011.001M42: Orks and Traitor Marines of the Tiger Claws Legion land on Aleph 4. Hive fleet Morph sighted.

2411.001M42: First Battle of Tallax: Chaos Lord Traegen’s fleet assaults the Imperial civilized world. The Imperial fleet takes heavy losses but Tallaxian PDF units fight off those Chaos troops which get to the surface.

12.001M42: Inquisitor Hathek discovers that the warp field strength around the Aleph 4 system is decreasing, and that some unknown activity from the planet seemed to be effectively increasing the distance between warp and real space - a "warp null" which was becoming a danger to shipping.

01.002M42: Orvicare Rebels but is put back under Imperial control by the Space Wolves.

02.002M42: Sartosa falls without a fight to “chaos renegades” later confirmed to be forces of Admiral Haskell, lost for millennia in the warp.


02.002M42: Lord Traegan assaults Aleph 4 and the “Battle of Aleph Moons” sees Imperial and Chaos warfleets clash. Neither side achieves a decisive victory, but the Imperial forces are forced to withdraw.

02.002M42: Cmmdr Moore’s Battlegroup disappears near Galenesh.

03.002M42: Hive fleet Morph lands on Orvicare. Admiral Haskell encourages the squats on Hartak to rise up against their Imperial oppressors and a civil war erupts.

03.002M42: Lord Traegen’s fleet attacks the Imperial fleet at Aleph 4 once more, inflicting heavy Imperial losses.

04.002M42: Tallax declared heretic for its dealings with Admiral Haskell. Haskell founds the United Federation of Planets, with Sartosa and Hartak as the first members.

04.002M42: Hartak rebels overthrow the Imperial governor and declare independence. The Imperium reacts swiftly and the Dark Angels cast the rebels into the frozen wilderness.

05.002M42: Shadrak’s Sharks, an ork pirate fleet, are destroyed by the Imperial fleet. Meanwhile the situation becomes desperate on Orvicare with the Gregorian Guard barely holding the Tyranids.

05.002M42: Admiral Haskell’s fleet arrives at Hartak and after protracted battles succeed in defeating the Imperial and Dark Angels’ fleets.

05.002M42: Tallax joins the Federacy.

06.002M42: Admiral Yamamoto “betrays” the Imperium and joins Haskell’s fleet.

07.002M42: Yamamoto betrays Haskell in accordance with Inquisitor Xanthus’ plans, but overall more damage is inflicted on Imperial ships.

07.002M42: Hathek realizes the warp null on Aleph 4 is being created by an alien device.

2909.002M42: The Tau land on Ciprex 3 but are driven off. It’s the first sighting of Tau in the sector.

10.002M42: Events on Aleph 4 take on a bewildering aspect as Eldar, Ork, Chaos and Imperial forces fight around the areas from where the warp null is emanating. Warp gates are found on the planet.

0711.002M42: The warp generators on Aleph 4 overload with disastrous consequences. The Shockwave cuts off the planet from the universal time stream - weeks will now pass in just a few hours. The wave also blasts the Imperial fleet into the outer reaches of the Aleph system, cut off from the planet.

12.002M42: Fighting on Aleph 4 leads to the four continents being held by four different powers. S’Room by the Imperium, Sennine by Chaos, Entrenec by the Federacy and Capscraw to the Eldar. The Federacy and Imperium reach a peace accord. In the fighting the Chaos legions turn on each other, with the Night Lords and Tiger Claws all but annihilated. The Iron Warriors and Dark Exterminators become pre-eminent.

01-07.003M42: War continues on Aleph 4 with the battles failing to break the stalemate. However eventually the Iron Warriors are defeated by the Federacy and the Dark Exterminators are all but wiped out. The Federacy go on to conquer Capscraw leaving the Imperium with just a third of the planet. The Iron Warriors blame the defeat on their warsmith for spending too much time on the “Alistair Line”, a set of defences designed to protect them from the Dark Exterminators.

08.003M42: Inexperienced commanders on Hartak lose much of the planet to rebel squat forces. Only Thakor holds out.

09.003M42: Kel Sandros Eldar agents arrange for the peace treaty between the Federacy and Imperium to be broken. War once again erupts between the Federacy and Imperium. The space battle over Aleph 4 sees a Dark Angels cruiser warp drive overload into the planet’s atmosphere. Mutation erupts in the chaos sector.

10.003M42: The Dark Angels re-invade Hartak, but are stopped by Logan Grimnar who negotiates a peace accord between the Imperium and the Federacy. The Dark Angels are furious.

03.004M42: The Dark Exterminators invade Hartak but are met with strong Federacy resistance, this time aided by their new allies the Tau. Within weeks the Chaos invasion falls apart and the Dark Exterminators are destroyed.

12.004M42: The Zadoc spacelane once again opens as warpstorms clear. The races of the sector clamor to establish a base in the Hellheim system, the half way point of the space lane.


02.005M42: Cernunnos is colonized by the Tau wile Donar falls to Chaos. On Einmyrria the Imperium, Eldar and Tau forces fight it out to gain control of the barren planet.

03.005M42: The Necron under the surface of Einmyrria are awoken. The Eldar use nuclear weapons to wipe out much of the northern hemisphere and withdraw, allowing the Tau to depart before the explosions. The Imperial forces are not so lucky. Even so a small Imperial base is set up on the planet.

04.005M42: Following further accusations of consorting with Xenos the Imperium declare war on the Federacy. This results in Banderossa being invaded by Federacy forces, aided by the Eldar and Tau.

06.005M42: Cardinal Sheriden negotiates a peace with the Federacy. Federacy forces withdraw from Banderossa but the remaining Imperial held territory on Hartak and Aleph 4 is surrendered to the Federation. The Dark Angels are outraged.

08.006M42: After a year of relative peace Tau and Federacy forces clash with the Imperium over the small colony of Protogonus.

09.006M42: While Necron activity on Einmyrria increases, the Kel Sandros Eldar invade Ravitane to weaken Imperial authority. After the Blood Martyrs fail to retake the city held by the Eldar, the Imperium is forced to withdraw from Protogonus. It still takes three months for the city to be assaulted, by which time the Eldar vanish.

11.006M42: Einmyrria is assaulted by Tau forces which are all but destroyed. The necrons are once again rooted out and destroyed.


11.006M42: Sheriden launches operation Caterwaul to take back systems in the Perseus Deeps. The assault on Cernunnos fails and war soon develops between Chaos, Tau and Imperial forces on Myrentas II.

12.006M42: The Tau launch operation Sunstrike to take Myrentas II but fighting soon gets bogged down. Remnant Iron Warriors forces are found on the planet.

01.007M42: The Imperial operation in the deeps suffers setbacks as they encounter renegade and alien forces. The Imperial fleet goes down to its worst defeat at Jotunheim.

02.007M42: The Federacy arrive on Myrentas II and soon turn the tide of battle. Minor battles rage on planets throughout the Perseus Deeps.

