Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hylas: Eldar fail to halt the Night Lords

While a force from the Saim Hann Craftworld dealt with the Orks on Memnon,another was sent to Hylas to investigate Chaos activity there. What they found alarmed them. The Night Lords had landed and set up a well defended base and the Eldar feared that this would inevitably be used as a springboard for raids into the Mabb nebula proper, a region where exodite worlds were hidden among the dust and gas. The Chaos Marine presence onHylas could not be allowed to remain.

The attack however did not go as well as that against the Orks on Memnon.The Marines were better trained and prepared, and showed none of thesurprise the greenskins displayed. The fast moving Eldar forces found their firepower lacking, and deadly counter assaults by the Chaos forces devastated the Saim Hann raiding force. Even their Wraithlord eventually fell, cut neatly in two by the daemonic war engine known as "Mr Scuttle".Defeated the Eldar withdrew, planning to return before the Night Lords built up an insurmountable position on Hylas.

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