Thursday, April 26, 2007


Transmitted: Adept Falsherin
Date: 2304.007.M42
Security Clearance: Vermillion
Ref: GH302/N.19.04.007/A
Received: Imperial Capital, Cerberex monitoring station
Subject: Inquisitor Hathek Communication
Thought for the day: Serve the Emperor today, tomorrow you may be dead

> Message begins :

Intelligence indicates the chaos fleet of the Iron Warriors has been located in the Scallius system. Several thousand troops have reportedly been landed on the planet in the region of the Vernia settlement where previous activity by the Penetrators traitor legion has been recorded.
Several grand companies are reported to have landed along with their indentured slave forces. At this time we do not believe the Iron Warriors to be under the same command as those on Myrentas II.

The leader of the Iron Warriors on Scallius is as yet unknown but he commands a formidable force including three grand companies of marines, over five thousand slave troops and a fleet of at least four capital ships. Such a force would be capable of overwhelming the smaller Imperial worlds in the sector.

The Iron Warriors' landing was contested by ork forces, which were scattered by the overwhelming traitor legion firepower. The chaos forces then increased their territorial control by attacking the tyranids which infest the planet, defeating them and taking a large area of wasteland. The motive behind this attack is as yet undetermined.

The Dark Angels have reported that the new listening post in the Cathasaea system came under attack by eldar forces, apparently appearing from nowhere. The Dark Angels counter assaulted the raiding force and were successful in driving them off, but the damage done to the new installation is considerable. In addition we believe the Dark Angels suffered more
casualties and loss of equipment than they are admitting to. It is worrying that the eldar even knew of the installation's presence and even more concerning that they seem intent on thwarting our plans to clear the Perseus Deeps of threats. We wonder if they are hiding something.

May the Emperor guide you.

> Message ends



A: Welcome gentlemen, do sit down. Shall we get straight on with it?

A: First item on the agenda - Myrentas II. General , a brief overview?

B: Thankyou 'A'. Operation End Game is about to get underway. The Hartak 7th Legion are fully fuelled and preparing to strike out from the Allentown Bridgehead. The Sartosans are ready to cross the Ornz.

C: And what of the Tau airdrop?

B: Unfortunately after the losses they sustained in the drop the intervention of the Blood Martyrs finished them off. Casualties on the Imperial side were light we hear, but the hunter cadre did manage to destroy a large number of marine vehicles. Reports from our agents suggest the Blood Martyrs made short work of the Tau, deep striking their terminators into the heart of their defended positions.

A: Sounds unpleasant.

C: Hardly distinguishing themselves. Have you spoken with Lightfoot?

B: Not as yet, but he is under no illusion that with the failure of his latest assault the Tau involvement in the future of Myrentas II is now minimal. Myrentas will be a UFP colony.

A: Good to hear , though surely the Tau will demand a base?

C: They can have a base, but we don't want an influx of Tau colonists. Leave them in no doubt who the masters are on Myrentas now.

B: Agreed.

A: And the plans for the final assault on the Imperium? We must keep casualtied to a minimum. Neither Hartak nor Tallax will accept a slaughter.

B: We are confident our forces can break the back of the Imperial defenses in two weeks. The system is blockaded, they cannot resupply. The 7th Legion will brush aside the defenders now the Blood Martyrs have tipped theirhand.

C: Good news . We'll leave it in your capable hands.

A: Good. Then we should move on to item 2. Lucardium has been attacked by Tyranids. Apparently they landed in force near the Tau base itself.

C: Aren't there colonists on Lucardium too?

A: Yes, but it appears that commander Longstride has learned from his mistakes on Myrentas and the Tyranid assault was halted at the walls of the Tau base compound. Reports indicate that Tau casualties are light and theTyranid menace was unable to breach the Tau defences.

C: Excellent.

B: So they don't need our help on this one?
***Sound of laughter***

A: No it looks like they have the situation under control. The tyranid hive fleet is still in orbit so the sector commander is sending the newly arrived Tau vessels to intercept them.

