau wiping out several assault marines but deteriorated from then on. Of particular note was the abject failure of the Vespids and the dominance of the space marine land raider crusader. A vehicle now highly feared by the Tau on Protogonus.

The battle allows the Sons Of Ultramar to consolidate their position outside the Tau compound and establish a landing area for more troops. In addition the Tau military on Protogonus suffers a significant blow and is forced back inside its perimeter. The Marines are now free to conduct themselves without interdiction, at least until the UFP fleet returns to the planet.


Monday, August 21, 2006

++Encounter at PROTOGONUS 1908.006 M42
++Initial Encounter++

Endeavour and escorts Canine and Terrier encountered four unidentified ships at the edge of the Protogonus system. After challenges were ignored it became apparent that the ships were of UFP origin and were claiming the territory. According to Admiralty order 265.006 stating “Protogonus is an Imperial system. All other ships considered hostile and must be removed” Canine engaged a UFP escort, crippling her. The largest ship in their fleet was identified as the Slaughter class vessel Arbitrator. She approached from the Endeavour’s forward aspect. At maximum range Captain Cook ordered a torpedo salvo fired at here. The missiles were successful in severely damaging the enemy vessel. In the following broadside pass the Arbitrator’s firing was poor while our own ship’s was extremely accurate, crippling the enemy cruiser and forcing her to disengage. During the encounter one UFP escort, identified as Hunter was hulked.
At this point Canine detected a large fleet approaching from in-system and, having taken no significant damage ourselves, we withdrew++

Admiral Jellicoe was extremely pleased with the outcome of the first naval encounter with the UFP for a number of years. He had already succeeded where his predecessor had failed. Based on this initial success the Admiral authorised Vice Admiral Beatty to take Retribution and her escorts and finish of the UFP fleet.
The UFP fleet managed to join up with the escorts from Arbitrator’s battlegroup and together thy made their way to the cruiser’s last known position in order to recover the crippled ship, all the while shadowed by the Imperial squadron led by Endeavour. The UFP fleet then found itself trapped between Endeavour on one side and Vice Admiral Beatty’s squadron on the other. The UFP fleet commander chose to attack before the Imperials could join up and fell upon Beatty’s battlecruiser with the hades class Radiant Light and the carrier Sword Of Justice. The battle was brief as Retribution’s torpedoes were put out of action, followed by her engines. Her escorts were forced to flee losing as they did the sword class escorts Hound and Lupine.
Retribution was forced to surrender by the UFP fleet and Vice Admiral Beatty became a prisoner.
Admiral Jellicoe was highly critical of Beatty in his report. It should have been obvious, he argued, that the Retribution and escorts could not challenge a hades class accompanied by a carrier and that Beatty should have fled as soon as the ships were identified. Other experts suggest he should have run sooner – when his 4 ships detected 7 enemies.
This action led to a fateful decision by Jellicoe. From now on the imperial fleet would only attack when it had numerical superiority and would flee before a larger force before those ships were identified.
The action also saw the battleship Iron Duke escorted by the light cruisers Ajax and Achilles embark for the Protogonus sytem, a journey of about a month.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

1508.006 Clashes continue

++ Tallaxian News Agency Report++

Skirmishes continue on the Strategically unimportant yet wealth laden planet of Einmyrria in the Hellheim system. Reports of Necron activity have again arisen with rumours that the eldar suffered heavy casualties in a reecnt encounter. It is also believed that the Sons Of Ultramar and the Imperial Guard stationed on the planet have also had run-ins with the necron forces.

Meanwhile the Tau colony on Protogonus reports more Imperial activity with the Sisters Of Battle having been encountered in a regular patrol to the west of the Tau base. The encounter was inconclusive, but Tau officials have said every effort to defend the Tau colony is being made and that Imperial forces "hiding in the forests", do not pose a significant threat.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So where is the Aleph Sector

The Aleph sector, or subsector, can be found at the extreme "south east" of the Imperium, close to the Ultramarine Homeworld of Macragge and on the frontier of both Tau and Tyranid space.