04.007M42: Inquisitor Xanthus’ ambitious plan to destroy both the Tau and Chaos forces on Myrentas II is thwarted by Danel Levais and a small band of Tau infiltrators.

05.007M42: Following the failure of Admiral Choraeus at Myrentas II the planet falls to the Federacy. The Tau are allowed a base on the world, but nothing more. The Iron Warriors disappear.


05.007M42: Tau admiral Swiftstar makes his “Aurelis Crossing”, cutting the time Tau forces take to get to the sector.

06.007M42: The Chaos legions of Kendrenec, now led by “Moonface”, land in strength on Cerberex after neutralizing the Imperial fleet using an arcane device.


06.007M42: The Federacy, keen to take Cerberex for themselves, also invade the planet, forcing the Imperium to fight on two fronts. The Imperial fleet is seriously mauled by Federation warships in the largest fleet engagement between the two forces.


06.007M42: Sunstrike calls the Tau to arms in an all out assault on the Imperial world of Melberg. The initial blitzkrieg stalls however, and the Imperial plan is to grind the Tau down in a war of attrition. The Tau are determined to win without the Federacy.

07.007M42: Chaos make significant gains on Cerberex while the Federacy are all but unstoppable. Imperial commanders realize its only a matter of time before inevitable defeat.

08.007M42: The Federacy enter the Cerberex capital, Feducia.

08.007M42: The Imperium make gains and almost wipe the Tau off the map. Sunstrike is concerned. Commander Shadowstrike arrives on Melberg.

08.007M42: Libria V, in the Zadoc subsector, is invaded by the Tyranids of Hive fleet Triton.


09.007M42: The Solar Enslaver, a necron device of enormous power, is hidden by the Eldar. However many races learn of its existence and send forces out to search for it. It transpires one such artifact was hidden on Cerberex, but removed by a shadowy figure when the Federacy entered Feducia. Moonface loses interest in Cerberex.

10.007M42: Moonface leaves Cerberex, abandoning his generals. They fight on under Ashurman.

11.007M42: The Imperial defences collapse, leaving the Federacy to conquer two thirds of the planet. Exhausted, the Chaos and Federacy forces dig in for the long haul. The ongoing war will drag on for years.

12.007M42: With the loss of Cerberex, the Imperium’s hold on the Aleph subsector collapses. The Federacy acquire all the remaining planets in the subsector without a fight except Vornax, which is blockaded.


04.008M42: The Eldar find and take two of the three parts of the solar enslaver after a series of successful lightning raids.

05.008M42: The Tyranids are cleansed from Libria V.

05.008M42: The Tau acquire part of the solar enslaver. The expected Eldar strike to take it does not materialize.


06.008M42: After a year of bitter fighting the remaining Imperial forces on Melberg sue for peace following Admiral Jellicoe’s failure to break the Tau blockade. However, the war severely drained the Tau military resources, and their expansion halts.


07.008M42: War comes to the Zadoc subsector as Orks swarm over the Shadow Worlds and Chaos appears once more in the Perseus Deeps.

07.008M42: Danelloth falls to the Orks while Typhon falls to the Night Lords. Moonface reappears at the head of his “Catechism”.

08.008M42: The Night Lords arrive in force in the sector, while Coronus falls to the Orks of Waaagh! Nazghat. Soon after the Imperium abandons the Shadow Worlds, for the time being.

08.008M42: The Tau conquer Rhesius and New Sparta in the Rim World. Priam and Daedalon fall to the uneasy alliance between the Catechism and the Night Lords.


08.008M42: Tarsis Major is invaded by Chaos, led by the Night Lords, followed by the Tau, then finally by the Orks of Nazghat and Snazteef who don’t want to miss the big fight.

09.008M42: Aornis falls to the Tau under Hawkeye. The Imperium are forced out of the Rim Worlds.

09.008M42: Battle of Tarsis Major – the largest fleet action for years sees the Imperial fleet forced from Tarsis space, but the Chaos fleet takes higher casualties.

10.008M42: Tarsis Minor is conquered by Elan Ro.

10.008M42: Nazghat lands on Fort Aerin, demonstrating his disinterest in Tarsis Major.

11.008M42: Rhesius falls to Chaos after a Tau assault on Typhon goes horribly wrong.

11.008M42: Operation Deliverance expands the Tau bridgehead on Merrin, while the Catechism, Night Lords and Daemonic allies appear unstoppable in the north.

12.008M42: The Tau remove the Orks from the continent of Merrin. Montgate falls to Chaos.

12.008M42: Snazteef’s orks push forward and are pushed back by the Imperium in North Tuva. Nazghat’s Orks withdraw from Sartano after successive defeats to the Catechism.

01.009M42: Porphyrian, Trebbian and Librian regiments crush Chaos in Sartano and land on Merrin. The Catechism and Night Lords, appalled by their Iron Warrior allies’ performance, abandon the Tarsis Major invasion.

02.009M42: The Dark Angels mop up the remaining Chaos forces on Sartano. Sapphire Harbour is taken by a Tau air assault.

02.009M42: Waaagh Nazghat lands on Memnon and conquers Hylas. This is the Ork empire’s high point.

02.009M42: Operation Poseiden rapidly expands Tau territory on Merrin, blitzing Chaos and Imperial forces alike.

03.009M42: Iron Warriors in terminal decline on Merrin. Praetorian Guard land on Horn Island.

03.009M42: Memnon invaded by the Tau following their loss of New Sparta to Chaos, their final base in the Rim Worlds.

03.009M42: Snazteef almost captures Tarsis Prime but is halted by the Dark Angels.

03.009M42: The Tau land and take Hylas and Memnon, removing the Orks.

03.009M42: Aornis taken by the Catechism while the Orks take Tyndareous in the Shadow Worlds.

04.009M42: With the Rim Worlds firmly in the grip of Chaos, the Catechism invade the Imperial world of Alphe.

05.009M42: Operation Triton captures Maybourne and Silverbrook on Tuva. The Tau now occupy more than half of the planet.

05.009M42: Hive fleet Nemesis is encountered for the first time, travelling in the opposite direction from all the previous hive fleets. Inquisitor Hathek begins his investigation.

05.009M42: Snazteef abandons Tarsis Major after a series of defeats. Finally the Tau make an amphibious landing in the north, forcing the Orks to leave or die.

06.009M42: The Iron Warriors are wiped out in a final stand in the Mertock mountains.

07.009M42: The war between the Imperium and Tau falls into a static phase as both sides face other problems.

07.009M42: The Dusk raiders arrive on Alphe and make gains in the north.

07.009M42: The Tau continue their advance in the Shadow Worlds, taking Danelloth from the Orks. The Ork empire is now in full retreat.

07.009M42: Tyndareous falls to the Imperium, reducing the once expanding Ork empire to just Fort Aerin and Bothorion.

07.009M42: Coronus is retaken by the Imperium by the Dark Angels and the Cerberex regiments. The latter establish a new colony in exile.

