Vastrid s/s

Major Worlds

Vastrid - Imperial

Vastrid is a medium-sized planet covered primarily with a planet-wide cityscape, which also features vast underground cave systems, many of which are cities in their own right. The planet is known for its barbaric hive gang traditions in its underhive population. Vastrid is a very typical hive world and its output of manufactured goods is prodigious.

Star: M4 IV Red Subgiant & M2 V Red Dwarf binary
Classification: Hive World
Pop: 32.6 Billion
Major Cities: Carderick, Richbourne, Salterhurst, Blackmere, Quarring, Longhold, Ribbleway, Bloodmouth, Cravenhead, Eagleston.

Gateway - Imperial

Gateway is a huge planet covered primarily with glaciers, but it also features a substantial cityscape. The planet is known for its multiple moons and organized crime.

Star: K7 V Orange Main Sequence
Classification: Civilised World
Pop: 4.4 Billion
Major Cities: Silverhold, Three Hills, Angel, Pelorum, Highgate, Whittier, Boros, Triumph, Parth, Whitefall

Krell - Imperial

Krell is a huge planet covered primarily with plains, but it also features vast salt flats. The planet is known for its well-stocked starport and nomadic tribes who manage the huge herds which are the planet's chief export.
Star: B6 II Blue-white Giant

Pop: 166.6 Million
Classification: Agri-world
Major Cities: North Fortton, Westway, Eastburg, Mansvania, Pittsford, Richhunt

Farport - Imperial

The cities of Farport are "subhives". Not true hives such as those on Armageddon or Necromunda, but they still cover massive areas, span multiple levels and are home to millions of people. Between the cities the planet is largely scrub wilderness, with almost all the population living in the "hives".

Farport's twin worlds consist of a large desert planet and a small craggy world with far more water. The majority live on Farport Major, the desert world, where the capital Dirtside is a denizen of crime and a haven for druglords, gangs and smuggling. The world was invaded by Chaos in 009M42, where Moonface was defeated, leading to the decline of the Catechism.

Dirtside is the largest settlement, and it is divided into zones. The commercial district sits in the centre and is a hub for trading across the system, with a direct link to the orbiting Farport Station, the largest space port in the sector. Farport is ruled by an imperial governor, but in truth the planet is dominated by the trading, manufactoria and commercia guilds - corporations - which rule the corporate landscape of the world. 

Farport was settled in the Great Crusade, but until it became a vital trading hub the planet itself was not regarded as important. Low on resources and with a poor climate, the planet became nothing more than an Imperial Outpost. This changed with the rise of the Aleph Sector, and Farport gained its importance in the 35th Millenium with the installation of Farport Station, a mighty trading and resupply hub for entrants into the sector.

The sudden rise in importance of the world left it short on personell, so the call went out for immigrants. Necromunda, mighty and overpopulated Hive World of the Segmentum Solar, answered the call, and workers came in their millions, leading to a mirroring of culture between the two worlds and the rise of ths sub-hive settlements on Farport.

In the 41st and 42nd Millenium, Farport remains an important world with a unique blend of cultures. It is not a happy world however. Law on Farport revolves around money and the pursuit of wealth. The imperial creed is present and adhered to, but there is virtually no distinction between common law and corporate law.

Corporate crimes are punishable by banishment, death and induction to penal legions, while murder is seen as a lesser offence. Even then, whether or not you get punished at all depends on the amount you are able to pay and who your allies are. Corruption is simply a way of life.

A particularly unsavoury tradition on Farport is the decree which makes all children born out of wedlock subject to the Imperial Guard tithe. The law was brought in to make the Imperial Guard levy easier to meet in a time of crisis, but now the corporations run the imperial tithe for the governor and administratum. Realising there was profit to be had from increasing the levy, the corporations institutionalised the law, then set up chains of brothels, while restricting the supply of contraceptives. Now in M42, babies from unwed mothers are routinely shipped to guard training worlds for induction into a number of guard regiments. As this more than fulfils Farport's obligations to the Imperium, the morality of such an approach is simply ignored.

Overall however the culture is very much influenced by the mass immigration from Necromunda, immigration which continues to this day thanks to Farport's ever greater need for labour and the direct warp lane from Necromunda to Farport - the same warp lane that delivers reinforcements and goods to the Aleph Sector.

Corporate Houses
Veritas: The largest and most important corporation, Veritas controls shipping and trade across the subsector with its merchant fleet charters.

Haden: Largest competitor to Veritas and rival trading house.

Magna: The most important corporation running the manufactoria of the planet.

Athena: Primarily deals with logistics and the docks

Kotu: Manufactoria based corporation and rival to Magna

Hydra: Financial corporation and banking

Necromunda noble houses
The houses of Necromunda have retained their individuality and traditions despite having moved to Farport millenia ago. Continual migration and a direct warp route have ensured that the feudal structure of life on Necromunda has been mirrored on Farport, with a few exceptions. On Farport, thanks to their supra-system organisation and by virtue of their control of all the trading charters, the corporations of the Vastrid subsector control the means to distribute and export the produce of Farport. The corporations are more than happy to let the Necromunda houses fight over contracts than join together and hold the corporations themselves to account. Appeals to their ancestor houses on Necromunda itself fall on deaf ears, as the houses of Necromunda themselves regard the emigrants as poor colonialists not worth their time.

