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The Aleph Sector - a timeline of events

011.001M42: Orks and Traitor Marines of the Tiger Claws Legion land on Aleph 4. Hive fleet Morph sighted.
2411.001M42: First Battle of Tallax: Chaos Lord Traegen’s fleet assaults the Imperial civilized world. The Imperial fleet takes heavy losses but Tallaxian PDF units fight off those Chaos troops which get to the surface.
12.001M42: Inquisitor Hathek discovers that the warp field strength around the Aleph 4 system is decreasing, and that some unknown activity from the planet seemed to be effectively increasing the distance between warp and real space - a "warp null" which was becoming a danger to shipping.
01.002M42: Orvicare Rebels but is put back under Imperial control by the Space Wolves.
02.002M42: Sartosa falls without a fight to “chaos renegades” later confirmed to be forces of Admiral Haskell, lost for millnia in the warp.
02.002M42: Lord Traegan assaults Aleph 4 and the “Battle of Aleph Moons” sees Imperial and Chaos warfleets clash. Neither side achieves a decisive victory, but the Imperial forces are forced to withdraw.
02.002M42: Cmmdr Moore’s Battlegroup disappears near Galanesh.
03.002M42: Hive fleet Morph lands on Orvicare. Admiral Haskell encourages the squats on Hartak to rise up against their Imperial oppressors and a civil war erupts.
03.002M42: Lord Traegen’s fleet attacks the Imperial fleet at Aleph 4 once more, inflicting heavy Imperial losses.
04.002M42: Tallax declared heretic for its dealings with Admiral Haskell. Haskell founds the United Federation of Planets, with Sartosa and Hartak as the first members.
04.002M42: Hartak rebels overthrow the Imperial governor and declare independence. The Imperium reacts swiftly and the Dark Angels caste the rebels into the frozen wilderness.
05.002M42: Shadrak’s Sharks, an ork pirate fleet, are destroyed by the Imperial fleet. Meanwhile the situation becomes desperate on Orvicare with the Gregorian Guard barely holding the Tyranids.
05.002M42: Admiral Haskell’s fleet arrive at Hartak and after protracted battles succeed in defeating the Imperial and Dark Angels’ fleets.
05.002M42: Tallax joins the UFP.
06.002M42: Admiral Yamamoto “betrays” the Imperium and joins Haskell’s fleet.
07.002M42: Yamamoto betrays Haskell in accordance with Inquisitor Xanthus’ plans, but overall more damage is inflicted on Imperial ships.
07.002M42: Hathek realizes the warp null on Aleph 4 is being created by an alien device.
2909.002M42: The Tau land on Ciprex 3 but are driven off. It’s the first sighting of Tau in the sector.
10.002M42: Events on Aleph 4 take on a bewildering aspect as Eldar, Ork, Chaos and Imperial forces fight around the areas from where the warp null is emanating. Warp gates are found on the planet.
0711.002M42: The warp generators on Aleph 4 overload with disastrous consequences. The Shockwave cuts off the planet from the universal time stream - weeks will now pass in just a few hours. The wave also blasts the Imperial fleet into the outer reaches of the Aleph system, cut off from the planet.
12.002M42: Fighting on Aleph 4 leads to the four continents being held by four different powers. S’Room by the Imperium, Sennine by Chaos, Entrenec by the UFP and Capscraw to the Eldar. The UFP and Imperium reach a peace accord. In the fighting the Chaos legions turn on each other, with the Night Lords and Tiger Claws all but annihilated. The Iron Warriors and Dark Exterminators become pre-eminent.
01-07.003M42: War continues on Aleph 4 with the battles failing to break the stalemate. However eventually the Iron Warriors are defeated by the UFP and the Dark Exterminators are all but wiped out. The UFP go on to conquer Capscraw leving the Imperium with just a third of the planet. The Iron Warriors blame the defeat on their warsmith for spending too much time on the “Alistair Line”, a set of defences designed to protect them from the Dark Exterminators.
08.003M42: Inexperienced commanders on Hartak lose much of the planet to rebel squat forces. Only Thakor holds out.
09.003M42: Kel Sandros Eldar agents arrange for the peace treaty between the UFP and Imperium to be broken. War once again erupts between the UFP and Imperium. The space battle over Aleph 4 sees a Dark Angels cruiser warp drive overload into the planet’s atmosphere. Mutation erupts in the chaos sector.
10.003M42: The Dark Angels re-invade Hartak, but are stopped by Logan Grimna who negotiates a peace accord between the Imperium and the UFP. The Dark Angels are furious.
03.004M42: The Dark Exterminators invade Hartak but are met with strong UFP resistance, this time aided by their new allies the Tau. Within weeks the Chaos invasion falls apart and the Dark Exterminators are destroyed.
12.004M42: The Zadoc spacelane once again opens as warpstorms clear. The races of the sector clamour to establish a base in the Hellheim system, the half way point of the sace lane.
02.005M42: Cernunnos is colonized by the Tau wile Donar falls to Chaos. On Einmyrria the Imperium, Eldar and Tau forces fight it out to gain control of the barren planet.