08.009M42: After initial gains the Catechism are penned in in Eastby after a series of defeats to the Librians under general Percival and the Dark Angels.


08.009M42: Betor invaded by hive fleet Nemesis. Hathek declares an emergency and resources are diverted to quash the Tyranid threat.

08.009M42: Bothorion, the last remaining Ork base, is invaded by the Imperial forces of General Alexander’s Mabb Nebula task force, consisting of Cerberex Guard and Dark Angels support. The Ork response is weak as they battle Tyranids on Kallack.

09.009M42: After initial gains the Tyranids are contained in southern Betor. The hive fleet however remains in the vicinity.

09.009M42: The Night Lords return, landing on Alphe and removing the Imperium from Springbay.

09.009M42: After several lightning raids the Eldar re-appear in the subsector, smashing Fort Sparcos and annihilating the garrison.

09.009M42: The Battle of Ephesus Secundus sees Admiral Thok and some new Chaos allies fight an inconclusive battle with the Imperium. The power of Chaos is on the ascendant once more.

09.009M42: A major raid on Tyndareous sees the Tau and Imperium in alliance to face the resurgent Chaos threat in the region.

09.009M42: The Dark Angels lead Percival to a major victory in Northern Alphe.

10.009M42: Coronus is renamed “New Cerberex” and designated home for all those who remained loyal to the Imperium. Danelloth is founded as a Tau colony.

10.009M42: The Imperium is pushed back on Alphe, losing Oldmere Island and Linshore.

10.009M42: The battle of Alphe System results in chaos victory when Jellicoe attempts to break the chaos hold on the system.

10.009M42: Bothorion is taken by Imperial forces, defeating the Claws of Lorek. However just days later the world is invaded by further Chaos and Ork forces.

10.009M42: Commander Strongspear breaks the Imperial line on Tarsis Major, advancing towards the capital.

11.009M42: Operation Neptune sees Tau forces sweep into Tarsis Prime and force the Imperial defenders back to a pocket in northern Tuva.

11.009M42: The Imperium, aided by the Dark Angels and Ultramarines stabilize the line on Alphe.

11.009M42: An operation is launched to retake Bothorion, but after a month the operation looks more than foolish with 20,000 Guardsman holding back 2 million Orks. The planet falls to Nazghat by the end of the month.

11.009M42: Memnon is officially designated a Tau colony.

11.009M42: The Battle of Sulidaan halts Imperial plans to invade Bastien and allows the Claws of Lorek to turn Yaasha into a Daemonworld. Imperial intelligence detects a massive buildup in Chaos forces.

11.009M42: The Corellian Storm Guard and Porphyrians hold the forces of Chaos on Corticant at Banyard’s Cross. However it is clear Chaos are holding back.

11.009M42: Farport, a major Imperial world in the Vastrid sector is invaded by a united Chaos force. Almost half the planet falls in just days.

11.009M42: In the space around Farport the Dark Angels and Jellicoe’s Imperial fleet defeat the Chaos forces laying siege to Farport, although the Adeptus Mechanicus fleet suffers heavily.

11.009M42: The Imperial counter attack, led by the Dark Angels, crushes the Chaos forces on Farport. The Chaos alliance falls apart and Moonface loses his ascendency as “Master of Chaos”. Farport is saved.



02.010M42: Massive earthquakes rock the agri-world of Betor in the Zadoc subsector as Inquisitor Hathek investigates the splinter tyranid fleet. Nemesis invades Betor. Meanwhile General Veers makes gains on Corticant taking the planet and constructing a major base. 

03.010M42: Battle of Corticant. Admiral Dreyer secures the imperial hold of the system by defeating Lord Tragaen’s fleet. Meanwhile Admiral Beatty narrowly defeats Thok. On Tarsis Major the imperial offensive is halted and the imperial lines collapse. General Cunningham is confined to north Tuva. 

04.010M42: Admiral Beatty foils Thok’s plans on the Perseus Deeps while Veers crusade lands on Sentinel. Thok is then convincingly defeated at the battle of Perseus Run. 

05.010M42:  The war on Tarsis Major drags on as the Praetorians begin a plan to retake the planet, step by step, which even they admit will take 12 years. Even so the Tau are halted for now. Bastien is invaded by Veers crusade and Sentinel is taken from chaos. Moonface breaks through the naval blockade and escapes. On Betor the tyranids make gains and the chaos world of Valboris is infested. Commander Longstride defends Lucardium from Tyranid attack. 

06.010M42: Progress on Bastien stalls following a chaos counter attack. On Tarsis Major the Tau enter Tarsis Prime for the first time. 


09.010M42: Veers secures Aganthus for the Imperium. But on Cathasaea an awakening necron threat destroys an eldar force monitoring their hibernation. 

11.010M42: Chaos fleet defeated by Jellicoe at Parthenope. Veers crusade are bogged down on Bastien whole Scalius becomes the second world to fall to the necrons. 

012.010M42: Veers crusade secures Bastien for the Imperium, breaking the Claws of Lorek and establishing a critical strategic system in the Perseus Deeps. 

02.011M42: General Veers swiftly moves on, invading Ares. Jellicoe shatters the Claws of Lorek fleet in the invasion.
02.011M42: While Veers continues to pressure Chaos in the Deeps, The Necrons open a second front against the traitor legions, invading Blight and Gamordal. Admiral Jellicoe is busy dealing with Thok in the Deeps and ork forces on Zog as part of the crusade. Skera is invaded by the Necrons, a tau colony.

03.011M42: The Eldar close of the Shadow worlds to all external threats, using the ancient webway to hide them from further interference.


03.011M42: Unsupported for months the Imperial General Cunningham finally gets evacuation orders. Two cruisers are lost to the Tau guns during the evacuation of the planet. Meanwhile the Tyranids come close to overrunning Betor and Veers suffers setbacks as different factions in his campaign force "Battlegroup Apocalyopse" have different opinions over whether to advance or consolidate.

05.011M42: Betor consumed by Tyranids. Ares all but taken by Veers Crusade


05:011M42: Hathek signs an agreement with the Tau, swapping the Tau colony of Minos for the Imperial world of Aganthus. This move radically shortens supply lines for both parties, but causes outrage in Inquisition circles. Inquisitor Xanthus returns from exile after surviving his exertions on Myrentas II. Dreyer and the Dark Angels join the "puritans" under Xanthus, and set up a base on Sentinell.

06.011M42: Ares falls to the Imperium but the first invasion of Parthenope is bloodily repulsed by chaos. However more forces are brought to bear and the Crusade gains a bridgehead on the chaos world. Necrons invade the ork world of Zog. Admiral Thok's battlegroup reappears in the Vastrid subsector.

07.011M42: Parthenope falls to the Imperium after a lightning war. Veers realises his forces are exhausted and the Imperium face dire threats. Battlefleet Apocalypse is disbanded and its constituent units deployed in defensive positions. Inquisitor Hathek and Xanthus play political games, repeatedly replacing governments with ones in their own pocket, leading to an engagement between the Grey Knights and Imperial guard who are caught in between the warring Inquisition.


