Monday, June 07, 2021

Necrons under pressure on Hexis

The increasing threat from the necrons in the Hadron Expanse drew a response from the Imperium and Chaos forces in early 06.021M42, as both factions realised they faced a significant threat from the ancient enemy. On Hexis, despite the Foramen closing and the necron device having been lost, there was still inherent value in having forces on the world and in the system at a strategic level. Although general Konev was now relegated to a backwater war, the imperial presence on Hexis was nonetheless important. By holding the line at Hexis, his commander general Percival was ensuring the remaining imperial worlds in the Expanse (Oreen and Vanir) did not become outflanked and isolated. The Imperium could not risk the system falling into necron hands, and there were chaos forces that needed to be resisted as well.
For the forces of chaos, the leader of the Iron Warriors, Warsmith Stahl, had retreated to his lair at the Charybdis system, far away from active warzones, and the Emerald Serpent was busy fighting the Imperium at Mordecai. For the Death Guard however, their plans involved the Lysis system where Hexis was the major world, as they built up their own base on Fecus Major, and their intent to create a nurgle deamon world within the system had now become clear to all factions.
To deal with the necrons, the Imperium attacked from the north, while the forces of chaos, led by the Thousand Sons, allied to the Death Guard in this effort, moved in from the south. Though not coordinated deliberately, these simultaneous assaults forced the necrons into a two front war, and they were defeated on both. In the north, the guard managed to overcome the strong necron forces after a protracted fight, led by elite units of the recently arrived Lycanon Guard. In the south, the Thousand Sons assault was more dramatic, wiping out a significant necron army on the Haknur plateau.