03.005M42: The Necron under the surface of Einmyrria are awoken. The Eldar use nuclear weapons to wipe out much of the northern hemisphere and withdraw, allowing the Tau to depart before the explosions. The Imperial forces are not so lucky. Even so a small Imperial base is set up on the planet.
04.005M42: Following further accusations of consorting with Xenos the Imperium declare war on the UFP. This results in Banderossa being invaded by UFP forces, aided by the Eldar and Tau.
06.005M42: Cardinal Sheriden negotiates a peace with the UFP. UFP forces withdraw from Banderossa but the remaining Imperial held territory on Hartak and Aleph 4 is surrendered to the Federation. The Dark Angels are outraged.
08.006M42: After a year of relative peace Tau and UFP forces clash with the Imperium over the small colony of Protogonus.
09.006M42: While Necron activity on Einmyrria increases, the Kel Sandros Eldar invade Ravitane to weaken Imperial authority. After the Blood Martyrs fail to retake the city held by the Eldar, the Imperium is forced to withdraw from Protogonus. It still takes three months for the city to be assaulted, by which time the Eldar vanish.
11.006M42: Einmyrria is assaulted by Tau forces which are all but destroyed. The necrons are once again rooted out and destroyed.
11.006M42: Sheriden launches operation Caterwaul to take back systems in the Perseus Deeps. The assault on Cernunnos fails and war soon develops between Chaos, Tau and Imperial forces on Myrentas II.
12.008M42: The Tau launch operation Sunstrike to take Myrentas II but figting soon gets bogged down. Remnant Iron Warriors forces are found on the planet.
01.007M42: The Imperial operation in the deeps suffers setbacks as they encounter renegade and alien forces. The Imperial fleet goes down to its worst defeat at Jotunheim.
02.007M42: The UFP arrive on Myrentas II and soon turn the tide of battle. Minor battles rage on planets throughout the Persues Deeps.
04.007M42: Inquisitor Xanthus’ ambitious plan to destroy both the Tau and Chaos forces on Myrentas II is thwarted by Danel Levais and a small band of Tau infiltrators.
05.007M42: Following the failure of Admiral Choraeus at Myrentas II the planet falls to the UFP. The Tau are allowed a base on the world, but nothing more. The Iron Warriors disappear.
05.007M42: Tau admiral Swiftstar makes his “Aurelis Crossing”, cutting the time Tau forces take to get to the sector.
06.007M42: The Chaos legions of Kendrenec, now led by “Moonface”, land in strength on Cerberex after neutralizing the Imperial fleet using an arcane device.
06.007M42: The UFP, keen to take Cerberex for themselves, also invade the planet, forcing the Imperium to fight on two fronts. The Imperial fleet is seriously mauled by Federation warships in the largest fleet engagement between the two forces.
06.007M42: Sunstrike calls the Tau to arms in an all out assault on the Imperial world of Melberg. The initial blitzkrieg stalls however, and the Imperial plan is to grind the Tau down in a war of attrition. The Tau are determined to win without the UFP.
07.007M42: Chaos make significant gains on Cerberex while the UFP are all but unstoppable. Imperial commanders realize its only a matter of time before inevitable defeat.
08.007M42: The UFP enter the Cerberex capital, Feducia.
08.007M42: The Imperium make gains and almost wipe the Tau off the map. Sunstrike is concerned. Commander Shadowstrike arrives on Melberg.
08.007M42: Libria V, in the Zadoc subsector, is invaded by the Tyranids of Hive fleet Triton.
09.007M42: The Solar Enslaver, a necron device of enormous power, is hidden by the Eldar. However many races learn of its existence and send forces out to search for it. It transpires one such artifact was hidden on Cerberex, but removed by a shadowy figure when the UFP entered Feducia. Moonface loses interest in Cerberex.
10.007M42: Moonface leaves Cerberex, abandoning his generals. They fight on under Ashurman.
11.007M42: The Imperial defences collapse, leaving the UFP to conquer two thirds of the planet. Exhausted, the Chaos and UFP forces dig in for the long haul. The ongoing war will drag on for years.
12.007M42: With the loss of Cerberex, the Imperium’s hold on the Aleph subsector collapses. The UFP acquire all the remaining planets in the subsector without a fight except Vornax, which is blockaded.
04.008M42: The Eldar find and take two of the three parts of the solar enslaver after a series of successful lightning raids.
05.008M42: The Tyranids are cleansed from Libria V.
05.008M42: The Tau acquire part of the solar enslaver. The expected Eldar strike to take it does not materialize.
06.008M42: After a yer of bitter fighting the remaining Imperial forces on Melberg sue for peace following Admiral Jellicoe’s failure to break the Tau blockade. However, the war severely drained the Tau military resources, and their expansion halts.
07.008M42: War comes to the Zadoc subsector as Orks swarm over the Sadow Worlds and Chaos appears once more in the Perseus Deeps.
07.008M42: Danelloth falls to the Orks while Typhon falls to the Night Lords. Moonface reappears at the head of his “Catechism”.

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