08.011M42: Hive Fleet Nemesis invades Alphe, while the Lamenters declare their support for Inquisitor Hathek's puritan crusade. Tensions run high resulting in sporadic clashes between the Grey Knights and lamenters Chapter. Xanthus' meddling eventually leads to the invasion of Tyndareous by the Tau.

09.011M42: Admiral Thok continues raiding the space lanes between the Perseus Deeps and Zadoc subsector despite Jellicoe trying to hunt the mad admiral down. The Tau consolidate their position on Tyranteous and the Tyranids make gains on Alphe. Lord Tragean sorties from Kendrenec, defeating Admiral Craddock.


10.01:011M42: Archon Kuro Kenshi raids the Tau, imperial and chaos worlds of the Perseus Deeps. Dark Angels and Space Wolves clash in an ugly encounter as part of the ongoing Inquisition dispute between Hathek and Xanthus. Claws of Lorek Fleet is annihilated above the minor world of Quim. Meanwhile the Necrons overcome a weakened tau force on Skera, completing its conquest.

011.011M42: Admiral Swiftstar breaks into the Perseus Deeps, relieving the Tau colonies. Sporadic raids continue across the sector by necron and dark eldar forces. Hive Fleet Nemesis cripples the Imperial Fleet at Caitlen Station before conducting a massive orbital drop on Alphe, reinforcing their position. Valboris is consumed by Nemesis. Meanwhile the raids in the Vastrid subsector end in Imperial victory in most cases.

012.011M42: Blight finally falls to the Necrons and Enaloth is invaded. Around Calliden the combined fleets of Jellicoe and the Adeptus Mechanicus face an enormous combined fleet of the remaining Claws of Lorek, Thok, Tragaen and ork allies. In the largest battle in the sector for centuries, the outcome is a draw, with Jellicoe being heavily criticised for missing an opportunity to defeat the chaos fleet once and for all.


012.011M42: It is revealed that Xanthus' main ambition is to get his hands on the mysterious chaos "device", which allowed Moonface to rise to glory on Myrentas II. Xanthus had almost completed the construction of an identical device on Sentinel, when he came under attack by the forces of chaos, the eldar, and the imperium.  Xanthus fled, ending the Inquisition War with Hathek in pursuit, who had managed to hold the necrons in a loose alliance long enough to trap Xanthus. The Eldar claim the unfinished device.


001.012M42: Tyndareous falls to the Tau, renamed Va'Doran. Hylas, now a tau base, is attacked by the Space Wolves. Dark Eldar conquer Drift in the Vastrid subsector.

002.012M42: Tau Admiral Shinobi defeats the Adeptus Mechanicus fleet at Hylas, however it becomes clear the Imperium have dug in. Hylas is claimed by the Imperium. Da Verminator reappears in the Perseus Deeps. Chaos forces remaining on Sentinel are boosted by a muysterious force called "the Enraptured". Red Angels suffer horrific losses. Lord Tragean is defeated by the Dark Angels at Sentinel, handing the Imperium the initiative on the ground.

003.012M42: Eldar and dark eldar raids increase. Tyranid offensive on Alphe enters another active phase, while tendrils of Nemesis have by now reached as far as Bothorion in the Mabb Nebula.

003.012M42: The Eldar land on Sentinel, making the war a three way battle between chaos, the Imperium and the eldar.

004.012M42: Necron activity reaches a peak, and the Major chaos world of Calliden is invaded by the Harakhty dynasty. The Imperial base on Gamordal is overrun. The Shattered Silence begin working on a new base orbiting drift.

005.012M42: The Eldar take Sentinel after being aided by the harlequins of the Rillietan. Helped by the deployment of two revenant titans the elder eliminate the remaining Imperial defenders. Meanwhile the Necrons make swift gains on Calliden, despite the intervention of the Elder.

006.012M42: Ork invasion of Gabriel’s world is halted by Prozan Cavalry and Liberian units. Nemesis reaches the Perseus Deeps while an Imperial mission to retake Tyndareous (Va’Doran) ends in failure.

007.012M42: Nemesis reaches the chaos dominated Rim Worlds. Rhesius is invaded by the Imperium and Imperial forces raid New Sparta. The Tyranid hive fleet blocks out astropathic communication in the region and on Alphe the Imperium are on the back foot.

008.012M2: The Imperium are on the retreat on Gamordal against the necrons, while nemesis continues its implacable advance on Alphe and the Rim Worlds. Chaos cultists lead an uprising by the “Arch Cleric” on Tyranteous. Calliden falls to the Necrons, with the Iron Warriors escaping with their fleet after agreeing a truce with the Necrons. This enrages Lorek, who tries to assassinate Warsmith Stahl. He fails and Stahl takes over as “Master of Chaos” from Lorek


009.012M42: The eldar invade Ares in the Perseus Deeps, but are vanquished by the Dark Angels, while the Tyranids are cleansed from the Tau world of Parius. On Tyranteous the Ultramarines, Raven Guard and Salamanders ruthlessly put down the cultist uprising at Hollydale, which is besieged. The fledgling Chaos state on the world looks doomed. Meanwhile in the Rim Worlds, Rhesius is consumed by Nemesis.


009.012M42: Na’Porkleon and Warlord Uzfang invade the world of Hylas in the Mabb Nebula. The orks repulse a Raven Guard attack on their landing zone and expand their bridgehead. The Tau attempt to stealthily invade Tyranteous but are found and destroyed by the Salamanders.

010.012M42: The Eldar return via the webway to Ares. On Tyranteous the chaos cult under the Arch Cleric holds out despite attacks by the Correlian Storm Guard. In the Perseus Deeps the Necrons are coming ever closer to victory on Carnage and Gamordal. Hive Fleet Nemesis invades Fort Sparcos.

011.012M42: Sensing weakness in the ranks of chaos, General Veers re-establishes the Perseus Deeps Crusade, besieging Moredecai with the Imperial fleet. On Hylas, the Orks make sweeping gains, taking West Coast, but the Praetorians build a defensive line outside Collingwood, preventing total collapse. Hive Fleet Nemesis reaches Aornis, and defeats Warlord Thrugnik on Fort Sparks.


012.01242: The Chaos world of Grimlock is invaded by General Veers and the Tyranids. Two days later the Eldar and Tau “alliance” invade, complicating the situation. After a serious of huge set piece battles across the surface of the world, it becomes clear that the Alliance and Imperium are in untenable positions. The alliance escape using the web way while General Veers is forced to make his first ignominious evacuation in his campaign. The tyranids remain, controlling much of the planet, but the forces of chaos dig in against the Xenos.


012.012M42: Eldar make gains on Ares, reaching the capital, while the Tau finally intervene on Tyranteous, landing and creating a bridgehead in the north. The orks make a major advance on Hylas while the remnants of the Catechism prevent the Imperium from landing on Mordecai Tersius.

