Thursday, March 11, 2021

Necron stirrings in the Hadron Expanse

In the Hadron Expanse, far to the eastern end of the Aleph Sector, the system of Ceti 6539 had been under investigation by the Imperium, specifically the Adeptus Mechanicus for some years. Within the system lay the the planet known as "Bal of Bones". Apparently dormant, the planet was home to an ancient dynasty of necrons, which now hibernated in their massive tomb complexes that were spread across the surface of the world 

The Imperium had bases on the inner planet, but the main archeotech work was taking place on Ceti, orbiting the Ceti sun more distantly than the necron tombworld. Although cold, Ceti was habitable, and the Adeptus Mechanicus had made significant discoveries by 03.021M42. Protected by the armies of the Forge world of "Iron Maiden", the Imperium had no concerns about the status of the operation. Protected by an army and defence lasers the commanders of the expedition felt secure. They were mistaken.

As the Mechanicum dug deeper, they encountered vast chambers under the ground, and a mysterious giant portal that appeared to be inoperative. Suddenly on 0403.021M42 the portal sprung into life, triggered by the clumsy machinations of the humans digging around the protected ruins of the Necron dynasties. A vast necron army swarmed out of the gate, crushing the expedition from within before moving onto the surface and facing the army of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Moving with unnatural speed the necrons swarmed over the Imperial positions, gradually pushing the Adeptus Mechanicus forces back. The imperial forces called for aid, but there was no force within range to rescue them from their predicament. In just a few days the remaining Mechanicum forces were scattered into the wildernesses of Ceti, while the necrons established their new dominion over the outer worlds. Barely registered in the sector capital at Vastrid, the new necron threat was mostly ignored. Whether this would be to the Imperium's detriment, only time would tell.

Sisters of Battle reclaim Abrax Mines

As 03.021M42 progressed, General Kutuzov was keen to continue his advance south. The reversals in the eastern part of the Abrax mines had been a setback, and despite recent positive strategic gains, the overall commander of the Mordecai campaign was under significant pressure to make progress. It had been years since the invasion of the second planet in the system, and high command were acutely aware that the warzone had bogged down.

To counter the threat of the Death Guard in the east, the Imperial army recieved welcome support from Adeptus Sororitas, who deployed a significant forces to the war against chaos on Mordecai. The Death Guard defended with strong forces, but the Sisters of Battle came well prepared with flamer weaponry. These proved especially effective on the waves of pox walkers that the Death Guard employed to slow the Imperial advance, and death cult assassins moved forward to deal with any remnant threat from the shambling hordes. However, it was the counter assault from the Death Guard terminators the Sisters had to deal with to take back the Abrax mines.

The Death Guard push was determined, and the nurgle devoted ancient astartes proved a difficult foe. Once again however the Adeptus Sororitas forces were well equipped, and multi-meltas proved effective in bringing down the traitor marines. Backed by unswerving faith the Sisters of Battle held their advance positions in the face of determined pressure from the chaos forces, and Kutuzov's army was able to follow up and take back the mines for the Imperium.

As the battle drew to a close Kutuzov could be pleased with another significant imperial victory. The Abrax mines were once again in imperial hands, and his strategic position was favourable. Now the general began marshalling his forces for the next big push.