C: That will be a decisive action!

A: Indeed! Anyway gentlemen, I'm afraid my time is short. We should briefly cover item 3?

***Murmurs of approval***

A: Good. It appears the eldar have intervened once more.

C: Oh?

B: Yes, they attacked the Iron Warrior defences on the north side of Whiteridge and the damage was severe.

C: This is excellent news! Though rather worrying. Are the eldar helping us or not? Is it the same eldar we have had dealings with before?

A: Unknown. Though reports would incidcate... Not. We must investigate and ascertain their motives, but for now the damage to Whiteridge's fortifications can only be seen as a blessing.

C: I agree. The last item on the agenda?

A: Yes. Our attempts to isolate Ravitane are bearing fruit. Following the fortuitous attacks by the eldar and the slow Imperial response the govenor is threatening to declare a general strike. In addition the system'sproximity to our worlds has made it difficult for the planet to trade with the other members of the Imperium.

C: Especially when that cargo is intercepted by our, "pirates".

***Sounds of laughter***

A: Indeed! Though we must ensure they never find out their true identity. The next stage is to offer Ravitane trade and arms contracts so it can defend itself. We just need to make sure the Blood Martyrs are keptoccupied to prevent their intervention.

C: Excellent. Within a year I see another addition to our federation!

B: Good news gentlemen. Is that all for today?

A: Yes, I wish you all a pleasant week. Until next time...




UNKNOWN VOICE: Commander Gallowfen, we have received word that the Iron Warriors surrounding Kendrenec are planning an offensive.

GALLOWFEN: The fools! They'll bring the Imperium and Eldar crashing down on their heads. Who leads them?

UNKNOWN: The one known as 'Cowboy'.

GALLOWFEN: By the dark gods! He'll ruin all our plans.

UNKNOWN: But commander, he claims to never have been beaten on the battlefield.

GALLOWFEN: Hah! That's before he came to this sector.

UNKNOWN: What are your orders commander?

GALLOWFEN: He is not, I repeat NOT, allowed near Myrentas II.

UNKNOWN: But should the Imperium drive out the UFP and control the planet, you will need reinforcements.

GALLOWFEN: Never! The defenses are in place, the war-forges in our mountain citadel are operational, the Obsidian Blade air strike force is unbeatable. I have mobilised all the troops at my disposal. The Imperium shall never drive us out!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Aleph Sector: Subsector bulletin

Transmitted: Adept Falsherin
Date: 1904.007.M42
Security Clearance: Vermillion
Ref: GH302/N.19.04.007/A
Received: Imperial Capital, Cerberex monitoring station
Subject: Lord Commander's Eyes Only
Thought for the day: Only in Death does Duty End

> Message begins :

My lord,

As per your instructions I have compiled a short report detailing our current committments in the Aleph sector and issues of concern.

Operation Caterwaul
So far our actions in the Perseus deeps have led to the successful insertion of Imperial bases in the Cathasaea but protracted fighting continues on Myrentas II against the coalition of the Tau and UFP. Resources are running low on the planet and we estimate it will fall in three weeks with no further reinforcement.

Reports indicate Lucardium has now become a Tau base, there is serious fighting between orks, chaos forces and the Tyranid menace on Scalius, presumably from the same fleet which destroyed Lucardium. Libria is on high alert.

The system has been cleansed of Tau forces. No further action required.

Our monitoring station on Einmyrria has detected a massive buildup of Tau forces on and around Cernunnos. They appear to have no interest in our base or the chaos world of Donar, but are reinforcing thier position. A vast base has been recorded, similar to those documented elsewhere.

After much bloodshed the Eldar have been removed from the planet though sporadic raids continue. The govenor is demanding compensation.

Aurelis Deeps
Serious fleet actions reported between the chaotic Norsefire empire and Tau forces. No action required at this time.

Adeptus Astartes
Currently we can count on the support of the Blood Martyrs. The Dark Angels appear to be following their own agenda.