001.013M42: The Tyranteous war escalates with the Imperium fighting on two fronts. In the Mordecai system, Veers crusade finally creates a bridgehead on the outermost world.

002.013M42: The necrons destroy the remaining Imperial defences on Gamordal, adding the world to the Harakhty Dynasty. The Empire now stretches across the deeps. On Mordecai, Stahl intervenes and pushes back the Mordecai bridgehead, while Nemesis begins the process of consuming Fort Sparos. The war grinds on on Grimlock.

003.013M42: The Dark Angels win back some territory on Hylas, but the Librians are defeated by Uzfang. The Mordecai invasion is evacuated by the Imperium and they go over to the defensive in the Perseus Deeps. The Necron Empire is at its height.


003.013M42: Taking advantage of the failed invasion of Mordecai, the forces of chaos lead an invasion of Corticant, where the fleet of Lord Tragaen is met by the Imperial fleet of Admiral Hector. Tragaen gains a victory over Tragaen, but both sides suffer tremendous losses. Just days later the beckons arrive and invade Corticant themselves. Warsmith Stahl plans the invasion of Minos.

004.013M42: The Necrons and Imperium reach a stalemate on Corticant. The battle for Tyranteous hangs in the balance, but the forces of chaos and the Arch Cleric are decisively crushed. 

005.013M42: The Arch Cleric escapes from Tyranteous leaving the world a battle between the Tau and Imperium. Battles intensify between the eldar and Imperium on Ares.


006.013M42: Windgather arrives on Tyranteous and with commander Whitefire, smashes the Imperial defences. Tau secure the initiative and the imperium stare defeat on the world in the face.

007.013M42: The Arch Cleric appears on Zadoc and instigates a new uprising in the subsector capital. The Blood Martyrs and Librians respond but daemonic engines and chaos forces defeat the imperium. The war for Zadoc begins. On Tyranteous the tau push back the Imperial lines further.

008.013M42: Chaos forces make big gains on Zadoc, Celliano falls to the traitor legions. Imperial fleet under Admiral Somerville scores a decisive victory over the chaos fleet at Zadoc.

010.013M42: New violence rages in the Mabb Nebula worlds. Lord Tragean’s fleet defeated by Raven Guard. Windgather and his Tau allies crush Imperial forces on Tyranteous. On Hylas the long war against the orks continues, while the Imperium suffer defeat after defeat on Zadoc. Late on Windgather sweeps across the south of the Tyranteous breaking the final defence of the Imperium, the Praetorian Line.


011.013M42: New sector Commander Titus Author orders all imperial soldiers to fight to the last. Forces on Tyranteous frustrate the Tau but on Ares the eldar remove all imperial presence, taking the world. Windgather and Shadowstrike break the deadlock on Tyranteous and the planet falls to the Tau Empire. Chaos conquer nearly half of Zadoc.


012.013M42: Alliance forces of the eldar and tau invade Zadoc, in a massive strike eldar titans join Windgather and other tau commanders shattering the imperial defences. Much of the central continent of Zadoc is taken by the Alliance. General Brooke is killed in the fighting. A splinter fleet of Nemesis reaches Bastien. Meanwhile at Libria, Inquisitor Vorushko’s allies, the Carcharadon astartes discover “the Librian Heresy”, with Librian officials collaborating and trading with Tau and alliance forces.


001.014M42: Tau momentum slows on Zadoc when commander Skyfall is defeated by the Emperor’s Children. The war on Hylas continues with Da Verminator’s fleet defeated decisively beaten by the Imperium.

002.014M42: Dark Angels investigate Libria V, finding widespread collusion with the Tau. 

002.014M42: Eldar are defeated at Corticant, while the Tyranids make slow gains on Grimlock. On Zadoc, operation Sandstorm, led by Windgather, annihilates the Blood Martyrs at the Zadoc trading post, cutting off the main inhabited world from Imperial resupply.

003.014M42: War continues on Hylas and Zadoc, with the Alliance making sweeping gains. The Eldar pursue a sector wide agenda promoting the Tau and disrupting the machinations of the Imperium, Chaos and Necrons. Libria I and II cede from the governorship of Libria III after the main planet rebels against the Vorushko edict. Civil war breaks out on Libria III and Inquisitor Vorushko declares the entire system Excommunicate Traitoris. The Imperium breaks into the "Crusade" under Vorushko and "loyalists" directed to resist by Hathek.

004.014M42: The Adeptus Mechanicum invade Libria I on the orders of Vorushko, but the Lunar Guard resist on the orders of Hathek. The Librian war begins in earnest. The Imperium retreat to "Fortress Zadoc" on the island continent of Riontas after Windgather cleanses the main continents of Imperial forces. Chaos remain in control of the east and north.

005.014M42: Minotaurs and Mechanicus make gains on Libria 1, but Windgather intercedes on behalf of the loyalists, not wanting a quick Crusade victory. However the arrival of the Carcharadons tips the balance in favour of the Crusade. Kinkaid's Federal Fleet arrives at Libria, defeating Admiral Pendragon. On Zadoc the Tau almost clear the Imperium from their recent gains on the Isle of Aso.

006,014M42: Gabriel's world falls to the Disciples of Ynnead, an apocalyptic eldar cult prophecying the return of the eldar god of the dead. Libria V is invaded by Tau/Eldar forces, backed up by the Federal and Tau fleets.

008.014M42: Ork invasion of Hylas reaches its high point as Sarina falls to Warboss Kogh. Nemesis withdraws its tendrils from planets deemed unsuitable for consumption. It is believed the Hive Fleet begins the crossing into the Perseus Deeps at this time.

010.014M42: Alliance make landfall on Riontas, the last stronghold of the Imperium on Zadoc. Windgather and his allies push back chaos in the east. Hive Fleet Medusa is spotted in the Valitane subsector. Windgather destroys the Imperium at Zadoc's last stand, defeating the remaining Vanaheim, Novgorod guard and the Imperial Fists.

010.014M42: Admiral Beattie defeats the Arch Cleric over Bastien. The Iron Warriors create a bridgehead on the world but without fleet support are forced to abandon the invasion, which Stahl described as "folly".

011.014M42: Aethor is invaded by the Eldar in the Perseus Deeps. Bastien once again comes under attack from Chaos. General Van Dorn holds the line on Hylas, defeating Von Bismork. The Carcharadons and Apocalypse Riders finish off all loyalist resistance on Libria.

011.014M42: Admiral Beattie is killed on his flagship Tiger after a crippling defeat to Admiral Thok. Fighting continues on Hylas and Libria V.

012.014M42: Battle of Bastien. A combined chaos fleet of the Arch Cleric, Lord Tragean and Admiral Thok meets the Adeptus Mechanicus, Dark Angels and Admiral Jellicoe. In the largest space battle for years the forces of chaos are decisively beaten and Jellicoe removes the stain of his past "draw" with chaos.

012.014M42: Crusade make gains on Libria V.