It may be "near" the Ultramarines in terms of the whole galaxy, but thats a long way!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

0808.006 Sons Of Ultramar Landing on PROTOGONUS

The Sons of Ultramar land on the Tau base of Vyr' Lyth, known as Protogonus to the Imperium. Below is the Sons Of Ultramar first report.

+++0608.006 Sons Of Ultramar land one company of marines on Protogonus, south east of the water pumping station. Strike cruiser Aurelius was unable to bombard due to early discovery by the Tau fleet and retired to a safe distance. The ++CENSORED++ company deployed succesfully in woods near to the drop zone. Tau patrols immediately attacked disparate groups of marines and scored notable successes and inflicted greater casualties than they sustained. Expect an imminent attack by larger Tau forces.+++

After the successful patrol the Tau commander was heavily criticised by the Tau high command for risking crisis suits in such a small mission with so many unknowns. The suits proved vulnerable in close assault to marines and were ordered to stay at their base until the enemy forces were known.


Situation Aleph Date: 0508.06

The Aleph sector remained quiet for over a year. Thanks to multiple diplomatic efforts between the UFP and Cardinal Sheriden, the situation on Carnaq V was resolved, with the planet remaining under the control of the UFP. In return the UFP scored a major strategic goal by being given the governance of the remainder of Aleph 4. This agreement so outraged the Dark Angels that they (temporarily) abandoned their bases in the subsector, declaring the ruling elite traitors to the imperium.

So peace reigned in the subsector for nearly a year. The chaos forces, now totally depleted, retreated to their homeworld of Kendrenec, while their military base on Donar [Hellheim] dissolved into anarchy. The UFP and Imperial forces, equally matched, rarely saw one another and apart from the odd skirmish there were no major battles in .005 - .006. Trade even sprang up between neighbouring UFP and Imperial worlds, though this was rarely disclosed to the imperial authorities, lest extremist inquisitors such as the ever present Xanthus should discover them… The Tau consolidated their hold in the subsector, fully colonizing Cernunnos and keeping an ever vigilant watch on their neighbour.

The Kel Sandros Eldar meanwhile were far from happy. Behind the scenes they pushed for further UFP expansion, but while the UFP continued to court the planetary governers, or populations, or both, exhorting them to join the UFP cause, the UFP high command refused to move against the Imperium militarily. However the eldar knew that the Tau were eager to expand.

The farseers of the belligerent craftworld sought once again to create unrest in the sector. They gave the Tau exploratory fleet the coordinates of an uninhabited planetary system with one inhabitable world. This was Protogonus, a system charted by the Imperium several thousand years ago but thought not worthy of mention. However it was noted that the system did also have large mineral deposits on several worlds, but that its strategic value was too low to warrant further colonization.

Now however this had changed. The eldar were fully aware that the presence of a Tau base so close to the Imperial hub would be unacceptable. They also hoped that the UFP, seeing the Tau as a client of theirs and an ally, would intervene in any military conflict.
The Tau quickly began to colonise the world, sending 50,000 of their number to begin exploration and construction. The Imperium were unaware of this however. Once the Tau base was established, the Eldar saw to it that a routine patrol of Imperial scout ships, were drawn into the Protogonus system. To do this the Eldar simply sent out one of their ships as bait. Feigning engine trouble the eldar ship fled from the Imperial escorts, until in range of the Protogonus system wherein it disappeared. The mission was successful however as Tau gunships opened fire on the Imperial ships who in turn fled, informing the Imperial high command on Cerberex.

Things moved swiftly after that, as the Sons of Ultramar were requested to “investigate and pacify” Tau expansion in the Protogonus system. The scene was set…..

And no-one had thought to check for the presence of Necrons in the system…

---Click to enlarge

Major forces – Motivations

Imperial Guard
Told where to go and what to do by whoever is in command the loyal troops of the Imperium will fight where and when they are told.

Allies: Sisters Of Battle, Space Marines.
Possible Enemies: Sisters Of Battle, UFP, Space Marines, Other Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar, Tau
Chief Enemies: Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos

Sons Of Ultramar
This space marine chapter, new to the sector have been detailed with the removal of the Tau from the Protogonus system. This is their primary mission but they will fight against the Emperor’s enemies as and when required. However it is uncertain what there position will be if Inquisitor Xanthus succeeds in his mission to remove the Imperial ruling elite from power.

