The Aleph Sector

The Aleph Sector lies on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, far from Terra and close to multiple xenos threats. The region lies to the galactic north of the Ultramarines domain of Macragge, close to the Tau Empire and near the Sautekh Dynasty of Necrons. Ever since the coming of the great rift, the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Aleph Sector has been split in two. On the Imperium Sanctus side the Imperial controlled subsectors of Vastrid and Valitane are on constant watch, guarding against invasion from the Ork and Chaos held Enceladus subsector. The Imperium Sanctus also includes the Aleph Sector itself, once the seat of power in the sector now home to the secessionist Federacy.

On the Imperium Nihilis side of the Cicatrix, the Perseus Deeps, Zadoc Subsector and Hadron Expanse are all hotly contested by various factions. In the Perseus Deeps General Veers still heads the Imperial assault to reclaim the region for the Imperium, while further towards the Eastern Fringe imperial control is all but gone, with whole tracts of territory fought over by Xenos.

The Perseus Deeps & Mordecai

The Perseus Deeps is a region of old stars between the Perseus Void and the Zadoc subsector. Home to dormant necron worlds and Tau outposts, the main warzone here is the decade long (so far) struggle between the forces of chaos and the imperial crusade under General Veers.

MAIN FACTIONS: IMPERIUM, CHAOS. Minor factions: Necrons, Tau, Tyranids, Genestealer Cults

The Zadoc Subsector

The Zadoc subsector was once a productive and populous subsector for the Imperium. However since 001M42 the major systems of Libria and Tarsis Major have fallen to the Tau-Federal alliance, and the world of Zadoc, the subsector capital, fell to chaos with the coming of the Great Rift. The sector was also ravaged by Hive fleet nemesis, with the loss of many worlds. Now with the Imperium focussed elsewhere, the Tau Empire and its allies are seeking to dominate the whole subsector.

MAIN FACTIONS: TAU, IMPERIUM, ORKS, CHAOS. Minor factions: Tyranids, Eldar, Federacy

The Hadron Expanse and Rifts of Hecate

The Hadron Expanse lies to the galactic east on the eastern rim of the galaxy. Some postulate that the Cicatrix has an end, and that finding this end will find safe passage around the warpscar. Others continue to look for hidden passages or "fords" across the raging maw, and the area is an active focus of expansion for the Imperium and Tau empires. The recent discovery of the Rifts of Hecate has led to great opportunities for finding resources and long lost artefacts, but also extreme dangers, as to the east are the great necron empires, ork infestations and tyranid hive fleets.

MAIN FACTIONS: IMPERIUM, ORKS, TYRANIDS, NECRONS. Minor factions: Eldar, Drukhari, Tau, Chaos, Federacy

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