001.015M42: Alliance are forced to abandon Libria V. Heresy era Iron Warriors under commander Apollo joins the alliance and meets with Admiral Haskell after appearing from a warp rift.

002.015M42: Alliance and Crusade intervene in the Libria III civil war. Admiral Doenitz declares for the Crusade but is immediately hunted down and crushed by Pendragon.

003.015M42: Libria III turns into a global conflict between the Crusade, Loyalist and Alliance forces. At Mordecai in the Perseus Deeps, an expedition to assess the strength of the chaos forces meets Admiral Thok and his "planet killer", inflicting a costly defeat on Jellicoe.

004.015M42: Crusade are put under pressure on Libria III particularly by the arrival of General Launceston and the Lycaon Guard. Meanwhile the Federacy votes for war in the Libria campaign, although its forces are limited.


005.015M42: Crusade reduced to a toehold on Libria III while the Alliance close in on total victory. Warsmith Stahl invades Minos.

006.015M42: Crusade launch major counter attack on Libria III smashing general Launceston thanks to a flanking move by the Minotaurs and Apocalypse Riders. The loyalists lose control of the west of Libria. However, Pendragon dents the alliance advance by successfully ambushing a very unprepared Federal Fleet.

006.015M42: Blood Martyrs annihilated by the crusade. Alliance take West Cartasia.

007.015M42: Crusade sweeps through Cartasia, but in the north the Loyalists are in retreat from the alliance and crusade.

008.015M42: Alliance land on Libria IV.

010.015M42: Alliance make steady gains on the capital of Libria IV - Porthaven.

010.015M42: First fractures in the Alliance as the Disciples of Ynead raid the Tau colony of Lucardium in the Perseus Deeps. Apocalypse Riders intervene on Minos to defeat Warsmith Stahl.

011.015M42: Battle of Libria System. Apollo convinces his ancient Brethren, Warsmith Stahl, to aid the alliance in their time of need, in order to frustrate their common enemy. Lord Tragean, Admiral Thok, Stahl and Apollo cobble together a huge fleet to face the Imperium's own massive fleet, with the battlegroups of Pendragon, Collingwood, and the Adeptus Mechanicus. In the ensuing bloody battle Collingwood is killed and his battlegroup annihilated, scoring the Alliance and their chaos allies a decisive victory.

011.015M42: Admiral Ferdinand, working for Vorushko, fights inconclusive battles with Admiral Barham for the Libria system. War on Hylas and Zadoc continues.

012.015M42: Admiral Enkvist is sent to Minos to reinforce the Novgorod Guard against Stahl. Stahl returns from Libria with his fleet and a series of battles take place known as the first second and third battles for Minos, resulting in a Chaos victory.

001.016M42: Imperium retake Finlay and Desmond on Hylas.

002.016M42: Alliance continue to make gains on Libria IV.

003.016M42: Fourth Battle of Minos. As the ground war carnage continues between the Iron Warriors and the Novgorod Guard, Stahl defeats the Imperium in space and drives admiral Enkvist out of the system.

003.016M42: Tau commander skyfall smashes into the Crusade territory on Libria III. Mechanicum fleet forced to abandon a resupply effort by Admiral Swiftstar.

004.016M42: Crusade crush loyalists on Libria V and retake much of the alliance gains on Libria III. Vorushko helps out Van Dorn on Hylas.

005.016M42: Minos falls to Chaos. Stahl sets up a permanent fortified base. Expedition to Betor finds Nemesis alive and the hive fleet gone. The Crusade clashes with Jellicoe's "loyalist" fleet at Libria.

005.016M42: END OF MINOS WAR

005.016M42: Libria V falls to Crusade.


009.016M42: General Veers explores the necron sector of Corticant finding the Harakhty Dynasty returned to hibernation thanks to an error in the Xenos functions. Charnovokh dynasty arrives in the sector.

009.016M42: Crusade "coup" on Libria II fails as the Space Wolves attack their brothers, the Raven Guard.

010.016M42: Crusade invade Libria II as part of "Operation Sledgehammer" but this fails. Meanwhile the loyalists counter invade Libria I. Apollo's Iron Warriors abandon the Alliance to pursue other goals.


010.016M42: Necrons discover Nemesis on Gamordal, signalling the arrival of the Hive Fleet in the Perseus Deeps. Charnovokh Dynasty take over from the Harakhty Dynasty on Necron worlds. Genestealers discovered on Hemera.

011.016M42: After raids on Corticant, Veers launches a speculative invasion of Mordecai Tersius, which once again fails after Admiral Thok defeats Craddock in space. The Alliance break the loyalists on Libria IV, taking control of the planet. Loyalists advance on Libria I. A major Alliance assault on Libria III discovers a genestealer infestation, but the Crusade are shattered and the Alliance take Libria III.

012.016M42: Grinding Loyalists vs. Crusade war continues on Libria I, with the Volscians coming to the fore as Vorushko's key ground force. Loyalist evacuation of Libria IV ends in disaster. 

001.017M42: Hemera sees increasing activity by "terrorist cults", which are infact tendrils of Nemesis.

003.017M42: Libria II invaded by Alliance. After brushing the Hemera incidents under the carpet, the genestealers overthrow Imperial rule and prepare the planet for Nemesis.

004.017M42: Stalemate continues on Libria I while violence increases in the Perseus Deeps. Inquisitor Huron discovers unsettling news from Cadia.

005.017M42: Alliance make sweeping gains on Libria II. Corticant and the Necron "device" become the focus of all factions as warp anomalies begin to appear in the Deeps.

005.017M42: The Alliance, necrons, eldar, loyalists, chaos and the Crusade invade Corticant to get hold of the Necron device. The Imperium divide the planet between the Crusade and Loyalists.


005.017M42: Chaos destroy Cadia and the Cicatrix Maledictum begins to form across the galaxy, dividing the Aleph subsector down the middle. Vorushko's agents evade Hathek and switch on the Necron Device, creating the Foramen Interdictum creating a channel between the Dark Imperium and the rest of the galaxy.

006.017M42: The Noctus Aeterna engulfs the galaxy, but thanks to the Necron device, this process takes just days in the sector, although the warpscar claims several worlds.

007.017M42: Zadoc, a warzone between the Tau and Chaos, falls to Chaos. All of Libria falls to the Alliance.

008.017M42: Myrentas II, Ravitane, Inardion, Cernunnos and a host of systems, including half the Necron Empire, are consumed by the warp and transformed to hellish daemon worlds.

008.017M42: Vorushko's crusade loses the Ecclesiarchy, who make a pilgrimage to Terra to join Roboute Guilliman. The Minotaurs are lost in the warp.


009.017M42: Violence erupts on key uninhabited worlds near to the Foramen Interdictum. Vorushko's crusade returns and invades Vandrax.


010.017M42: The Loyalists defeat chaos at Paradorn, while Stahl begins an invasion of Tarlius. The Federacy fail to make an impact in multiple attempts to secure a base on Destino.