Inquisitors Hathek and Huron recommend electing a new Cardinal before central rule in the sector becomes untenable. Vornax and Ravitane have become increasingly rebellious and the later is threatening to default on its tithes unless it is compensated. The whereabouts of Inquisitor Xanthus is unknown. Banderossa is becoming increasingly lawless. We are concerned these three planets may be vulnerable to UFP insurgency.

Other Threats
Curious anomalies have been reported in the barren system of Hortensius system. Inquisitor Hathek has requested further information

> message ends

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Operation End Game

The first action in operation End Game saw the Tau hunter cadres move against the trapped Librian 57th regiment in the small town of Blatherwycke just a few miles east of Allentown. Against the under strength and poorly equipped Librians the Tau threw in their finest troops in an effort to impress the UFP. In that they were marginally successful. The Librian 57th put up a brave fight for a few hours but inevitably capitulated in the face of overwhelming firepower. Over three thousand prisoners were taken along with several hundred tanks and other vehicles.

Pleased with their initial success the Tau launched the second phase of their part of operation End Game, the air drop of several hundred Tau into battle around Gethsemane using Orcas. Initially the Tau had thirteen dropships for the assault but were restricted to twelve as one developed engine trouble. This was not the only operational setback.

The plan originally called for the Tau drop to be made at night or at dawn to maximize surprise, but the spring weather led to widespread fog forming in the Ornz valley. Eventually commander Lightfoot conceded that landing at night in fog was too risky and rescheduled the attack to occur in daylight despite protests from several of his subordinates.

Twelve Orcas, escorted by twenty barracudas and four tiger-sharks, left the Tau zone of occupation bound for Gethsemane. Flying low across the southern plains of the Ornz river valley it was hoped they would evade detection long enough to achieve the mission.

The Imperial defenders were finally alerted to the Tau presence by the Blood Martyrs, who immediately launched a thunderhawk gunship to intercept. It was joined by two wings of lightnings and a squadron of thunderbolts and battle was joined just a few miles from the intended drop zone.

In the ensuing aerial dogfight it became clear that the lumbering Orcas were vulnerable, and despite the efforts of the barracudas seven craft were shot down before they reached the drop zone, killing all on board. Two more were severely damaged and only three managed to get their full compliment of troops safely to the drop zone.

While the Imperial fighters concentrated on the Orcas the barracudas inflicted heavy damage on them, shooting down no less than nine lightnings and four thunderbolts. In addition the Blood Martyrs' thunderhawk was forced to make an emergency landing after taking heavy damage.

The Tau suffered too, losing seven of their fighters and three more receiving heavy damage. On the return trip two more were shot down before the Imperial fighters ran out of fuel.

The bloody aerial battle had cost the Imperium dearly, with more than a third of their total strength having been lost in the action, and in defending (unsuccessfully) radar stations in the north from chaos attack. On the positive side for the Imperium, the Tau only managed to drop in the region of one hundred troops, far less than the coalition had hoped.

A fateful decision was then made by commander Lenord. Though unaware the Hartak 7th Legion was about to launch their spring offensive, the general accepted the Blood Martyrs offer to clear the Tau from Gethsemane and did not change his defensive positions along the Ornz. When the Hartak 7th legion attacked they would find the defenders ready and waiting. The airdrop diversion had failed, though the Blood Martyrs' hand had been tipped early on. The UFP assault could now be sure they would not meet marines in the first day of the attack

Next games:

Librian 101st Regiment vs. Hartak 7th Legion*
Blood Martyrs vs. Tau**
Scyllian 8th Regiment vs. Sartosan Rangers***

*Blitz mission, Hartak 7th attacking
**Cleanse - Tau not allowed any vehicles.
***Recon in a swamp! Whole table difficult ground

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Myrentas II Spring offensive

Myrentas II - Tau/UFP battle plan...

