Hadron Expanse


Melberg is a world with a population approaching 2 billion people. Nominally part of the Imperium but isolated from the other subsectors by vast tracts of wilderness space, Melberg sits at the end of the Melberg lane, halfway between the Tau Empire and the Zadoc subsector.

The planet was first coloised over 5000 years ago and now supports a modern society which is a hub of trade thanks to its proximity to the eastern fringe. Inquisitors often turn a blind eye to the large volume of Xenos trade going on as the world itself is very loyal to the Emperor.

Melberg has an Imperial Govenor, currently Ernst Schroeder, appointed by the "council of 13", the leaders of the 13 countries which make up the simgle continent on which all humanity exists on the planet. This continent is domited by central highlands and coastal lowlands, and has a varied climate though it is mostly temperate. Melberg's inhabited continent is located in it's western hemisphere, just north of the equator while a second, uninhabited land mass sits astride the south pole and is mostly icebound.

Politically, though all feudally bound to the Imperium, Melberg's countries are fiercely independent, to the point that wars between the different nations have been a common occurence over the centuries, with borders shifting and Empires forming and toppling. The "council of 13" often changes is number.

The Imperial Govenor's job is to make sure the planet fulfils its Imperial tithes of grain, Iron and troops as the Administratum sees fit. Grain and Iron are the planets principal exports, as well as troops for the Imperial Guard. The regiments raised on Melberg will also take their name from their nation, not their planet, so the "3rd Whettis Rifles" and the "Veraconian 9th Armoured Division" are both from Melberg.

When the Tau invaded in 007M42 they immediately overran Genidius and took most of Gwendelia, besieging the capital, Gwendel. In addition Coronia lost its capital and Namivus, on the southern border of Narmala was also captured.

The Tau invasion did to some extent galvanise the population into an alliance of Imperial Nations, and a host of emergency powers were voted to the Imperial Govenor, but the people of Melberg resented General Lenord's posting to overall commander as he was an outsider. In addition the Imperial Guard regiments not from Melberg also experienced hostility with their Melberg army counterparts who felt it was their task to rid themselves of the invader. However things were made to work and as the off-world regiments deployed alongside the Melbergs a healthy rivalry was fostered between them.

The eventual outcome however was a Tau victory, as the Imperium decided it was too costly to continue the prosecution of the war. A controvertial peace treaty, giving the world to the Tau, was signed in 008M42. The planet today is a Tau colony, having been spared the effects of the Cicatrix and ending up on the side of the rift the rest of the Tau empire is on.


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