011.017M42: Battle of Vandrax 2: Loyalist and eldar forces mount a significant attack on Vandrax 2 to stop the Crusade from establishing dominance in the system. However a last ditch assault by the Grey Knights saves the Crusade and Vandrax becomes dominated by Vorushko's forces

012.017M42: Vorushko secures Bastien and Corticant bloodlessly by convincing General Veers to join the Crusade.

012.017M42: The Imperium finally react to the Chaos invasion of Tarlius. Bloody war develops.

01.018M42: The Farseer Tarquil of the Kel Sandros Craftworld begins the search for the Necron Key - in order to open up a new route across the Cicatrix. Meanwhile the eldar establish a presence on all key systems in the Foramen to prevent any side from gaining overall control

03.018M42: Hylas war ends with the Sky Lords dealing the final blow against Von Bismork. 


03.018M42: Battle of Tarlius. Massive Chaos invasion of the Tarlius system. The Crusade are heavily defeated while the Loyalists are saved by the intervention of the Eldar. Nevertheless Tarlius becomes Chaos dominated.


04.018M42: The warp storms cutting off the Hadron Expanse from the rest of the sector are calmed by the Ciactrix. All factions move into the Expanse in search of resources and valuable systems.

04.018M42: The Crusade gain important worlds of Hussaria and Awarath, while the Tau fight at Echo Reach. Palantir is established as a loyalist base, while several forces are tricked by the Chaos Gods into fighting the zombie plague at Negleria.


04.018M42: Having found the key at Einmmyrria, Tarquil completes his mission, opening up the Foramen Ancilla. This passageway gives the Tau and federal forces easy access across the Cicatrix Maledictum.

05.018M42: The Federacy launch an expedition into the Hadron Expanse, securing the world of New Titania. The opening of the Foramen Ancilla stabilises the Webway, allowing Drukhari forces to conduct devastating raids across the expanse. The Kabal of the Crimson Blade steal a Dolman Gate from the ruins of the newly discoverd Bahotek Dynasty

06.018M42:Combined astartes forces destroy the naval docks at Mordecai, forcing chaos on to the defensive in the Foramen Interdictum, saving Paradorn and the warp route through the Cicatrix. 

07.018M42: Warsmith Stahl punishes the Emerald Serpent for their perceived failures, capturing the daemon prince Marcus Lupane. 

09.018M42: Palantir in the Hadron Expanse, conquered by chaos, is retaken by a resurgent Imperium. The war at Tarlius in the Foramen however, turns in favour of chaos. 

10.018M42: Cybixx reveals the Mallem Cybixxum, a powerful mobile star fortress, and suspicions are raised about his loyalty to the crusade and the imperium. Meanwhile in the Hadron Expanse clues are found to the fifth chaos device at the Lysis system. 

10.018M42: Admiral Enkvist’s fleet is obliterated by the Drukhari of Vlokarion and the admiral is captured. Imperial forces en route to Hexis are delayed. 



10.018M42: Astartes forces invade Mordecai Tersius, establishing strong foothold. 


11.018M42: Alliance, chaos and Imperial forces begin to arrive at Hexis, with chaos initially securing the centre of the city of Praxis. Later in the month larger forces descend on the world, with the alliance committing significant eldar troops for the first time. The imperium make significant gains, dealing the eldar a severe blow. 

11.018M42: Warsmith Stahl takes personal command of forces at Hexis, forcing the Federal portion of the alliance into full retreat. 

12.018M42: Fighting continues on Hexis with the imperium and chaos forces in stalemate. The alliance continue to fall back, with the Federacy abandoning the alliance forces on the world. 

12.018M42: Cybixx invades Destino, but the loyalists on the inner planet resist stubbornly. Vorushko denounces Cybixx as a heretic. 

01.019M42: Allied Ork forces working as part of the chaos pact blunder into the device room on Hexis, accidentally activating the artefact and creating the Foramen Ignotum, creating a pathway through the warpscar to the tau empire. Tau forces arrive in strength.  

02.019M42:Imperium win Battle of Destino, defeating a coalition of heretic machanicum, chaos and dark eldar. Hoever, the Kel Sandros eldar and the Alliance invade the world, threatening Imperial control of the Foramen Interdictum.

02.019M42: Mordecai Tersius secured by imperial forces under General Veers.

03.019M42: Alliance invades Hussaria in the Perseus Deeps, quickly taking the western continent.. Hexis sees atomics used for the first time, devastating the landscape even further. Tyranids are encountered on the world and the Imperium names the genome "R'Lyeh".

03.019M42: The eldar invade Paradorn in the Foramen Interdictum. By the end of 03.019M42 the Imperium lose their footholds in the Foramen.

03.019M42: Warsmith Stahl launches a fresh invasion of Mordecai Secundus. Hussaria is retaken by the Imperium.

04.019M42: Imperium launch operation Restless Thunder to establish a new presence in the Foramen Interdictum, targeting Tarlius. Admiral Stark achieves victory over nurgle forces in the system in operation Restless, and the Imperial Fists establish a strong bridgehead in operation Thunder. Tarlius IV falls to the Imperium.

05.019M42: Goreen cleared of orks in the Hadron Expanse. 

06.019M42: Federal fleet crushes the Imperium at Hussaria, leading to the Tau taking Hussaria III. The system falls to the Alliance soon after.

06.019M42: Chaos forces sweep across Mordecai Tersius, threatening Veers' crusade. Operation Sabre checks then reverses chaos gains on Mordecai Tersius. Operation Scorpion secures a strong position for the Imperium in the Tarlius system. 

07.019M42: Cybixx counter attacks on Mordecai Tersius, undoing Operation Sabre. General Kutuzov comes to the fore in his inception of and prosecution of Operation Thunderbolt, which pushes chaos forces all the way back to their original bridgehead.

08.019M42: Mordecai Tersius finally falls to the Imperium. Hammers of the Emperor raid Mordecai Secundus. General Veers moves to Bastien, nominally still in charge of the Perseus Deeps, but Kutuzov becomes the active commander in the Mordecai theatre.


09.019M42: Hexis battles continue, with titans aiding general Konev to make sweeping gains, but chaos remain in control of the device chamber. 

10.019M42: Imperium continue to advance on Tarlius. Paradorn is taken by and shrouded by the Aeldari, effectively removing the system from prying eyes.


10.019M42: Imperial Fist establish a bridghead on Mordecai Secundus, but the Imperial Guard struggle to effect a breakout from the perimeter.

11.019M42: Admiral Stark achieves decisive victory in the Mordecai System, allowing imperial ground forces a limited advance. Genestealer cults hamper operations across the Deeps.

12.019M42: Admiral Gorshkov defeats chaos fleet in the Mordecai system, handing the initiative to the Imperium

12.019M42: For reasons that are not clear or explained to general Konev, the Inquisition enter the device chamber on Hexis, and shut off the necron artefact. This collapses the Foramen Ignotum and causes serious collateral damage. The Inquisition merely stated the action was necessary, for the good of mankind and the Imperium. Years of fighting leaves a war torn wasteland of a planet, with a now useless necron device, buried under a mile of rock.