Operation End Game, coined by a UFP military streategy was the plan to annihilate the Imperium on Myrentas II and score a major vistory for the Tau/UFP alliance in the sector. The plan would utilise the strengths of their forces, while minimising the risks and covering for the inherrent weaknesses of the forces which faced the Imperium across the Ornz river.

Commander Lightfoot, of the Tau expeditionary force new well the problems the coalition faced on Myrentas II as did his counterpart in the UFP high command, General Gerd S Pattonson of the Hartak 7th Legion. At the beginning of 04.007M42 the situation on the planet had become a tense stalemate. The UFP had recently stabilised the front line along the river Ornz after Tau defeats and had trapped two divisions of Imperial Guard on the wrong side of the river. The Guardsman by this time were running short of fuel and ammunition and a plan to supply them from air was rejected by Major-General Lenord.

To the north the chaos fortress city of Whiteridge remained a thorn in the side of the coalition and Imperuim alike, but satisfied at recent small gains against the Iron Warriors, the coalition leaders decided to strike hard and fast against the Imperium before turning their attention to the chaos forces.

In space the situation was an equally tense standoff. With the arrival of Kor'Vattra Kor'O Auymun at Cernunnos, three protectors were allowed to leave the Tau base and join the Pinnafore at Myrentas. Along with the UFP Tallaxian cruiser squadron the forces in the system were significant, seven cruisers and a battleship. The Imperium meanwhile had but four cruisers but boasted the power of Iron Duka and Agamemnon and the result was a tense and nervey game of cat and mouse. In addition the UFP Mars class were kept in orbit around Myrentas giving the coalition marginal air superiority on the surface.

The generals met to discuss the planned spring offensive in a villa south of the coalition city of Nairnville. Far from the wartorn Rockwell and out of range from Imperial bombing raids. A number of plans were discussed and finally the finishing touches to End Game were made. At the time Lightfoot and Pattonson were unaware of Lenord's planning on the west of the river. The Tau involvement in End Game would be significant, but it is clear from the notes made the UFP now considered the Hartak 7th legion as the key offensive element in any coalition offensive. Behind closed doors the UFP were privately giving the Tau one last chance at making good their battle tactics, or the coalition would forever be led by the UFP. Tau forces would
begin phase I of the offensive on the Imperial front by first using hunter cadres to pressurise the trapped Imperial Guard east of Allentown, before annihilating them completely. Meanwhile in an audacious and flamboyant airborne operation, several cadres would be dropped just to the south of Gethsemane, the Imperial HQ, far to the west of the Ornz river.

The airborne drop would in fact be a feint, with the tau only required to fight for the city until phase II began. The spectacular airdrop by Tau forces would force Lenord to respond, drawing forces away from the front from the east and north to counter the threat of his landing area being overrun and weakening the front line along the river. At this point phase II would begin.

Once UFP intelligence was satisfied the feint had worked, the Hartak 7th legion would blitz its way across the river at Allentown and charge north west, encircling the defenders and cutting them off from their base - under attack from the Tau - at Gethsemane. Simultaneously the light forces of the Sartosan Rangers would cross the Ornz opposite the area of marchy ground between the Scyllian 8th and Librian 101st regiments. Using the rangers in this terrain would give the UFP forces an advantage, as the rangers were specialists in combat in such terrain, unlike the defenders who relied heaviliy on tank support. This attack would seek to pin the Librians and
Scyllians, preventing their quick withdrawal and redeployment.

Once the Hartak Legion and Sartosans were engaged with the Imperial Guard the squat forces were to creat a corridor from Allentown towards the north west. Through this the fast moving armoured elements of the Tallaxian armoured divisions would pour, sowing confusion and destruction to the rear of the Imperial defenders. Cut in two Major-General Lenord would be forced to accept surrender terms or be annihilated.

The End Game strategy played to the strengths of coalition forces but had a number of problems which Lightfoot and Pattonson were acutely aware of.