House Gangs
The major Necromunda Houses became aligned to various guilds and corporate houses over the millenia, and the gang culture has led to nearly all work being overseen by gangs from differnt houses. Corporate police forces patrol the more affluent regions of the settlements, but the gangs affiliated to the noble houses of Necromunda control industry and trade at the lowest level, supported by their patrons.

The alignment between commercial houses and noble houses - and thus gangs is not fixed, but there are some traditional alliances dating back millenia.

House Orlock: Traditionally aligned to Magna and Kotu, House Orlock are usually found as the main source of labour for the Manufactoria. Magna is a stronger alliance as Kotu are more likely to be in the manufacture of high technology products and have a necessary alliance with the Mechanicus.

House Goliath: Traditional dock workers, the Goliaths are usually aligned to Athena. They are most prevalent in maintaining control of the docks and gangs often squabble with the gangs aligned to both trading and manufactorium corporations, as both would dearly love to control the means of supply.

House Escher: Escher have the least alliances historically, and the house vehemently opposes the extended imperial guard levy, making them a natural enemy of the controller of that levy - currently Veritas. This currently makes them natural allies of Haden and Hydra.

House Van Saar: Van Saar are usually aligned to the high tech production associated with Kotu, however of late a number of Van Saar members and their associated gangs have been courted by the Federacy and the alliance...

House Delaque: Delaque are usually involved in the running of Veritas and Haden, and can be found working for the two most important trading houses. Both houses use Delaque gangs to enforce their policies, so it is not rare to find Delaque gangs at each others throats. The Delaque house actually prefers it this way, not wishing to be associated with one side or another.

House Cawdor: Deeply religious, the Cawdor house generally have a distaste for the corporations and tend to be aligned to the Ecclesiarchy and Administratum. Members of the house can be found in all walks of life and all corporations, but the gangs are often used by the Imperial organisations to prevent the corporations from getting too powerful.


Star: M5 IV Red Subgiant
Classification: Civilised Worlds (Farport Major and Minor)
Pop: 344.8 Million
Major Cities: Dirtside, Beckley, Stockdale, North Liberty, Brookeville,
Carsonville, Homestead, McKinleyville, Haven, Pottsville, Orrstown

Magark - Ork - **XENOS INFESTATION**

Ork World
Classification: Mining World
Pop: Unknown
Star: K4 V Orange Main Sequence

Keprok - Ork - **XENOS INFESTATION**

Ork World
Classification: Civilised World
Pop: Unknown
Star: M5 V Red Dwarf

Indardion - **PERDITA EXTREMIS**

Inardion is a small planet covered primarily with hills, but it also features towering mountain ranges. The planet is known for its towering waterfalls and thriving artistic community.

In 017M42 the entire system was swallowed by the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Star: M7 V Red Dwarf
Classification: Agri World
Pop: 78.5 Million
Major Cities: Ashend, Stablehithe, Somerbush, Ellison

Perisia - Imperial

Perisia is a medium planet covered primarily with hills, but it also features many small seas. The planet is known for its violent weather and unusual political climate.
Star: M0 III Red Giant
Classification: Agri World
Pop: 14.6 Million
Major Cities: Kingtown, Clarkston, Rossbridge, Yellowburg, Lynddale

Minor Worlds

Glossop V - Imperial
Planet Function: Manufacturing/Processing
Government: Guild/Professional Organizations
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Terrain: Wetlands
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Length of Day: 31 hours
Length of Year: 90 days
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 500,000
Notes: Invaded by orks in 011M42, liberated

Trian - Imperial
Planet Name: Trian
Planet Function: Homeworld
Government: Monarchy
Planet Type: Satellite (Gas Giant)
Terrain: Mountainous
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type i (breathable)
Length of Day: 729 hours
Length of Year: 7,495 days
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 1,820,000
Notes: Invaded by chaos then liberated in 011M42. Possibly invaded by orks 017M42, ++REDACTED++

Quim - Imperial
Planet Name: Quim
Planet Function: Subsistence
Government: Tribal
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Terrain: Forest
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Length of Day: 16 hours
Length of Year: 255 days
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 4,580,000
Notes: Invaded by chaos then liberated in 011M42.

Aspaster - Ork - **XENOS INFESTATION**
Planet Name: Aspaster
Planet Function: Mining
Government: Military
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Terrain: Plains
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type i (breathable)
Length of Day: 14 hours
Length of Year: 165 days
Hydrosphere: Moist
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 300,000

Hogan's Fall - **PERDITA EXTREMIS**
Planet Name: Hogan's Fall
Planet Function: Research
Government: Guild/Professional Organizations
Planet Type: Satellite (Gas giant)
Terrain: Urban
Gravity: light
Atmosphere: Type III (breath mask required)
Length of Day: 800 hours
Length of Year: 7300 days
Hydrosphere: None
Temperature: Cold (environment suits required)
Population: 46,000
Notes: Overrun by Orks following scourging by Eldar in 011M42. Swallowed by the Cicatrix Maledictum 017M42

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