Allies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines.
Possible Enemies: Sisters Of Battle, UFP, Imperial Guard, Dark Angels, Other Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar
Chief Enemies: Necrons, Dark Eldar, Tau, Chaos

Dark Angels
Outraged at the peace treaty with the UFP the Dark Angels have left the system. Some believe however that they intend to return. It is almost certain that they would support Inquisitor Xanthus in his attempted removal of Cardinal Sheriden and his allies.

Allies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Sisters Of Battle
Possible Enemies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines, UFP
Chief Enemies: Necrons, Other Eldar, Dark Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar, Tau, Chaos

The Tau are intent on expansion and will defend their new found territories from aggression from any source. They are allies of the UFP and believe the Kel Sandros Eldar are also on their side.

Allies: Kel Sandros Eldar, UFP
Possible Enemies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Other Eldar, Sisters Of Battle
Chief Enemies: Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos, Sons Of Ultramar

Kel Sandros Eldar
Subtely “using” their allies to their benefit the Kel Sandros Eldar are bent on conquering the galaxy once more. They wish to destabilize the Imperium and to do this have allied themselves with the UFP and Tau, however they fully intend to use these as pawns in a very complicated game of chess.

Allies: Tau, UFP
Possible Enemies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Other Eldar, Sisters Of Battle, Dark Eldar
Chief Enemies: Necrons, Chaos

Sisters Of Battle
The Sisters of Battle have recently arrived in the subsector. They have learned that eleven holy artifacts still reside on Aleph 4 after its handover to the UFP. From analyzing historical texts they have ascertained the whereabouts of these items and intend to return them into the hands of the Imperium by any means necessary. Inquisitor Xanthus is also trying hard to persuade the sisters to join his quest to remove the ruling elite from power, citing the treaty with the unholy UFP as treasonous.

Allies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines
Possible Enemies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines, UFP, Tau
Chief Enemies: Necrons, Other Eldar, Dark Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar, Chaos

Despite being severely weakened the chaos forces still control two planets in the Aleph subsector and many factions wish to begin reconquering as soon as possible. Their warships however have suffered much at the hands of the Dark Exterminators’ incompetent and rash offensives and for the time being they must be content with minor missions.

Allies: None
Possible Enemies: Not applicable
Chief Enemies: Space Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Sisters Of Battle, Other Eldar, Dark Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar, Tau, UFP

Necrons hate all that lives. They are slumbering for now but once awoken once more they will rise up against all races who interfere with their schemes and violate their territory.

Allies: None
Possible Enemies: Not applicable
Chief Enemies: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters Of Battle, Other Eldar, Dark Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar, Tau, UFP, Chaos

Dark Eldar
The motives of the Dark eldar are mysterious, but in the Aleph sector they sieze any copportunity to acquire slaves, usually picking confused warzones as their principal hunting grounds.

Allies: None
Possible Enemies: Kel Sandros Eldar, Other Eldar
Chief Enemies: Space Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Sisters Of Battle, Tau, UFP, Chaos

Other Eldar
Not all eldar share the same beliefs as the Kel Sandros Eldar and many view their course of action foolhardy and irresponsible. Their concern is chiefly the survival of their race and will act aggressively to achieve this.

Allies: None
Possible Enemies: Imperial Guard, Sisters Of Battle, Other Eldar, Dark Eldar, Kel Sandros Eldar, Tau
Chief Enemies: Space Marines, Chaos, Necrons

UFP (United Federation of Planets)
The UFP forces are still recovering from recent wars. They do not want to become involved in major military actions if possible, but will fight when their way of life is under threat or allies call for aid.

Allies: Tau, Kel Sandros Eldar
Possible Enemies: Imperial Guard, Sisters Of Battle, Other Eldar, Dark Eldar
Chief Enemies: Space Marines, Chaos, Necrons

Aleph Sector Campaign Log - 0808.006

+++ Campaign Log online +++