1) The Tau airdrop, key to the plan, only had thirteen Orcas available to carry Tau forces into combat as all available mantas were being jealously guarded by Pinnafore and her consorts, lest they engage the Imperial battlegroup. With this enough Tau forces, without the support of their skimmer tanks, would have to pin down the bulk of the Imperial garrison at Gethsemane and draw off forces from the front line. In addition the Orcas would be vulnerable to fighter interception and would have to be escorted all the way. With this in mind the attack was planned as a dawn attack.

2) While the coalition high command were reasonably confident on their intelligence regarding the Imperial Guard, there was no way of knowing the whereabouts of the Blood Martyrs - the space marine chapter which had caused so much damage to Tau attacks. If the marines were redeployed rapidly and in strength, the UFP blitzkrieg may falter.

3) The entire plan relied on a swift and decisive breakthrough attack. If victory did not come quickly and casualties were high, both commanders knew that their respective governments did not have the political will to sustain the level of death their forces were experiencing fighting for a small pirate world. The Tau were already looking for other options in the Perseus Deeps, while the UFP, while keen on liberating the occupants of Whiteridge and Rockwell, were not keen on spending too many Tallaxian and Hartak lives in the process... The coalition generals knew this offensive would be their last on Myrentas II

Myrentas II - Imperial battle plan...

The Imperium too were less than happy with the situation on Myrentas II and Lord Commander Xertes was keen that Major-General Lenord get on with it and bring matters to a close - without requesting ever more men and equipment. Even so Lenord's position wasn't rosy. He had less than two-thirds the fighting men and machines he'd had at the beginning of the campaign and sorely regretted the earlier meat grinder missions against the chaos forces in Whiteridge. Lenord could count on two regiments of Scyllians and two Librian, with an under strength (and unreliable) Praetorian regiment in reserve. In addition two companies of Blood Martyrs were nominally at his disposal, but the veteran commander found them more inclined to follow
their own judgement than his directives...

The Imperial Navy had given to him four fighter wings, barely enough to contain the Tau and Chaos bombing raids and both men and machine had become dangerously over stretched in recent weeks. Although he didn't admit it Lenord had already decided not to defend his army from Chaos bombing raids and to hold his fighters in reserve to face the larger coalition threat.

Fuel had become the most precious and scarce resource now in the Imperial sector. But 04.007M42 only armoured tanks were allowed fuel, with even chimera mounted guardsmen forced to walk on foot. A fact which infuriated several commanders of the Librian regiment, who continued to fuel their chimeras in blatant contravention of Lenord's order. Morale among the Guard was dropping and desertion to the coalition was rife.

Despite these problems Lenord still planned a major offensive for the spring once the snow and ice had cleared from the lowlands. Although less ambitious than the coalition plan, which Lenord was oblivious of, the offensive still constituted a major advance. The Major-General's plan centered around the marshland midway down the Ornz river, separating the two major Guard defensive lines. He knew full well that they constituted a holw in his lines which could be easily exploited by the technologically advanced Tau and their UFP allies. It had happened before in the autumn. With this in mind Lenord planned to shut this door into his defences once
and for all.

The plan was simple. Using what amphibious craft he had available the Scyllian 8th regiment, supported by the Imperial Navy, would secure a beachead on the eastern bank of the river just to the north of the marshy ground. Then, using what armour they had the Scyllians would move outward and southward, securing the area opposite the marshland and establishing a perimeter. To prevent rapid redeployment a massive Imperial bombardment from the Librians would pin the defenders to the river.

Knowing the UFP and Tau tactics Lenord expected this phase of the operation to go well, with minimal casualties. The coalition forces would not stand and fight, preferring to withdraw to prepare for a lightning counter assault of such ferocity so as to destroy the Imperial bridgehead. It to was this phase of the operation Major-General Lenord gave great thought.

The Major General requested the aid of the Blood Martyrs in this task, to fend off aggressive counter assaults on the bridgehead while engineers constructed defences and built supply bridges across the river. Once that was complete the bridgehead could be considered secure and the offensive continue. The Blood Martyrs agreed to the plan. Both sides waited as the appointed hour of their attacks arrived...