Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tyndareous: Death Guard encounter Adeptus Sororitas

On Tyndareous the Adeptus Sororitas arrived at the small capital, Slade, on 0107.008M42, after hearing that several settlements had been won over by the Chaos forces which were now on the planet in strength. Tyndareous had two major areas of habitation. Slade, Flack and Hesther were all part of the northern collective in the northern hemisphere, while civilisation in the southern hemisphere centred around the towns of Greystone and Randall. The two settlements were separated by thousands of miles of rocky arid landscape, and it was to the southern collective that the Sisters of Battle embarked.

Following their arrival in Greystone the news that greeted them was bad. Randall had fallen to Chaos Marine forces and the local PDF, some 1000 men, were not up to the task of shifting them. Immediately the Sisters pledged to retake the town in the name of the Emperor of Mankind.

The Death Guard, occupying Randall, had other ideas and met the Sororitas forces half way between the two settlements, on the open rolling landscape of southern Tyndareous. The battle between the two elite forces was bloody and unrelenting, with both sides suffereing significant casualties. On 0707.008M42 both sides withdrew with little gain, leaving Randall under Chaos control.

The arrival of fresh Imperial forces did however resolve the issue of the Tau. Elan Ro realised his forces would do no good intervening in a war between the Imperium and its traitors, so left, under a flag of truce, on 1007.008M42. The Tau would have to look elsewhere for potential colonies in the Zadoc subsector.

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