01.020M42: Imperial raid on Corticant enrages the Eldar, threatening Veers' overall campaign in the Perseus Deeps.

02.020M42: General Kutuzov achieves a breakout on Mordecai Secundus. Fighting continues on Hexis and Corticant.

03.020M42: Corticant is cleared of Eldar.

04.020M42: Following the collapse of the Foramen Ignotum. the alliance of the orks and chaos on Hexis falls apart with the "great grot uprising". The enemies of Konev are now divided.

05.020M42: Operation Forum Hortus takes Festergax on Mordecai Secundus, but Kutuzov's hopes for a quick victory on the world are slipping away following a strong counter attack.Tau invade the Dnatha system in the Hadron Expanse.

05.020M42: Showdown at Corticant. The Eldar have been trying to secure the device chamber ever since they lost their foothold on the world. The device, holding open the Foramen interdictum, is a keystone of Imperial strategy. The Imperium manage to defend the device chamber for a while but are unable to remove the eldar raiders from the world, leading to the Ynnari performing a ritual, closing off the Foramen Interdictum entirely. Systems within the Foramen are consumed by the warp.


05:020M42: After a series of convoluted plans and dedications to Lord Tzeentch, the Emerald Serpent summon the daemon world of Astralis into the Mordecai system. With the arrival of the daemon world and the loss of the main supply route through the Foramen Interdictum. Kutuzov's invasion of Mordecai is in grave peril.

06.020M42: Chaos attack on Mordecai secundus and make gains, but overall the imperial line holds despite logistical pressure.

07.020M42: Aeldari forces raid Hexis, stealing the now non functional necron device. Rumours grow of another set of artefacts, the Nexus Arrangements.

08.020M42: Malkaor invade Boltarean in the Hadron Expanse. the Ynnari take the lead in finding information about the Nexus Arrangements.

09.020M42: Decisive fleet action at Mordecai sees admiral Gorshkov crush the Emerald Serpent, opening up a lifeline to Mordecai Secundus and Kutuzov's army.

10.020M42: Necron activity in the Hadron Expanse increases as the Imperium join the hunt for the Nexus Arrangement.

12.020M42: After savage and dynamic fighting across the Hadron Expanse, the Aeldari claim the Nexus Arrangement, preventing the dangerous artefact from falling into lesser races' hands. 

01.021M42: Tau invade Arawath in the Hadron Expanse. Meanwhile on Mordecai the astartes keep the supply route open to Kutuzov's army.

04.021M42: Tau continue their expanse in the Hadron Expanse, establishing a base on Tanis.

05.021M42: Kutuzov continues to press forward on Mordecai Secundus, holding firm against counter attacks.

07.021M42: War on Mordecai Secundus becomes stagnant as neither the Imperium nor chaos forces can gain a decisive upper hand over the other.

10.021M42: A quick intervention by the astartes secures Aspaster in the Vastrid subsector from the orks.

10.021M42: After millenia, the Rifts of Hecate region of the Hadron Expanse suddenly becomes accessible via a narrow pathway through warp storms named the Hecate Gap. Forces of all factions move into the region.

11.021M42: After several years of heavy fighting the battles on Hexis culminate in an apocalyptic clash between the forces of the orks and chaos, and the Imperium. The result is a decisive win for the Imperium, and Konev achieves total victory on the world. It is a pyrrhic victory however, as the world now has almost no strategic value.

01.022M42: The Fotta Rhan offensive by the Emerald Serpent breaks through imperial defences and retakes Festergax in a serious setback for the campaign at Mordecai.

02.022M42: Tanis secured by the Tau in the Hadron Expanse. Boltarean is all but taken by the Tau despite the presence of the daemon world Fecus Major. Factional fighting continues in the Rifts of Hecate as bases are established. A new hive fleet "Poseiden" is encountered.

04.022M42: Candic Minor is consumed by the hive mind in the Rifts of Hecate. Meanwhile the orks under the banner of the Blood Fang tribe, lead by Grimskul Bloodfang are identified as a serious threat to the Imperium.

05.022M42: The Inquisition replace Sector Governor Titus Luthor with Cardinal Valentina Schumadz, and Lord Admiral Bova Magnus is "retired" in favour of recently rescued Lord Admiral Jellicoe. General Justinian Flavius Maximus is appointed "crusade general" in the Hadron Expanse, but this is a deliberate demotion in favour of general Baran Price who now has command of the sector.


06:022M42: In the Rifts of Hecate the Tau establish a base at Garmenes, the Imperium at Helos Majoris and Ferrosiun Secundus, while the orks control Ferrosiun Prime. Chaos forces establish control over Calthinghum, and the focus turns to the vital strategic systems of Haven and Ergura's Fall in the Hecate Gap itself, as suspicion grows that the Hecate Gap is being held open by a Nexus Arrangement. The Inquisition begin searching for necron artefacts.

06.022M42: Boltarean is secured by the Tau.

08.022M42: In response to the appointment of Lord Admiral Jellicoe, admiral Stark goes on the offensive. His action decisively annihilates the Emerald Serpent fleet, and secures an overwhelming strategic advantage for the Imperium at Mordecai. Stark is promoted to High Admiral.


09.022M42: Task forces from all factions land on Haven and Ergura's Fall.

10-12.022M42: Battles rage as all sides vie for control of the Hecate Gap systems.

03.023M42: In the most violent battles to date in the Hecate Gap, the Imperium secure strong positions on Ergura's Fall agains the tau, and on Haven agains the orks. Other factions withdraw from the Gap, realising they will be unable to secure the worlds.

04.023M42: Following imperial breakthrough on Mordecai Secundus Chaos Lord Tragean sends his second in command to defeat the imperial navy and restoring strategic balance to the ground war. Admirals Gorshkov and Stark act boldly, catching the chaos fleet on the back foot and crippling the chaos force at the battle of Primaris Run. Tragean withdraws from the Mordecai campaign and now the Imperium have logistical supremacy on Mordecai Secundus.


04.023M42: While the Imperium are focussed on the Rifts of Hecate and the Mordecai system, the Tau under commander Dawn Strike launch a surprise attack on New Cerberex. The initial invasion goes well but the Dark Angels prove stubborn defenders.

05.023M42: The Tau invade the chaos controlled Zadoc system while the Imperium rediscover Caitlen station, only to find it infested with Tyranids. On New Cerberex the Tau operation Zephyr takes strategic locations but fails to deal with the Dark Angels base.

05.023M42: On Mordecai Secundus with logistics collapsing, the eastern front of the chaos defences disintegrates, allowing new imperial reinforcements to break through an rampage into the remaining mining complex and taking the last chaos settlement. After three Terran years Mordecai Secundus falls to the Imperium, and preparations begin for assaulting Mordecai Primaris.

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