Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Astartes intervene to take Festergax

The daemon led advance on Festergax caused significant alarm in Kutuzov's HQ. He was very hesitant to expend imperial guard forces against an army mostly comprised of warp spawned creatures, as this would inevitable mean the loss of several Guard regiments. He appealed to his war council and the Hammers of the Emperor proposed a plan that would restore the imperial front line and take the city itself.

Attacking from both flanks and the city almost simultaneously, the Hammers of the Emperor chapter committed nearly half their chapter to this advance and the results were extremely favourable. The astartes cut through the daemonic hordes, which were already diminishing thanks to their inherent warp instability, sealing off the city once more. Meanwhile another company assaulted the city itself, still held by the Thousand Sons. Both parts of the complex mission brief were carried out exceptionally well, and by mid 10.022M42 the front lines had been restored and the city of Festergax was once more in imperial hands. Crisis had been averted, imperial guard regiments saved and the campaign for Mordecai Secundus once again shifted in favour of the Imperium.

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