Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daedalon: Night Lords exterminate hive fleet Phoenix

Lord Raziel, leader of the Night Lords’ faction in the Zadoc subsector, had no intention of settling for remaining on Typhon for the duration. Narrowly missing Inquisitor Ignatious the vanguard of the Night Lords’ force landed on Daedalon to find very little in the way of defenders. The Adeptus Mechanicus research station lay abandoned and scouts soon found the forests thick with Tyranid infestation.

The remnants of Hive Fleet Triton, now dubbed “Phoenix” by Imperial codifiers, attacked the Chaos Marines at their landing zone on 1807.008M42. Though brutal, the assault foundered and the Night Lords found themselves in a classic “bug hunt”, exterminating the aliens with alacrity. Rather than pursuing the aliens into the forests the Night Lords were content to set up a strong base of operations on the planet, occupying the old Imperial outpost.

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