Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Priam: Catechism on the brink of victory

Priam’s call for aid did not fall on deaf ears. On 0107.008M42 the Blood Martyrs’ 4th company arrived on the strike cruiser Torment, intent on ridding the planet of the Catechism and its corrupting influence. However, as the Marines landed the defenders of Priam were already suffering, hard pushed to hold their ground against the forces of the Catechism.

Observers noted the presence of all the Chaos Gods among the traitorous forces, and also noted the sheer number of traitor marines on the planet. What had previously been considered as a raiding force was quickly upgraded to an invasion force. The commander of the Blood Martyrs immediately requested two regiments of Imperial Guard while coming up with a mission to delay the Chaos forces from reaching the capital before the Guard units arrived.

By the time he had done this however, the Adeptus Sororitas forces who were in the front line of the fighting were taking heavy casualties, and the Priam PDF were all but spent, or had deserted and joined the Catechism, swelling the Chaos forces still further. It seemed that some inhabitants of the luxury goods manufacturing world, were more than happy to join the traitors.

While mulling the significance of this over, Captail Aurelis of the 4th company sent in his forces against the heart of the Catechism, facing the finest warriors the Chaos traitors could field. As the battle unfolded Aurelis realised with horror, that the Catechism outmatched him.

Thousand Sons Legionarries took a terrible toll on his forces, while Obliterators and defilers tore the heart out of his armour. The battle soon turned into a massacre, as the remnants of the Space Marine company threw themselves at the forces of Chaos in a last ditch attempt to slow their advance. All he managed was to destroy the remnants of the company. Less than a third of the force sent to Priam left without damage or wounds, and fully a third of the precious battle brothers had been slain. By 1007.008M42 the Moonface catechism had the planet of Priam on the brink of capitulation.

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