Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Memnon: Eldar ambush Speed Freaks

While Chaos and Tau forces fought it out to achieve supremacy in the Rim Worlds the Eldar viewed the invasion of the Mabb nebula with greater concern. Memnon and Hylas were too close to Eldar holdings and their conquest by hostile forces could not be tolerated. The human settlers had known to keep away from the inner Mabb nebula, but the Eldar knew this was not something the Orks or Chaos were likely to do. In the previous week the Night Lords expansion onto Memnon had been checked when Kel Sandros Eldar forces launched their attack. Now the Orks, having also landed vanguard forces on Memnon, would feel the wrath of the ancient race.

Appearing from hidden webway portals the Eldar of another craftworld,possibly Saim Hann, attacked the Ork Speed freaks who were acting as Nazghat's scouts. Although initially the Orks matched the Eldar, the latter's Wraithlord proved devastating, ripping apart lightly armoured Ork machines and warbikes. Knowing they were outmatched, the Orks fled back totheir landing camp to report that the Eldar race had been awoken into action on Memnon.

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